Political Bullshit

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A political rant by me

Submitted: November 08, 2016

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Submitted: November 08, 2016



Look, I don't talk about politics and for good reasons but I feel as though I need to speak out, as this topic has been weighing on my mind. People say we need to be stronger together and others say Make America Great Again, but i don't know if anyone actually knows how to do that. Look, Regardless of who voted for who it doesn't matter. I'm not saying I didn't throw away my vote cause I did. But ultimately who becomes our President isn't really going to impact our daily lives. Who our President is will not change racism, through police brutality, or sexism through unequal wages, and even terrorism from very small groups of extremist. Even though our President can't impact how these things affect our daily lives; we can, Change starts with the individual, not with some person who's never struggled. Change comes from within, that's how we shape and impact lives. Nobody knew or cared who Martin Luther King Jr. was until he impacted the world by teaching everyone to care for their fellow man regardless of their skin color. I mean Gandhii was just another guy, and he gave an entire country it's independence. The point being those people didn't change the world by promising change they did it by seeking change out within themselves first and then spreading it to others. So regardless of who wins, all of us need to look at ourselves and ask the question what can we change for the better. Then we spread that message to anyone that will listen . I believe that is how we become stronger together, and we make this World Great Again.

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