Illusions in the darkness

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A future dystopian world where the young generation has powers they don't know about. One girl named Justice may have the power to save them from the illusion of their supposedly safe haven.

Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016





It all started that one night. I vaguely remember it was a cold night the world ending, things screaming in the dark as our train shot by. I was around 6 my mom sat next to me a boy around 3 who I assume is my brother is on my left a girl older than me maybe 10 who I assume is my sister sits across the aisle  

There are a lot of other children in the cabin with us they all look scared or tired and we’re all very dirty. I don’t know where we're going I never have during these dreams I only remember what my 6 year old self did which isn't a lot. I don’t know if anyone else has these dreams I don’t believe they do no one ever talks about it then again I've never asked.  Maybe it’s because I'm afraid that I'm different. Different people don’t have good luck here. We’ve been separated between girls and boys then age. We stay with our group and do everything together. I’ve been in the same group since we arrived here.

I’m friends with some of the girls but I mostly keep to myself.  I think about a lot of different things like what happened, where are we, why am I here, who are they, who am I.  I guess I should probably introduce myself.  I’m Justice everybody calls me Josie though I don’t think anyone knows my real name.  I’m a 16 year old girl in a world that is dying.  

I’ve got some dark thoughts for a 16 year old I know I had to grow up fast everyone did but nobody remembers why some people think that they erased that part from our memories. The older girls anyway, the younger girls like me weren’t old enough to remember much anyway.

I guess I should tell you what I remember. The world was finally ending volcanoes, earthquakes, e.t.c. but the big thing was disease. It had started in the age group born in the 3099’s there was a nuclear leak that spread over the whole world. It cleared up and everything went back to normal so no one thought anything of it. My grandpa was born in this age so he was infected along with billions of others there was no way to tell when someone had been infected. Because their children weren’t infected.

Nothing was different or wrong until much later 5 years after I was born when the virus mutated. It was around the summer when the virus turned deadly.

We were celebrating my 5th birthday at my grandparents house in Montana when my grandpa started acting weird he was coughing a lot and he turned a pale shade of gray we rushed him to the hospital to see what was wrong, little did we know it was the virus finally revealing itself.

We figured it out too late and grandpa died a few days later.  They started quarantining everyone with signs of the virus as many people had died from it. My grandma got the symptoms a few weeks later.  Hers were more severe her skin was falling off she was basically decaying from the inside out. The brain is the first to go the virus makes you go crazy basically like a zombie.

The virus spread like crazy and we evacuated to a small town in Maine to be as far away from California (the central spreading point) as possible.

Dad got sick on the way there he tried to hide it and fight it off but he couldn’t. He made us leave him with a gun on the side of the road in texas.  Mom me and my maybe siblings were the only ones left in the whole family.  We found a safe spot set up in Virginia on the way to a supply shop.  They were examining people to see who was immune I was immune and so were my brother and sister. Mom came with, though I don’t remember if she was immune.  

We ended up on a remote island, there was a gate that we were being shuffled through into a tall building we came upon an area in the building with two doors one for children one for adults, right before we went through the door my mom stopped us and hugged us. She told us that we were special and that we would do great things maybe even save the world one day.  

My sister started crying and so did my brother as my mom handed him to my sister they hugged, then it was my turn, I hugged her and said I loved her she said she loved me to and to be brave, then a guard came up and told us it was time to go we hugged one last time then went through the door.  I never saw my mom again.  After the door we went down a long hallway, then the power went out and the hallway went dark we were told to be as quiet as possible and to not move. We heard some people screaming in another room and started moving again.

We continued slowly for about 20 mins creeping through the dark. When the lights came on we moved as fast as we could. We reached a staircase and climbed down we ended up at another railroad this one was underground and it was split into five different tracks we split into girls and boys and then age groups by years my brother was handed off to one of the adults that was watching each group and my sister went into the older group. I got into one of the trains on the middle tracks with the girls who were in my group and we took off in the opposite direction of my sister and brother.  We traveled for a long time. It was hard to tell how long because there was barely any light and we were underground.

Some of the girls grouped together and talked some played games I joined in a few times to avoid my anxieties.  I have really bad anxiety especially when I'm alone. I felt very alone on the train sure there were other girls but I would never see my mom, brother, and sister probably ever again.  Most of the time I found dark corners to be alone with my thoughts away from the giggles of the other little girls.  I got so mad at them for having fun when something bad had happened and we didn’t know where we were going.  At night I usually had nightmares about my family and where I was going.  




