The Tate Possession

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My name is Ellie White and there is a story I'd like to share with you all about a young girl I cared for who was dealing with demonic possession in her life.

Submitted: November 09, 2016

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Submitted: November 09, 2016



A few years back in the fall of 2014, I met a young woman by the name of Teeterahme Tate. She was a patient at an institution located in Pennsylvania that I was employed at as a nurse at the time.

Teeterahme had been having a difficult time at home prior to coming to the institute. Teeterahme was living with an aunt who herself needed cared for, therefore being unable to give her the guidance she so desperately needed.

Teeterahme was an only child to parents who were heavy drug users-both being unfit to care for a small child, thus turning her over to her aunt at the age of 5. The aunt officially adopted her, raising her as her own.

Teeterahme thrived with the aunt, went to school and did well. At 17 Teeterahme and her group of friends became heavily involved with the occult, playing with Ouija boards, tarot cards and many other forms.

Strange things began happening to each one of these young ladies including Teeterahme. Within a years time from when these ladies dove head first into the spirit world, they'd all been attacked physically and mentally by these invisible forces.

One of the young girls father contacted a priest to perform exorcisms on all of the girls at his home. The priest came and performed the ritual upon each girl as well as blessed each of their homes, this made matters worst.

All of the girls were placed in institutions as the one I worked at in Pennsylvania.

I got to know Teeterahme and her story very well during my time at the hospital, leaving a profound effect on my own life. I was an atheist at the time and left a believer.

I have Teeterahme to thank for my now close relationship with God, and I felt it necessary to share this story with others, particularly the young ones intrigued by the occult.

I wanted them to understand that it is real and dangerous and not to be played around with. I was witness to some of these demonic attacks upon Teeterahme, they were very frightening and especially difficult to see happening to such a young girl who was just 18 at this time.

I bare witness to to these dark forces surrounding Teeterahme, there were numerous objects thrown against walls and at myself and other staff. Teeterahme herself had been thrown on numerous occasions as well suffering multiple fractures to various body parts. I heard much unaccounted whispering and shadow forms. These demonic beings would not allow Teeterahme to sleep or eat much, and I'd been physically attacked by them as well-multiple scratches and violent illness.

A now good friend of mines and Teeterahme named Minister Sharon Bowers helped remove these dark forces from out of Teeterahme and her life, Teeterahme too formed a close relationship with God during the end of her struggles and afterwards.

Teeterahme has since been doing very well, having left the institution earlier this year in February (2016) She still has struggles from time to time with all that she'd been through however she has made amazing strides.

Teeterahme made the tough decision to exchange her name for a new one, and to leave Pennsylvania and start a new life elsewhere with the help of our minister friend.

I still reside in Pennsylvania, I've since left the institution now caring for Teeterahme's aunt in her home.

Teeterahme and I of course stay in touch often and she plans to visit for the upcoming holidays.

The only update I have of the other young women was from a phone call a few months back, from one mother who informed me that two were doing better and one continues to struggle, I along with Sharon plan to visit each of them sometime soon.

In closing I want to thank you all for reading and ask that you please share this little story, especially to those involved in or intrigued by the occult.

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