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Submitted: November 08, 2016

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Submitted: November 08, 2016




Can you understand me?

I wonder why I doubt that

When did my meaning change

Since I was a baby?

When I used to cry and you could see

What all I was trying to say

What all was important to me

How did I see that you could not see

What happened to me the day

I wasn’t free


You call it growing up

Knowing what’s right and knowing whats wrong

But, didn’t I know that all along?

Since you came to me, when I cried

Spoke my language

Which I knew was right

Yet now you say, here’s the problem

You can’t get me directly

You have to do that and you have to do this

To get my little caring kiss

What are these words that you have taught me

That bind me to ideas, forever to be

Captured and not allowed to cry

 While allowing me only

This masochistic tendency

Words are me lock

Yet words are my key

It’s a circle

Can you see?

A labyrinth of ideas

Yet there is a difference today

I’m minotaur and I’m Jason

And the labyrinth is in league with


Wonderful eh?

You have made me

No literally

The word ‘me’

I didn’ t know that until you taught me

I wasn’t aware I needed

The help, the love, the care

All that you had to bear

And to get all that now

I’ll have to see how you identify me

But I love you and you love me

And that’s something we know

And you are also lost

In the labyrinth with me

And when we see that

It will set us free

It’s all obstacles

Ideas and thoughts

It’s an unbreakable lock

With a convenient key

So be my thread and I’ll be yours

And we’ll lead other

And get where we want to be

So, won’t you take this dance with  me?

E is my syllable

It’s sets me free

It's Poetry


Im just a baby






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