I think that I have  been on the train for around 3 months. When we finally got off and climbed up a staircase to another building. I noticed that it was different from the last one we stopped at. It was bigger and it looked comfier more like an apartment building.

We all lined up alphabetically I was last of course. Then we were assigned rooms everyone got a roommate except me since there was an uneven amount in our group. We got our keys and were escorted to our rooms.  

My room was a pretty big room with a big window and two beds it had a bookcase against one was and the two closets along with the bathroom on the other side.  It was also painted blue with clouds on the walls and black with white stars on the ceiling.  I loved it and was grateful that I didn’t have to share. They left us alone to explore the rooms and brought us clothes and other essentials.  

As soon as I was alone I ran over to the window it was a big bay window with a place to sit and look out I climbed up onto it and looked out the sun was setting and there were trees with a little river running through them I sat and looked out as the sun set not wanting to miss anything.  I hadn’t seen the sun in 6 months when my mom and I sat out under the tree in our backyard and watched it set then ate s'mores and talked. I missed her so much I missed my life before now.  

My thoughts were interrupted by a bell ringing it scared me so much that I fell off the window seal.  I walked over to the door and looked out of the peephole.  All the other girls were lining up outside so I grabbed my key and lined up with them being careful to not let anyone see my room I wanted it to be only mine for awhile.  

We walked down the hall and some stairs to a sitting area with lots of tables I noticed that group of boys around our age were walking in the other side we got into two different lines and got our food. The boys did the same we sat on opposite ends of the room and ate.  Most of the girls talked about their rooms and how they were decorated. I wasn’t listening though I noticed a boy sitting on the other side staring at me.

I tried looking away so I could ignore him but I couldn’t he just kept staring.  I joined in one conversation about a girl with a room painted with rainbows and tried to picture it.  I focused on my dinner and ate as fast as I could hoping when I finished I could go back to my room.  I looked up once and saw he wasn’t staring at me anymore as I looked down I saw that all the girls were looking at me.  What? I asked.  The girl sitting across from me named Paris asked me what my room was like.  I said.  Um…it’s cool I guess nothing like yours I bet those rainbows are awesome.  The other girls looked away and went back to their dinner and conversations but Paris kept looking at me.

The bell rang again and we threw away all our garbage lined up I didn’t realize but Paris stood right in front of me.  We walked back to our rooms and I waited until everyone had gone into theirs before I went into mine.  I was so relieved when I stepped through the door into my room thankful to be alone.  A speaker came on and told us to get ready for bed I did going through the pajamas left for me until I found one light blue with clouds just like my walls they were super soft to I went to brush my teeth and found that the bathroom had two sinks a big mirror and a big countertop.

I went to the bed and climbed in the lights turned off automatically and my room was even more amazing than  All the stars painted on the ceiling lit up creating a night light above me I stared at it for awhile and slowly drifted off to sleep.  I woke up the next morning to an alarm I saw the room form around me slowly coming into focus, and smiled to myself.  The speaker came on again telling us to get ready for breakfast I got out of bed and dressed in the clothes left on a chair in the corner with a note my mom taught me how to read when I was young and I instantly fell in love with it.  I dressed in the clothes a jumpsuit black and silver.  

I went into the bathroom brushed my hair and ponytailed it.  As I looked into the mirror I didn’t recognize myself I hadn’t seen myself in 6 months.  I had grown a lot my blond hair running down my back even in a ponytail.  My blue eyes striking against my pale skin that hadn’t seen the sun in months.  I heard a bell and ran over to the door being careful to not let anyone see my room.  

Everyone else was in jumpsuits to most of them black and red or black and pink.  I was the only one in silver.  We lined up and Paris turned around to look at me she said she liked my jumpsuit.  I said I liked hers too hers was black and purple.  We walked down the hall again coming to the stairs but this time going up and down another hallway passing many different rooms.  

We came upon a big gym looking room with lots of mats. We all sat down into two different rows still in order.  The boys came into and sat down to the left of us.  A woman came in and stood on the mat she told us we would spend most of our time here training and that we were very special.  She called the boys up one by one in order again and shook each of their hands and told them what section of the gym to go to.  Then it was the girls turn I was last of course and she told me to go to the mind center.  I walked over to where she pointed and saw the boy that was staring at me in the same area.  

There was an adult at my section she introduced herself as Lisa and told us what to do we each went to a set of computers and started them up they were touchscreen and a bunch of problems came up on them.  We were told to solve them the problems were easy I went through all of them in a matter of minutes.  

