Fake people

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Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016



Fake People

Why does everyone in the world have to always try and prove themselves to much because in doing so they simple create a false impression of who they really are its like the need to feel wanted and by doing this they srtart to believe the personality they have created. I guess this is what we all do at some point in our lives to try and fit in with the crowd but is we fail to fit in we end up feeling down and low because its as if we don’t belong with any specific group so in turn we shut ourselves out from the world. But the real question is, who is nice and who is fake?

That’s all we are really trying to figure out, isn’t it? It seems like such a simple concept, but when you get deep down into it, it’s actually a lot more complicated than you’d think. It’s about meeting new people and getting sucker-punched by them after you thought all they actually wanted to do was be your friend. It’s about thinking people are being genuine when they say you’re their friend, but you’re really nothing more than a stepping stone along their paths.

You’re usually left in the dark wondering where in the hell all these fake people came from and desperately searching just to find some nice ones. I’m going to break it down for you right now. It's almost impossible to decipher who is nice from who is fake without thinking of a million people who have let you down, all those people who just pretended to be your friends, but really weren't there when it came down to it. You remember them as you think back, and can recall all those moments they enticed you with their open arms and big hellos.

They were just so goddamn nice that you figured they were going to be your friends. But they weren't. They were just extending an olive branch for moment, teasing you with it. You must be careful of fake people. They have their own hidden agenda, an agenda hidden far beyond. They are a sleazy little pawn in their own game of life and they will try to use you to advance themselves in this rat race to nowhere. They will be these amazing people for week, a month, (hopefully you didn’t keep them around longer than a year, but it happens) and then they show themselves, their true ugly selves. You see them as they tried to use you, see your small state in their grand play and you fall to the wayside, when you thought you were just confiding in someone good, someone genuine.

How did that just happen? It's like you were just bitch-slapped. Every time you fall into the trap of meeting a fake person, you come out the other side, wondering where you missed the signs. After this encounter, why haven't you learned to just weed out the fake and the nice? As you're well aware of, these people do a pretty damn good job of hiding their fake essence, and even though we've all encountered too many of the sort, we still get tricked up by the slimy buggers. Who wouldn't? They come in with their glowing hellos and their big balloons and over-reaching promises.

It's almost impossible to tell what fake is until you've been through the ringer and come out the other side with a few good friends hanging on, and if you're still reading this, you know what I’m talking about. So I’m going to try to break it down to its bare bones, the withered endpoints and give you just a few telltale signs of what it looks like when someone is being real and someone is being fake.

We all do it to some extent: Present a carefully crafted persona that highlights our best qualities and minimizes our flaws. It's human nature. In fact, the vast majority of us. It's not always a bad thing; our ability to obscure the truth is part of the reason human beings have such highly developed brains. Even so, this behaviour can go too far, which is why you've probably met at least a few people in your life that you referred to as "fake." People who were inconsistent. People who stretched the truth. People who refused to own up to their bad behaviour. In short, people you probably struggled to trust before. So how can you spot someone who's being fake before being duped? Here are five signs that the person you're dealing with is a phoney.

So there you have it be very careful with the friends that you chose

There are 5 simple ways to figure out if someone is being fake 


1. They Use a Fake Smile

Some amount of fake smiling is normal. You probably crack a fake smile when someone pulls out a camera, or when you feel social pressure to laugh at a joke. But when you catch someone pulling a fake smile too often, beware.How can you tell the difference? In a genuine smile, tiny wrinkles appear at the corners of the eyes, and the skin between the eyebrows and upper eyelids will move down. While much of a smile can be produced voluntarily, some of the muscles used in a real smile can't be contracted at will. Can you spot a fake smile?

2. They Can't Get Their Story Straight (or Don't Believe It Themselves)

When people are telling the truth, it always comes out the same. Because it really happened. When people are bending the truth — or making things up — it's harder to keep that story straight. That's why if you suspect someone is being fake, you should listen for inconsistencies in their stories. You can look for inconsistencies in what they say and what happens on their face as well. Believe it or not, when a person is lying, she might be saying one thing is the truth, but betraying herself with an ever-so-slight shakes of the head.

3. Their Micro expressions Tell a Different Tale

Just like tiny gestures, micro expressions, or the subtle, less-noticeable expressions that tend to pass quickly across a person's face, can tell you a whole lot about that person's sincerity. These expressions tend to last less than a 25th of a second, and tend to represent a concealed emotion. Watch carefully for what the person's face is telling you — and whether those expressions match the person's words.

4. Their Body Language Shows Discomfort

We don't always pick up on a person's body language, but it can be a huge red flag that that person is being insincere. Does the person turn his or her body away from you while speaking to you? That can be a sign of discomfort. Does the person tend to fidget, blink rapidly, and shrug his or her shoulders at times? Those can be signs that a person is being less than honest. A liar might also unconsciously place items between you and him or herself while talking. These signs don't always mean a person is being fake, but when you see this behaviour often, or at times when you believe a person's story to be suspect, beware.

5. Your Gut Says So

How can you spot someone who's being fake? The simplest answer may be easier and more effective than all of the above: trust your instincts. According to research, our initial impressions of a persons motives tend to be accurate than what we come up with when we think about it too much. Maybe our sense of empathy kicks in. Or we feel we need to give the person the benefit of the doubt. Or be polite. Or ensure that we're liked. And, in many cases, those messages can speak louder than that gut feeling telling us that a certain person just isn't sincere. If a person makes you uneasy and you initially question their integrity, listen to your instincts. Then, look for other clues that you're dealing with a phoney. Chances are, you'll find them.


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