Storm War

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The final entry in the Midnight/Storm trilogy about the adventures of the Crimson Storm and his allies the Night Warriors

Submitted: November 09, 2016

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Submitted: November 09, 2016



Storm War

5 years after the battle at The Order of the Wolf Claw compound the Night Warriors operate out if a secret base in the Arizona desert. They also operate under the name Storm Warriors in honor of their fallen comrade Crimson Storm who fell defending their ally KnightHawke. Black Fang looks at the screen seeing that there is a ping on their meta radar. Fang summons the others and requests to investigate it. Polaris says to them "Ok Han but you are not going alone Sound Wave go with Han your sound waves will help detect any threats. Sound Wave nodds and they suit up and head out into the unforgiving desert. As Han and Sound Wave walk Han says to his ally "How long has it been since you were on a scout mission?" Sound Wave replies "About 3 months what do you think set off the radar?" Han says "I don't know probably just some crazy fool running around, I'm not worried about it I'm worried about Robbie he hasn't spoken since Geno and KnightHawke died." Sound Wave opens his mouth to reply when all of the sudden he stops and looks ahead then he kneels and places his hands on the ground and sends out sonar waves he then says "Uh oh I'm picking up something big feels like a herd of Chimera." Han then draws his sword and stanfs at the ready with Sound Wave. Then they both see a group of 4 Chimera charging at them. Sound Wave blasts energy waves at them they slow down but continue coming. Then as they begin attacking the two heroes Sound Wave takes two of them down as Han manages to take one down. The fourth strikes sound Wave who falls to a knee. Han helps his ally up but the rest of the beasts rise and Han focusses his aura and transforms to his Wolf mode. Han battles two while Sound Wave holds the other two down with his sound cage ability. Han finish off the two he was fighting and goes to help Sound Wave as Sound Wave takes another clawing falling to the ground Han charges the other two that are continually clawing Sound Wave. Han finishes off one as his Wolf forms shifts back into his human form and is clawed by one of them. Sound Wave stands and puts all of his energy into one final blast taking down the last one. Han rushes to the bleeding Sound Wave who tells him "Han you need to guide the others especially Robbie without guidance this team will fall apart and please when you find Midnight Absolution give that bastard a dagger to the throat for me and for Decibelle. Han puts pressure on Sound Wave's wound and says "You are going to make it!" Sound Wave smiles and says "Tell the warriors I love them and I was happy to be a part of this family" before succumbing to his wounds. Han begins digging a grave for his friend and puts the body in it. After putting the dirt back in he places Sound Wave's gauntlets on the grave before heading off towards the Storm Warriors' base but turns around hearing hooves and sees a group of men on horseback

Polaris continues monitoring the screen and sees the data from one of their drones above Russian airspace. She examines the Data closely and sees a familiar signature. She runs to the rest of the base telling the others what she has seen. After they all return and view the data they see Sound Wave's beacon remaining still while Han's beacon moves north towards the settlement Rocknovos. Polaris says "I think they're on trouble we better head out." The rest agree and they all suit up and head to their plane and take off towards Sound Wave and Han's beacons.

Han looks down at his bindings and then at the Novos soldiers escorting him. He then sees their destination the settlement Rocknovos and as they near it the gate opens showing the settlement's leader Rocko Novious. The man places one hand on his revolver and the other one on Han's shoulder and says "Well looky here, if it isn't Black Fang welcome to my sanctuary I'm so glad you decided to pay us a visit." Rocko releases Han's binds and says"Why is my visitor tied up like an slaughterhouse hog" to the head of the scouting party. The man then replies "because he is a danger and he can't be trusted to move unrestricted around the settlement sit." Rocko laughs and draws his revolver and shoots the man saying "Anyone else think they have a better opinion on settlement safety then me?" The others shake their heads no. Rocko then says "Good now where was i? Oh yes, now I arranged this little visit because I have an offer for you Mr.Fang." while holstering his weapon. Han replies "What is it you want Novious?" Rocko says to him "I'm glad you asked now my guards and my scouts are great but I wanna upgrade my settlements forces for the expansion and I believe you and your friends can help me with it. I want your Storm Warriors to join me. What do you think? Han looks around and says " Let me answer it this way" He then grabs Rocko's weapon and aims it at Rocko. Then instantly the guards all brandish firearms at him. "Well I think you need to reconsider and to learn some respect while you're at it and nodds at a sniper who tranquilizes Han. Han falls to the ground and another guard picks up Han's unconscious body into the settlement. Han wakes up from his unconscious state to darkness and light appears shortly afterward doors open on front him and he sees Rocko standing there. Han says to Rocko "You are making a big mistake I'm going to get out of this place and on my way out I'm going to kill you." Rocko laughs and says "You should have taken my offer you wouldn't be stuck in my wardrobe" Han struggles as he sees Rocko close the doors.