I got 30/30 on it and when I looked up everyone else was still working.  Lisa came over to see why I wasn’t working I told her I had finished and she looked at the screen.  She told me that we were going to switch sections soon and to just sit quietly until then.  So I did, we switched sections like she said and my group went over to the section with bars.  

We lined up the order didn’t matter this time a boy whose name I don’t know went first he did the monkey bars (that what I called them) In around 4 mins for all of them it was pretty impressive Paris went next I didn’t notice she was in my group. She did them in 6 mins then it was my turn I pulled myself up and took off as the timer started I made it to the end and turned around I got back and jumped down. The timer stopped and I looked over 2 mins and 30 seconds. The whole group stared at me then Lisa said it was time for the next person to go it was the boy who stared at me yesterday.  

He went his time was 4 mins we kept rotating until it was lunch time we went back to the cafeteria and this time the boys and girls sat together In small groups I chose a group where I had a few friends and sat with them I didn’t realize that the boy who stared at me was in that group and so was Paris.  Paris sat right next to me so I leaned over and asked her what the boy's name was. She said it was Noah.  

Noah had blonde hair and blue eyes just like me,  Paris did to but mine were more vibrant theirs seemed dulled somehow.  Then I realized everyone in my group for training had blonde hair and blue eyes.  After lunch we split up into boys and girls  again and went to one of the rooms we passed on our way to the training center.  It was a relatively big room with a domed roof.  

We made a circle in the center of the room then went through everyone telling our name, age, and something about ourselves.  When it was my turn I said: “My name is Josie Zantaro  I’m 7 years old and I like the color blue."  After I went we started playing games and doing trust exercises we did this until dinner.  After dinner there was an announcement that we would be going outside tomorrow so we need to dress warmly.  




We went back to our rooms and I ran to my  window to see if the sun was still out it was just barely.  Almost blocked by the mountains in the distance then I noticed that below the mountains there was a large body of water like a lake but bigger the water reflected the sun shining so bright it lit up the roof above me.  The bedtime bell rung and I sat at the window until the lights turned off and the stars lit up I changed into my cloud pajamas again and went back over to the window to sleep while looking out.  That’s how everything started and about as much as I remember the days blurred together after that and now I'm 14 still in the same building and I'm bored.

I didn’t used to be bored it started when I trained so much to keep my mind off of my anxiety that I could beat anyone in the group by a landslide.  It was a free day today most people slept in or played games with their friends I woke up at sunrise and put on my jumpsuit still silver and black.  I ran to the cafeteria and got some snacks for later stuffed them into my backpack with my notepad and various other things I headed to the door that led outside I snuck out a thing I usually did.  It was going to be a very hot day I could tell because even though the sun had just come up over the mountains I was already sweating I ran to the forest to escape the cameras that turned on every day just after sunrise to track us and keep us safe I didn’t like being watched so I usually avoided them.  

I ran through the forest jumped over the 23 foot river and climbed to the the treehouse I built to be alone.  I should probably mention that I'm different I have powers which is why I built the treehouse so that I could practice alone.  I used to practice in my room but we had to keep the doors unlocked during the day and one time my friend Paris walked in while I was hovering a few feet over my bed I dropped as soon as I heard the door creak open and she thought I was just jumping on my bed.  I can now heal things, turn invisible, fly, e.t.c.

My treehouse doesn’t have anyway to get up to it unless you can fly I did this so if someone followed me they couldn’t get into it. One day I heard a noise in the forest and so I turned invisible and waited it was just a couple of kids from my group going for a walk but I knew I needed to be more careful.  

I’ve been exploring more on off days then working on my powers there’s a top secret area that I really want to explore and today’s the day or should I say the night.  I’ve explored at night quite a bit and I discovered that people come in and out of the top secret room a lot at night.  I lay in bed and shift so that my extra pillow and clothes look like a body then I turn invisible I did discover a new power teleportation but it’s still new and buggy I could end up anywhere if I don’t practice first.  

I sneak out sure to lock my door and down the hall I see a group of scientists and follow close behind them they head to the top secret room and go through the advanced security that includes eye scanners and other things like that.  I follow as close as I can as we come to the door they go through it fast and close the door as close to the last scientist as possible.  

I hurry as fast and close and I can the door comes centimeters from my back I plan to stay the night and the next day to explore so I left a note that I went swimming.  The scientists turn right but I continue straight, the room on the right is just a locker room where the scientists disinfect themselves.  There are too many doors and I know I'll have to come back if I want to see it all.

