Lost Memoirs Chapter 4 11/9/2016

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Chapter 4 Of Lost Memoirs.
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Submitted: November 09, 2016

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Submitted: November 09, 2016



This is a little script for a manga

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-Chapter 4: Surprise... Surprise...

It's been two weeks since the incident of Blakes mom.
-Right after school-
"Blake, What did you do this weekend?" Haruko asked.
"W-well nothing special... By the way why is Alisya absent today?" He replied
"I heard she was sick, i'm kinda worried." Haruko sympathized
"C-can we visit her then?" Blake proposed.
"Do you even know where she lives? I bet no one knows." Haruko soon realized
"Good question indeed" He said with humility
"We can look at the student list" Haruko said
As silence filled the room
"It's been a while, huh?" Haruko said
"What do you mean?" Blake asked
"Since the last time we were in the club room..." As he said with sadness.
"We had no choice, remember? That guy started to threaten us. He actually knew us and our families!" Haruko replied
"Yeah, You're right about that. But we had so much fun." Haruko said
"Okay, For the time being lets focus on finding where she lives" Blake said
A teacher walks in the room
"Yeah, your righ- Oh teacher! Can we ask you something?" Haruko asked 
"Sure, what is it?" The teacher asked
"Can we look at the address list?" Blake asked
"I just can't hand it out. i am obligated not to give out my students personal information but if you have a good reason to. i might give you a address of the person who you are looking for." The teacher replied
"Sure, We are looking for Alisya Natsuki. One of the members of The Helpers Club. She was sick today. That made us worry." Haruko said
"Oh! Sure, wait a minute." The teacher then goes and get the address list
"Here, Its here. That is quite far from here." The teacher said
"Oh i know where that is! It's where the rice fields are! Lets go, Blake!" Haruko said
"Good, Are you really going? But if you really want to go it might be Forty minutes walk from here."
"Forty minutes?!" Blake and Haruko were surprised
"Lets go then! Thank you teacher!"
They took their bags and went for a run


"Its here right on the left!" Haruko said
"Really, You've been saying that for 30 minutes! I'm a dead man at the moment" as Blake was exhausted
"Cheer up! Im sure its here! Loo-"
As they turn the corner their eyes were caught by a gigantic traditional made mansion.
Their mouths were left hanging by the walls covering the whole lot.
"I didn't know she was a princess or some sort." Blake said
"Neither do i. But it seems like that that's her house."
"Do you even call that a house?"


As they approached the gate.
"U-um Hello?! Mr. Ms. Natsuki you home?!" Haruko yelled at the front gate
"Stop it! Look, There's a bell." blake said as he felt embarrassed 
-Blake pushed the bell-
A few moments later
"Hello there sir, What are thy looking for?" as an old man with a attire of a butler came and greeted them
"U-umm is this where Alisya Natuski lives?" As Blake asked
"And who shall thy be?" As the man asked
"We're the ones who are supposed to ask that question." Haruko said
"D-dont mind him. We're his classmates and co-members of The Helpers Club, Haruko Ryouichi and Blake Baker" Blake said
"Oh, Sorry for my late introduction. I'm the family butler of the Natsuki Clan. Come on in." The butler said
"Thank you very much" Blake said


As they entered the house, Their eyes were caught by a painting of Alisya back when she was in england hanging on the wall
"I-is that Alisya?!" Haruko asked
"Yes, It's a painting painted by a famous painter when she was in england. By the way Mr. Baker, You sound english?" The butler asked
"Yes, I'm from the northern part of wales." Blake answered
"Baker? From whales! My excuses sir, i didnt know you were from that family." The butler was surprised
"What's wrong?! Is Blake a prince or some sort?" Haruko asked
"Don't you know The 12 Familia Alliance?" Butler asked
When he mentioned the Alliance, The face of Blake went down
"No, I dont, What is it, Blake?" Haruko asked
"It's an alliance of the most wealthiest and powerful families in england." Blake said 
"One of them is the Baker." The butler said
"I didn't know that side of you, Blake." Haruko said
"For the mean time, Can you please show us the way to Alisya's room?" Blake asked
"Sure, This way." The butler said
As Haruko and blake walked towards a long hallway
"Baker, Huh? He must be..." The butler thought


As they approached the door of Alisya's room
"This is her room."
"Ms. Alisya you have some visitors, They say your their classmates." The butler called
The door opens a bit. As Alisya peeked and saw Haruko and Blake she opens the door
Alisya was shocked and opens the door immediately
"W-what are you d-doin' here?" she asked surprised
"We were worried about you, are you fine right now?" Blake asked
"Y-yes, i'm feeling better now. Don't worry. Come on in" As she invited them to her room
"Peter, Can you bring tea for us? Thank you" She then asked her butler
"Coming right away." The butler replied


As they sit down in her room
"Why are you absent today, Alisya?" Blake asked
"What do you mean? I've got a slight cold lately." She asked hesitantly
"Hey, Blake!" Haruko said
"No, i'm just worried, because she just looks totally fine. Can you share it with us?" Blake said
"Okay, fine. When i heard the incident with your mom." Alisya said
"What about it?" Blake asked
"I went into research on who our C was." She said
"Really? What did you find?" They asked
"I found out that he is from the south part of town where the southern shrine is"
"Southern shrine?! That's where my house is at"
"Really, Be careful. That may be the reason he knew your number."
"He knows where i live?!"
-Butler comes in-
"Here you go, By the way Sir. Baker?" Peter asked
"Yes, What is it?" Blake replied
"Are you familiar with the name Martin Hendrick Baker?"
Blake and Alisya was shocked
"Th-thats my father." he answered 
"Your father?! But i thought you live alone with your mom." Haruko asked
"Martin Hendrick Baker is a very successful entrepreneur as he inherited his fathers small clothing store, Peppers." Alisya informed
"Yes, but due to a conflict. He left my mom and me and decided to pursue his dreams alone" Blake replied
"I'm sorry to hear that. Sir Ja--" Peter said
"Im fine, Im fine!" as he interrupts Peters sentence
"O-oh okay sir." Peter replied

-Chapter End-

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