The Storm Warriors arrive and see the makeshift grave after they Pay their respects and load up and begin the journey towards Rocknovos.

Han attempts to break free and after regular methods fail he focuses his Wolf aura and partially transforms his hand to his beast paws and snaps the bindings before clawing the binds on his feet and getting out after listening and hearing the sound of feet walking away. He grabs his nearby sword and helmet. He peeks out the door and sees one guard. He quickly subdues him and moves on when he feels a hand on his shoulder. He rapidly turns and swings but stops after seeing a familiar face. He exclaims "Reya it's you! I'm so glad to see you!" and hugs her as they sneak off. Reya tells Han "the others are waiting just outside the perimeter I snuck in after you we picked up your beacon." They edit the building and see a group of soldier aiming weapons at them. Rocko says to them "Nice try but now the fun is over I tres to be reasonable but you leave me no choice." The guards cock their weapons and Reya sinks at Han who senses a distinct aura and smiles. Reaper suddenly teleports in and Han, Reya, and Reaper battle the guards and Rocko. The other guards begin to join the fray when a fireball lands behind them blowing their guard hut straight to hell. Reaper takes advantage grabbing Han and Reya disappearing in a wisp of smoke. Rocko screams and shoots his head guard in anger. Rocko says "gather the men from the other bases we are going to war." The three heroes appear inside the cargo bay as the other join them and Han informs them what happened after the left the compund and Polaris tells them of the data from the drone and Han asks when and who is going on the mission Robbie steps in and says "We all are if Geno is alive then we all need to make sure he makes it home to us." They all look in shock hearing Robbie speak for the first time in years.

Crimson Storm backs up and helps KnightHawke to his feet and asks him "Are you ok and able to fly?" KnightHawke replies "Yeah but that kraken looking thing is going to grab me whenever I try." Geno says to him as he looks on as the plane with the other inside flies off "When i give the signal you take off, fly and don't look back no matter what promise me that." KnightHawke says "Ok Geno be careful." Geno says "Hey don't worry about me I got this you just get outta here kid, you just keep making sure you make your parents proud like I know you have done here today." KnightHawke cries and begins flapping his wings and Geno turns to the beasts and says "Time to show you monsters how we do things in Seattle." He builds up more lightning and sends it upwards into the sky and it build more while it is airborne." KnightHawke realizes this is the signal and takes off. The kraken-like beast begins to reach towards KnightHawke with its tentacles and Geno yells "Not today you son of a Bitch!" and summons down all the energy and in a flash of bright red and blue light Crimson Storm send a blinding wave of electric energy. The wave travels a couple miles out knocking KnightHawke into the nearby woods and clearing the whole compund leaving nothing in the two mile wide area but ash, rubble from the buildings, and Crimson Storm's charred suit.

As the Storm Warriors fly over central Russia they check all their gear readying for the search. As Polaris checks the map when all of the sudden their engines freeze up. As their plane begins to free fall Robbie blasts the door off an Polaris grabs him and they hover down. Reaper grabs Han and Reya they then teleport to the ground. Morphus tries to get out before the plane crashes but he is stuck. Titannos reacts quickly and shields him with his metal skin. Flare gets up and looks towards the smoke from the wreckage. Polaris says "Are you ok?" Robbie replies "Yeah we better head towards the crash and check on the others." Polaris nodds and they walk towards it. As they walk through the forest they hear the rustling of trees and as they turn around they are both hit by ice blasts and see a the assailant walk towards them and freeze them with ice rays from both hands. Titannos gets up and helps Morphus to his feet when they hear the sound of footsteps. Titannos looks ahead and says rapidly "Morphus hide quick." Morphus changes into a mantis and scurries into a grassy area and observes the scene. The figure walks closer and Titannos says "Make a move punk" and draws his pistol. A dart hits his neck and the figure in front of him knocks it out of his hand Titannos cover his body in his metal and battles the figure in front of him until he passes out. Morphus runs off into the woods as another figure walks up and they pick up Titannos and carry him further into the woods.

