White Goes Red And Blue

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A poem on today's visit to the White House.

Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016



White Goes Red And Blue


They are meeting in the White House, a meeting that’s a must,

but it’s taking place self-consciously and is so heaped with distrust.


The animosity that they feel for each other is so clear,

but it’s a gulf that needs some bridging before ending the year.


There’s no respect between these two, and just why should there be;

how good they are at acting the world’s soon gonna see.


A performance is just what you’ll get, a hand-shake with distaste,

the media will examine it for no advantage will they waste.


A story then will follow that will be construed from truth and lies,

to understand just what it means you’d need a staff of spies.


These two men, they will play a part, and will wear some disguise,

you’ll never know the half of it, just so you realize


the words you’ll hear get spoken, the things conveyed by voice

they’re just doing what they have to ‘cause they don’t have any choice.


They have said just what they think of each but now they will just act,

maybe with civility and some restraint but those words they’ll not retract.


This President that is here-and-now and the one who’s soon to be,

their whole view is so opposite, and they never could agree.


A perfect illustration of the illusion the media will present,

a friendly gesture between these two who really only can resent,


being thrust upon each other and forced, their tongues to bite --

they don’t want this friendliness but are not allowed to fight.




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