the memories

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you enter a part of Liza's life and Liza moving to a new place.... Her feelings...

Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016



After returning from school this afternoon,  I went directly in my room without even 

looking at my parents as always and look in the mirror and many memories was flashing and I soon land into tears

Last year during school days.... My school got a big problem, there was a big explosions in my class.... A lot of friends died, there was only 5 survivals.... And I was present in the obstacle.

After the incident i woke up in a hospital and the T.V was on so i saw the information about my school and there was a letter for me on the table.....

I opened the letter and it was from my BOYFRIEND



 My parent was moving to a new city....  So of course i had friends from last school but now zero friend and i'm not famous.....

I was living in a village before but now city.....

I can say that i'm starting a life afresh....


I was kind scared and nervous since it was my first day at school.

My school was very big.... there was many children.... Since it's the finals for first term... many children was revising.

The boys were so cute and awesome and the girls too.

 IT was time for me to enter in the class.... 

my teacher asked me to introduce myself, i wanted to say NOOOO for an answer but i got up and introduced myself... and the whole class was staring at me great...

Then after school hours, I went home finally and took rest..

after 2 months later:

 was a quite good day for me....

This morning a new boy came in our class.... I actually have  CRUSH on him

He introduced himself,he had a cute name

then i make excurses to talk to him everyday and we were actually best friends 

2 days later

That morning i kissed him for the first time but i was late for class so i  went to my class and start to talk with my friends, my BF went to the toilet when suddenly we heard (boom)

then i was uncouncious and woke up in a hospital 


" hey liza, it's your BF... even you will not see now actually i gave you my heart and i hope you will be always careful, love u "


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