Precognitive Dreaming

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In today world there over 7 billion people in the world who dream every night; while others don't!
They say that dreams are just like movies that play in our minds and dreams don't come true but what if I told you dreams really did come true? This a story I would to share with you all and its from my dreams only and there known as precognitive dreaming and so far I only had three dreams come true and I hope more will come out sooner or later.

So I hope you enjoy my story

Songs~ Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey
Immortals by Fall Out Boys

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Precognition Dream (The Motorscooter Incident)

Submitted: November 09, 2016

I had dream that happen in May 2014 and occur on November 2014 which involve my stepdad getting badly injured from Motorscooter incident Read Chapter