I told you

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I told you...

Submitted: November 09, 2016

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Submitted: November 09, 2016



I told you if you kept teasin me that id return with it 10× worse. I guess since im kissing up your neck, holding you against the wall that you didnt listen. I just want to be against your body all night long. Just hold on tight girl. I know exactly how to treat you. How to pleasure you. Slow grinding with you against the wall. I know what to do with your body. My hands know where to wander. Where to grip. My lips know where to kiss. Where to softly kiss and where to kiss hard. I know where to bite and when to grip your body closer. My tongue knows where to explore, when to speed up and slow down. My hips know when to thrust hard, deep and when to slow grind or when to thrust faster. I know how to hold you down. How to make your body crave more. Make your body weak at my touch. Make you tear up my back. Make you call my name. Make you sigh, moan and scream out. Make you wish we didnt have to stop. Make your body arch and twitch at what I do to you. Girl you know by the way I kiss you, i'll be making you scream later. You know as soon as you strip me you wont regret it, you know as soon as I pin you against the wall that I will take you and make you mine. You know that when you fight for the top thats its about to get rougher. Of course not that you have any complaints with that fact. I know how I make you feel when I kiss on your neck and whisper in your ear all the things I want to do to you. You know that with me I'll give you what you want. What you ask me to give you. You know that I listen when you moan 'right there' and when you beg for more. You know that I wont ever stop at just one. You know that you will always be the first to... I told you we would happen...

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