Robbie wakes up and looks at the drowsy Titannos and Polaris. He looks around and feels the ice that is holding his hands together. He realizes who did it and says "Tundra I thought you were dead." Tundra turns around and removes his hood showing his cracked face. He tells Robbie "You thought wrong and now it's going to cost you" before smacking him. Then two more people walk up removing their hoods. The heroes look in shock and Polaris says "Kaleb you-you are alive." The former hero Knightsword says nothing just pacing looking at the heroes. The heroes look on at his cracked face they then look at the other and recognize the other as Onslaught the one man navy seal squad. Robbie stands up and burns through the ice on his hands and runs at Kaleb and tackles him trying to knock some sense into him. Onslaught and Tundra pull Robbie off him. Kaleb then draws a tormented looking version of his longsword. The others put Robbie on his knees and hold out his arms. Robbie manages to pull one arm away but Kaleb swings with deadly fast speed taking off Robbie's right arm. Robbie falls to the ground screaming. Then Knightsword backs up as The unstoppable force known as Midnight Absolution walks up. Then as Midnight prepares to speak the lights all go out for about 5 seconds the sound of punching and swooshing is heard and when they come back on the heroes are gone. Midnight looks at the others before telekinetically choking Tundra and says "Find them our plan is almost ready I don't want any unforeseen circumstances and that includes you over there my old friend it's time for you to get on the board" and the glow of a smokey blue visor covering a scarred and blurred face is seen in the nearby shadows.

Robbie sits up and looks at Reaper, Polaris, Han and the others. He builds a fireball in his hand and uses it to cauterize his wound. Polaris hugs Reaper and says "Thank god for you Reaper!" Reaper smiles and nodds. Han walks over and asks"What happened in there." Polaris responds " I don't know how but Knightsword, Tundra, and Onslaught are alive. I'm sure it's safe to assume that some of the others from Antarctica are alive. Robbie says as he wraps the stump where his hand used to be "We need to find out how he did it. I think this might be the energy surge we detected." They begin walking through the woods when they hear strange sound. All the heroes ready themselves for a fight. Then as they behind them they see a bright light. They cautiously examine it when they see someone appear instantaneously. Flare blasts at him. The figure dodges it and knocks Flare and Titannos. Han slashes at him multiple times and he dodges every strike. The figure blinds Han and steps forward and pulls off his mask revealing an all too familiar face to the heroes. The heroes drop their weapons and lower their hands. Then as they are about to speak a figure flies down and the familiar figure speaks and says "You guys look like you've seen a ghost." The heroes hugs the men they know as KnightHawke and the Crimson Storm

As the heroes have a heartfelt reunion with their friends. Crimson Storm sits them down an explains to them how he and KnightHawke survived the incident at the Order of the Wolf Claw compound. As the light from the explosion fades Crimson Storm stumbles into the woods and looks at his charred suit. He walks to it and picks it up and carries it with him. He then walks towards the woods again and seea KnightHawke. He says to himself "he must've fallen while trying to fly away." He checks his pulse and realizes he's ok KnightHawke wakes up and Geno helps him up. Realizing that with Midnight thinking they're dead they can gather Intel in him Geno says to Greg "Now's our chance to find out everything about this bastard where should we head first?" Greg replies " Shouldn't we find the others and let them know were alive?." Geno says to him "For this to work everyone needs to think we're dead and we need to stop using our powers as much so we can blend in perfectly." Greg nodds and they walk onwards not knowing what lies ahead.

