Tears Of The World

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Never have I hoped to be so wrong!

Submitted: November 09, 2016

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Submitted: November 09, 2016



Tears Of The World


For those of you expecting a rant about how utterly asinine we are, I'm going to surprise you. I cannot believe anything I think anymore, as I was sure we wouldn't be this stupid, and I was completely wrong, so I'll just wish the country, the world, good luck, and I truly hope I'm wrong about what I see happening. I hope I'm wrong about the danger of having control of the government all in Republican's socially-conservative iron grip, I hope I'm wrong that these aren't normal Republicans, but crazy-eyed John Brown wanna-be's, who want to return us to the good old days of ignorant sheep, blindly following Mama Loon to oblivion. And, I hope I'm wrong about the media becoming more like reality shows, instead of a news organizations.


Apparently, people have forgotten just how bad it was the last time the Republicans controlled all of government, under Bush '43. The stock market was in the toilet talk, and this close to being flushed out to sea, the national debt was exploding (some people think it's gotten worse under President Obama, but the truth is he's cut it significantly, I know, Republicans don't do truth.) and socially, we were on a pace to take us back to 1950. Now, with divorced-from-reality Republicans in charge, it'll be more like 1650. And I haven't even talked about the dead ferret in the room, The Dumper--err--Trumper. The country will be taking a four-year snack break, and what we'll be eating Embarrassment On a Stick. This is a man who's made fun of everyone, from women to a handicapped person. America, we should be so proud to have an absolute Neanderthal as our leader. But, like I said, I've been so wrong on so many things when it comes to who we want governing us, I'm probably wrong about this as well, so forget I said anything.

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