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Submitted: November 09, 2016

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Submitted: November 09, 2016



Was that what
he meant when
he said that?

They say he's a a liar,
that he couldn't
tell the truth
if it sat on his forehead
and shit in his eyes.

I wonder if what
they say about him
is true?

He has the eyes
I could drink from;
the hunk of a body
I drool over;
the smile that makes
me buzz,
she muses,
sitting by the window,
looking out at the grey sky,
cloudless, trees swaying.

He said those things.

They say he says
these things
all the time.

Maybe they are jealous
of me and him.

After all he has
the most sensual voice:
deep and velvety.

I wonder
if he meant
what he said?

He can kiss me
to a heaven.

He touches me
to a wetness.

But did he mean
those words?

Were they from love
or dark cruel birds?

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