Growing in the Green

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Submitted: November 09, 2016

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Submitted: November 09, 2016



Growing in the Green


I’ll take the pain you gave me

And bury it in the grass

Allowing it to breathe

Allowing it to pass

Perhaps it wasn’t your intention

To give me these stabbing pains

Maybe the daggers were already there

Engrained and hidden in my veins


Yet in the grass it lies

As the seasons come to pass

Reminding me its there

Yet keeping away the past

I water it here and then

Sprinkling droplets falling

Wherever my eyes last.


There grows a plant there now

A little stem with twin leaves

And in dewey winter mornings

It brushes me with ease


It grows as the wind passes

Through nights and through days

Buds and leaves appearing

All mysterious ways.


I know it’s there yet in my garden

By me alone is the beauty seen

And then I see your footsteps whisper

On the autumn yellow turning green


And you show me through the fence

Something I couldn’t have seen

A plant in your own garden

Growing in the green.


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