Paranormal Boy

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A middle school boy named Ethan has a rough time and school. Bullies and older kids including everyone, messes with him for his creativity. He has a friend named Matt who's hyperactive. He meets a girl named Jenny that ends up being his Girlfriend spoiler alert.

Submitted: November 11, 2016

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So how is the project going Ethan?! ...loser.


That's what everybody is telling me about my  projects i'm doing. Nobody believes in me doing any electronics or making even a built electronic work because I keep on breaking all my things. My parents were supportive at first until I started breaking everything. It's my job to get my own electronics out of scraps lying on the street. That’s another thing, people are putting perfectly good things on the street, I don’t want to complain because i'm glad I have them now but if I were them, I would not do that. I would probably collect them and make something to show in front of the whole school with everybody standing up and clapping at what I made. That’s my dream, but only a narrow part of it. I don’t want only glory, I also want people to be happy, but i'm not happy. My parents are always telling me to make yourself happy first before anyone else. HEY ETHAN!! Hey it’s Jenny, Jenny is this girl who I kind of like. Like me, she doesn't really like sports because we're not good at them. Everybody laughs at how bad I am at sports. I wish I could play with the girls at P.E time because they’re nicer about fails and Jenny is in it. Hey Ethan, what are you doing? Oh nothing just sitting and thinking about what I have done and what i'm going to do with my life. Don’t be so hard on yourself Ethan. It’s not me being hard on myself, it’s everybody else being  hard on me. RIIIIIIIIINGGGG!!! I guess recess is over Jenny, see you later. people are always stabbing me with their pencils in class. I have Jenny as my friend and this kid Matt. Matt is what everybody calls including me, a nerd. Matt has some cool stuff in his room  including his whole house especially in his garage. Today after school I went to his house and he had this computer that he built just from scraps off the street.

Matt was the only person I knew who was interested in computers  besides me who actually knew more. This friday night, it’s the school dance and I think i'm a little too much of a wimp to ask Jenny out, i'm not sure what i'm going to do. Jenny is probably the only person I actually like. Matt is way to annoying and weird to actually like. But Jenny isn't exactly my friend, she's just an acquaintance that i've talked to frequently. No one's asked me out and i'm not surprised at all. I'm just the nerdy allergy kid who happens to have 3 older sisters in high school which can be extremely annoying.  But, Jenny has been acting really talkative lately and i've gathered the courage to ask if she has anybody to go out with and her answer is that she doesn’t. Are you kidding me! Who wouldn't go out with her. Oh man, just a day until the dance. Jenny came up to me and asked me if I wanted to hang out sometime. I told her that I don't have time but maybe the dance would be good. She actually said really chirpy and happy about it that she actually said yes. Oh my God. I'm going out to the dance with Jenny. JENNY. The dance was not awesome I met her outside of the school and Matt was there too. Matt is not so big on relationships and crushes. He's kind of innocent and naive. But Jenny was wearing the cutest dress i've ever seen. We went out to the dance room and started to talk while smirking at each other. I'M SO SORRY THIS IS SO WRONG!! Jenny exclaimed regrettingly as she stormed to the bathroom. JENNY COME BACK! I said as I chased after her. She got to the bathroom and stayed in there literally all of the dance. The dance was a total of 3 hours and I waited 2. Then I stormed out of the room and went to go bury myself in the bushes. I sobbed and sobbed As I asked myself what I had done wrong. Was there something in my teeth? Too much acne? Well maybe she just felt uncomfortable and felt it was too early to have lovey dovey moments. The next day I saw Jenny Walk past me in the hallway. I didn’t say anything to her because that would make me seem too pompous and naive like. I went to go talk to Matt. Hey Ethan!!! I MADE A NEW COMPUTER AGAIN!!!! Oh god… him again… ooooh cool matt… good job… OH MY GOD I'M SO EXCITED EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I just walked past him and ignored him. I got Jennys number a few weeks ago and I got a text after school from her. “Hey ethan, I just wanted to let u know that i’m not mad at u and that I still want to be your friend. Let’s talk more sometime.

WOW. fewww… So much relief got released from my body. The next day, I went up to Jenny and we sat down to have a conversation. We started talking about life and school. She wasn’t a total nerd in school or in sports. She was more like me, a thinker. Like me she sometimes if not most of the time looks off into space and imagine random objects and patterns regarding objects. I think i’m slightly autistic I know, I know. It’s a bit ambitious. but I think I might have mild autism. As I said, I imagine patterns and shapes in my head that relate to real objects. Matt came over to my house today after school. This was his first time and as I mentioned he’s very excited and energetic all the time so, he was touching everything. OOOOHHH WHAT'S THAT. OOOOHHHH WHAT'S IN HERE. COOL DIARY!! Matt screamed energetically. COOL DIARY!? I shouted. You know people aren’t supposed to xbe reading each other’s diary right? MY PARENTS DONT LET ME HAVE A DIARY SO I HAVE APPROXIMATELY 0% IDEA. Matt said in his usual high pitched voice. Sigh, Your parent’s sure do hide you from a lot of important matters. I DIDN’T KNOW THAT THERE WERE MORE THAN I KNEW. The next day, The morning gave me some bad news. My parents have been divorced for quite some time and have fought from time to time. but today, I found out that they were fighting on the phone over me. My Mom stated that she wants more time to spend with me and my dad stated the same. This was pretty shocking to me but what really freaked me out was that they were going to court in february. Im not sure why the hell my dad would tell me this so that I could convieniantly think about it all day. Jenny's parents are also divorced which gives me just another way to be similar to her. I started talking to her about it at lunch and she completely understood. She started talking to me about her parents and when she was done we had that same smirk on each others faces and just stared into each others eyes. We leaned slowly. Baby steps. Baby steps. Until I found her face resting on mine. It was happening. The kiss lasted a solid two seconds and we took a good look at each other. GOD it was uncomfortable but comfortable at the same time. RIIIINNNGGG!! Damn recess is already over? How long was that kiss?! Math class was next and most of the time I was sweating and panicking in math class and at th same time just flat out bored. But it seemed as it that kiss had enchanted it. Making all stress go away. If only I could have that kiss every five minutes or at least each period.



------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The day Jenny moved, I was as depressed as I could ever be. It all started when I came to school one day and she ran straight up to me. ETHAN!! What what what what what?! Meet me at lunch, I need to talk to you. At lunch I got some very upsetting news.

Ethan... Im I Uh... what is it Jenny? IM MOVING!!!! Jenny blurted out while sobbing. I wrapped my arms around her while her face was buried in my lap. I started sniffling up too. Jenny was more than my best friend. I got home from school and I texted her. but no response. I Asked her the next day why she didnt answer me. And she told me she was clueless. I texted her again and again. Day after day. And when it was just a day before she leaves She told me to meet me after school for a final goodbye. But she wasnt there. I waited and waited for an hour after school. By this point the sun was setting and everyone was gone. It was final. Shes gone. I trotted dreadfully home and threw myself on the bed. I decided to text her again. No response. The next day I talked to nobody. I couldnt focus on my work. I was depressed.


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