As Geno finishes his story Greg comes to the front of the room and says "I know we broke your trust lying to you but it was perfectly successful we have everything we need to take the fight to him." Han asks "What did you guys find?" Geno pulls up a holoscreen showing locations in Russia, Egypt, The United States, Bolivia, and Australia and tells the others "Now the locations in Australia, Bolivia, and Egypt are his monster creation Facilities and The United States facility and the facility you just escaped from are where he conducts his research on bringing the dead back to to life He uses a secret formula that is a mix of Chimera blood and his blood while charging the subject with a jolt of Dark Storm's electricity. The only thing that can stop them is a special chemical mixture of chloroform, anthrax, and extreme temperatures. Now we have acquired the necessary chemicals and have made these special devices that can launch darts coated in both chemicals and if we have Flare heat the darts to 900 degrees the heat will remain heated enough to cause the chemical reaction needed. Any questions?" Titannos asks "How do you plan on using them?" KnightHawke answers "We found info that he was alive during the Civil war and both world wars so we believe we can appeal to the war monger in him and challenge him to a battle. We also found that he can be wounded by a blade coated in the blood of the dead. If we can win this as long as we follow the plan. It is time for all of this to end if any of you want to back out now is your chance. The heroes all say nothing and Geno calls Reaper over "I need your help with challenging Midnight can you still teleport a person's image temporarily." Reaper nodds and they head outside and Reaper puts his hand to Geno's shoulder and an image of Geno moves from his body and heads away.

Midnight walks around and looks at the various revived heroes and villains in their cells and walks up to the darkened room and looks at the figure with the smokey blue visor. When he senses something he walks towards it and see an image of The Crimson Storm and says "Mr. Davis alive and well I see." Geno says "Cut the shit Midnight I'm not here to chat." Midnight replies "Ok then speak your peace." And secretly presses a switch on his gauntlet that opens the dark cell. "It's time we ended this. I want to destroy you so meet me where you killed my friends" Geno says. Midnight responds "Now why would I do that?" Geno chuckles saying "Because you can't resist an all out battle." Midnight tells him "You may be right but I have things to do." Geno tells him "Fine but I have something important to you." Midnight looks as an image of a young girl appears and Midnight flies into a rage. He says "You release my daughter now or I will end your pathetic team and I will erase your entire lineage and your friends lineages." Geno says"I won't hurt her as long as you come to Antarctica." Midnight says "Ok I will come there and destroy you but before you leave to ready for your deaths I'd like you to meet somebody." As the smokey figure walks up removing his visor. Geno steps back in shock and says "Darren oh my god you are alive." The figure steps into the light and says "It's been a long time Geno I'll see you in Antarctica." He then blasts a misty energy blast at the image. Geno's image then apparates away back to Geno and Reaper. Geno stands up and goes back inside kicking the door open. Polaris and the others look at him and say "What's wrong?" He gathers himself and replies "He agreed and Darren is alive." The other look on in shock. He says "We need to get ready everyone wings up at 2300. Geno walks his room suiting up in his Crimson Shock suit that he had upgraded. He remembers when he last seen Darren and he punches his wall leaving a crack surging with lightning. He looks in the mirror and says to himself "This ends tomorrow, I am going to finish Midnight and finish Dethsmoke." He walks out slamming the door.

Geno walk up to Robbie and leads him to his lab. He opens a case and pulls a cybernetic arm out and fixes it to Robbie's missing arm. He says to him "This arm is specialized for a meta's abilities it won't hinder your fire blasting powers." Robbie says "Thank you" and creates a fireball then he disappates it. "Do you really think this is going to work?" Geno replies "As long as we stick to the plan it will." Robbie asks "Are you going to be able to fight Vape again?" Geno says to him "Vape is dead to me, I am going to finish Dethsmoke and Midnight let's go." They both head out and join the others. Then together they all head outside for the final part of their journey.

