See Me

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Thoughts of family after losing my Auntie to cancer.

Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016




See Me


'See me Breezie' they'd giggle and scream

As they played on the swings and talked about things

That didn't matter to us, no not for a minute

As we ran down the hill in a race to the finish.


But for two we know well the race ended too soon,

Leaving us folks together yet never alone,

As we still have the present as well as the past

To look back and laugh and inspire us to last

A little while longer on this mortal coil,

So let's not dwell for too long on this casting of soil.


'See me Suzie' was a cry we still heard

As they made us our meals and refused to share

All the red wine that flowed yet they wouldn't admit

To themselves that they knew we had drank half of it!


'See me Big H' have you caught anything yet?

Down on Hope's Nose with your rod in the wet

Stuff hoping for a bite with Big D to the left,

You cast out your feathers but will soon be bereft

Of your best mate and spouse who both went too soon

As the sea hits the rocks and leaves salt in your wounds.


So 'See me Breezie' for one smiling last time,

You leave us now wistful with sunflowers in mind.

A carol for Christmas and the colours of summer

Keep our memories strong and your legacy warmer.

This unexpected script and undeserved cruel calling...

Night night Suzie ... I'll see you in the morning!



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