The 4th of zombie

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Submitted: November 08, 2016

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Submitted: November 08, 2016



Chapter 1 The beginning


My name is bob and this is my story of how i die or close to dying right now i'm falling of the Empire State Building which looks really nice by the way,any way my story begins on the 4th of July and it's 9:00 am and well i'm sleeping like any 14 year old boy who stays up playing call of duty black ops 3 zombies,since i'm sleeping on 4th July my mom wakes me up with a bucket of cold ice water because today i'm helping her plan the party.


my mom says “bob really it's 9:00 am on 4th of July and your sleeping,luckily i have my trusty friend Buckley” “really mom did you just name a bucket,and i'm sorry my kdr(kill death ratio) was so good i did not want to lose my winning streak”

“Fine fine whatever  just get ready you have to go shopping for all the supplies, you have till 10:30 to get ready go shopping and come back,now chop chop”


At 10:29 i got back and then i got the party set up so i had about 30 mins to myself till the guest come.11:00 the guest are here and well like any 4th July party it's pretty much quiet and boring,until she came her name is rose and well i kinda have a you know a crush on her.i went up to talk to her but like any Cliche story her boyfriend a jock who is very dumb goes up to you and say wait you think you were going to talk to my girl, i mean you dude you have no chance at all.

Then i said to him “ i'm sorry i did not understand you i don't speak dumb language” and of course he said “what what you said,you want to fight bro” then rose pulled him back saying stop it leave him alone.


At 1:45 pm near the end of the party the real  story begins  we all turned on the TV to watch the announcement of a so called drug that will make you live longer,i knew it would end bad but it ended worse, everyone who took the drug they of course they turned to zombies and as we sawed that on the TV rose screamed my mom screamed even rose boyfriend screamed and i well i ran to my bedroom because i'm like on of those zombie apocalypse prepare nerds and well i had a kit.


The kit had 2 knives a med kit an a mre also a mask to protect my face from all the blood, i put this kit inside a small bag then went to the kitchen and take all the  can foods and bottle of water then i went to get my mom but you guessed it she was being eaten alive with a zombie on top of i got my bike and left. As i was bike riding  down hill to leave town a truck came out of nowhere and crashed right in front of me and blew up.i blacked out i was scared i did not know what would happen,then i heard a voice a voice i knew it was rose she said “ wake up,wake up,please wake up” her tears were cold.then i woke and realized that it wasn't her tears it was oil,and from a truck that was about to explode and i told rose let's go now,the truck is about to explode.we ran and ran but it was too late it exploded and luckily i lived but rose was not so lucky,she was dead her body was burnt to crisp,i did not know what to do i saw my mom get eating and my girl of my dreams die.At this point of my story i left the surberds.


Chapter 2 Wandering


After all of the death at home i knew i had to leave i went to brooklyn but it was hard on the way there many problems,first there were zombies,than other humans,and food+water.since i had food and water all i had to do was to keep going until i see zombies or humans,so i went

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