The plane lands about 5 miles from where their base used to be and they all bow their heads in respect for the fallen. They look around and Flare says "Maybe he didn't fall for it. Then as he finishes his sentence the sound of choppers and beasts fills the area and the Warriors all look around as they are surrounded. They see Chimeras and revived heroes all around them. Midnight steps out of the chopper with the insignia of the Absolutionairies. He yells out "Where is she Davis?! Where is my daughter?!" Geno responds "She is at home where she needs to be which is far away from a monster like you." Midnight explodes at them "You bastards tricked me huh now you are all going to die every person in your families is going to die. Your families will be erased from the face of the earth. It will be as if none of your families existed." He whistles and Darren walks up and blasts energy at them. The heroes dodge and draw their weapons as the enemies draw around them. Morphus and Robbie lock hands and then transform into a dragon and charge into the Chimeras battling and breathing fure. Han transforms and leaps into a group of undead and begins slashing through them.and is joined by Reya and Titannos. Polaris faces off with Knightsword while KnightHawke fights against Tundra. Crimson Storm and Dethsmoke face each other pacing back and forth. Dethsmoke yells to Crimson Storm "I bet you're wondering how I survived? Midnight pulled me out if that icy hell you threw me in." He pulls off his visor and mask and throws it to the ground by Geno's feet. Geno yells back "Darren I'll give you one more chance, you don't have to follow him, come back and join me and the Night Warriors. Don't make me have to destroy you for good this time." Darren responds " Darren is dead there is only Dethsmoke and I'm never joining you I've reached the end of my path to Absolution." Geno sadly responds "Then this is the end Dethsmoke." Geno takes off his mask and drops it to the ground next to Dethsmoke's. They both charge each other. Meanwhile, Han and Reya stand back to back battling undead soldiers launching coated darts everywhere. Han changes back to human form due to energy consumption. As the enemy warrior numbers dwindle. Han hears a gun shot and looks behind him and sees Reya fall to the ground. He sees the mercenary Onslaught standing holding his custom hand held shotgun pistol. Han sees no others around and leaps Onslaught and slashes his pistol. Onslaught draws another and Han knocks it aside. They begin trading blows with Han gaining the upper hand. He slashes Onslaught's armor off and slashing again wounding him. As Han stands over him and grabs Reya's knife and readies to finish him. Onslaught kicks Han's legs out from under him and pulls out a syringe and injects it in himself he changes into a partially armored Chimera. Han dodges an attack by Onslaught-Chimera and runs up its arm he jumps to slash it's face but is knocked aside. He looks over at Reya's motionless body and rage flows through him. He changes into a larger version of his Wolf form. He and the beast battle back and forth they lock claws after missing each other in a back in forth battle. Han looks into the beasts eyes and as Han pictures his children dieing and Reya's motionless body. He overpowers the Onslaught-Chimera slamming it head first into the ice before mauling it and stabbing a day into its neck.He changes and goes to Reya. He holds her as she musters her strength. She tells him "Han looks like our journey together is over" "No it's not you are going to make it I need you without you I'm lost." Han tells her with tears forming in his eyes hand on his face and says "It's never been you needing me, it's always been me needing you I Love y--" Her hand slumps and her eyes close as tears run down Han's face. He puts her head against his and says "I love you Reya." He stands up with her blood on his face and picks up his blood stained helmet. He runs towards Morphus and Flare. Morphus and Flare change back to their separate forms. Flare shoots two fireballs taking out a large Chimera. As they cut the number of beasts down to 3. Flare gets knocked aside and Morphus is suddenly stabbed by a Chimera claw. Flare runs at it and is blocked by the other two. Flare readies a white fireball and Han leaps over him and claws one. Flare blasts the other one and they run to Morphus' side and help hold him up. Morphus changes into an octopus and squirts oil on Han's blade . Han leaps at the last alpha Chimera Flare shoots a fireball igniting the blade. Han strikes and cuts the chimera in half while burning what's left of it. Morphus tells them "Go on I'll catch up just gotta get myself a breath. They nodd and run ahead. Morphus smiles and falls to the ground. Flare turns and looks at Morphus realizing he couldn't help him and bows his head in respect before rejoining Han. Polaris, Reaper and KnightHawke fight against Knightsword. He kicks them to the ground after an exchange between him and KnightHawke and a failed attempt at gravity manipulation by Polaris. He also blocks asll reaper's attacks. The gravity attack doesn't affect his mystical armor. He knocks out Polaris and continues exchanging blows again with KnightHawke. Knightsword gains the upper hand again after breaking KnightHawke's sword. Reaper attacks again and Knightsword says a quick incantation causing Reaper to disappear. KnightHawke takes advantage and grabs Knightsword and they begin flying straight up. KnightHawke stops when the reach the upper atmosphere. KnightHawke says "I'm sorry about this." He then uppercuts Knightsword and Knightsword begins free falling back to the earth. KnightHawke begins his descent. After he lands he picks up Knightsword's mystical weapon as Flare and Han run up next to him. Geno and Dethsmoke clash fists emitting smoke and sparks. Geno pushes Dethsmoke back and throws a lightning ball at him. Dethsmoke goes intangible and the bolt passes through him. He throws a smokey energy spear. Geno dodges it and then runs at Dethsmoke. Dethsmoke passes through him and slams Geno to the ground. Dethsmoke tries to slam an energy ball into Geno. Geno rapidly rolls avoiding it and surprises Dethsmoke blasting him with a lightning ball knocking him to the ground. Dethsmoke creates a thick mist covering the immediate area. Geno looks around trying to see his opponent. Dethsmoke flies past slashing Geno's chest. Geno kneels to the ground. Dethsmoke comes again kneeing Geno in the face knocking him to the ground. Geno stands up and says "Come out you coward!" Dethsmoke replies "I am no coward and I will prove I am the superior now it is time for you to die." He flies at Geno again with his face revealed. Geno sees it and blasts him back and builds up a great ball of energy and sends out a Crimson shock wave clearing the mist from the area. Geno wipes the blood from his face and tackles Dethsmoke to the ground and begins beating him. After the first few punches Dethsmoke passes Geno's hands through him causing them to get stuck in the ice. Dethsmoke pulls out his knife and raises it to strike. Geno says "This ends now." Hr builds up lightning in his hands and causes the ice underneath them to brewk and they both fall into the ice cold water. Geno surrounds himself in lightning slowing the freezing. He swims up and looks down seeing Dethsmoke begin to freeze. He begins to climb out and remembers the good times with Darren. He swims back down and pulls Dethsmoke out. Darren coughs up water and says "Why did you save me." Geno says "Because as much as I want to think you are gone I know in my heart you are still in there Darren maybe you don't know it but you will one day find him again. Geno then picks up his mask and looks at Dethsmoke once more before taking off in a flash of Crimson lightning and Darren looks at his mask and thinks of his memories of the times he had with Geno both as his friend and his enemy. He pick up his mask and walks off in the opposite direction. Han leaps at Midnight again once again getting thrown this time at Flare and both fall . They see KnightHawke fly at Midnight making to strike him but it has no effect. Polaris throws a chuck of ice at Midnight who splits it telekinetically. Midnight the breaks two chunks off and throws them piercing KnightHawke's wings also pinning him to the ground. Han leaps again and is slammed down being held to the ground by Midnight. Midnight then pulls Han's old sword out of it's sheathe and says "I'm going to kill you and I'm going to kill you with the blade I killed your daughters with." He raises it and and it is blasted out of his hand. Midnight turns around and sees Crimson Storm looking at him who smiles snd motions behind Midnight. Midnight looks behind him and is hit with a ball of smokey energy. "He yells Dethsmoke what are you doing." Dethsmoke kicks Midnight and says "my name is Vape" before pinning Midnight to the ice as the others walk up. Flare says "Han you do it for your family." Han draws his blade and looks at it then he says"This is what I wanted for the longest but I've moved on so I will pass on it." They all agree and leave him pinned. He breaks free and strikes at them Flare burns the ice around him melting the ice around Midnight and Midnight falls through into the freezing water as the heroes walk towards the plane.

The heroes are gathered around their base mourning the fallen and converse on what to do next. Darren sits in the corner regretting all the things and deaths he caused. Reaper walks up to him and says "I know how you feel I felt the same way when I left my brothers and I realized that no matter what evil you have done , a good heart and seeking your self will lead to redemption and we all will help you anytime you need something." Vape smile and thanks him when the sensors show a large force approaching. They all head outside and see a large group of Rocknovos soldiers. Rocko yells out "It's time for retribution, you all are going to fall before the amassed army of Rocko Novious." His army then charges Han and KnightHawke lead the charge as Vape and Crimson Storm smile and follow behind the others once again fighting side by side as Vape and Crimson Shock.

© Copyright 2018 Jonathon Kelling. All rights reserved.

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