I continue down the hallway. The hallway ends at a door but this one looks different.  I walk inside and it’s full of computers I walk up to one it has a hand print lock they all do I decide to see if I can hack them.  There’s no way I can everything is protected. I can read minds so I decide to see if it will work on the computer.  I touch my palm to the side of the machine and try to read it I don’t see anything.  I guess no one wants anyone to see what’s in here. I walk back out into the hall and walk into the first room on the left.  

A screen is flashing with news about another facility and a breakout I walk past it and look at a wall with a bunch of video screens. About 50 one for each person of each group 25 girls 25 boys I never noticed how many people there were in each group each one is dedicated to a different person the one for Paris shows her with a group of friends eating breakfast. Jake’s shows him training I stare at him a bit longer I may have a minor crush on him even though were close friends.  

I go through all the other screens pausing when I recognize someone then I come across my room and I see myself or what looks like me sleeping. Then I remember that I put a decoy in my bed but it still sends shivers down my spine.  I shouldn’t be here I need to get back to my room.  If I get caught in here who knows what they’ll do to me.  

Two scientists walk into the room I duck under a table trying to be as quiet as I can.  My heart beating so loud I bet they can hear it.  They walk over to the computer with the desk I'm under.  There are a woman and a man.  They start talking and I try to listen closely to what they are saying.  

“They should be developed, some of the other facilities have a few children we have none, they are of age why aren’t they getting their powers?” The women said.  “Calm down they will get them soon enough there’s no way of telling if they have already and are just too scared that they will be experimented on or different from everyone else.”  The man's voice was deep and unsettling, but soft like a snake before it strikes.  

“I hope they develop soon we need to study them so we can find out why these children are so special and use it on ourselves.”  

The women said sounding worried.  “It is strange that they don’t have their powers yet, but give it time they deserve to have at least a short life that is great and not short and sad.”  The man said in a haunting tone.

“ What do you mean a short life?” The women asked sounding worried.  “ Didn’t you know that when we harvest their powers it also harvests their life and kills them.” “ I had no idea but if we must I suppose we can wait.”  The man walked away as the women slowly stood and walked over to the computer screen and looked longingly at one of the screens then whispered

“ I’m so sorry I promised to protect you but I've failed I hope for your sake that you do not get your powers. I love you my son.”  Then she left the room.  I laid under the desk in a ball shaking trying to stop my racing heart thankful that even though I was invisible I hid so that I did not make any noise while they were talking.  

Then I slowly stood and walked over to the screen she was it was a boy hiding in the shadows near a group of other boys he was smaller than all of them and quite thin and scrawny looking even though we are fed very well and get a lot of exercise.  I looked at a name tag on the screen that I hadn’t noticed before it said his name was Max.  

A light was flashing near the screen on the control panel and I decided to push the button lit up next to it.  A video took over the screen recorded from a few days ago.  A different facility than the one I was trapped in.

A machine that was very large and painful looking appeared on the screen a girl strapped to a chair next to it as they loaded a boy into the machine.  The boy looked dead only barely breathing the girl cried trying to look away.  A pair of metal arms grabbed her head and forced her to look at the machine as they fired it up the boy came to almost instantly and began screaming.  

The cry so painful it made my whole body hurt and I felt drained.  The girl struggled against the straps trying to escape with no luck. A speaker came on, the person yelling to be heard over the noise.  

“Use your powers and help him.” The girl tried to resist but couldn’t the chair broke and she ran to the machine she was tackled by two guards.  She tossed them off probably using telekinesis.  

Another guard was sneaking up behind her and I wanted to scream at her to turn around but I know it’s useless this has already happened.  The guard stabs her with something and she turns around throws the guard then falls to the floor.  The boy's screams end and an eerie silence sets in as they crowd the girl and prepare to load her into the machine.

I look over at the machine and a blue canister lights up.  There’s nothing inside the machine the boy completely gone.  I turn off the video not wanting to hear the girls screams I'll have nightmares about the boys no doubt.  I back away remembering what I had heard the man and women say I race over to the door down the hall and waited for what seemed like forever for a scientist to leave the top secret area.  Finally I was out but nothing looked the same everything was dull and looked run down I started to wonder if I went through the wrong door then I saw Paris in her jumpsuit now grey and black not the purple like before.  

I ran down the hallway to my room unlocked the door and snuck inside.  Everything was different my room no longer a light blue with clouds or a black ceiling with stars.  It was black and grey with lights and cameras everywhere.

I wondered if they had seen me practice my powers and if they were just waiting until they knew for sure so that they could come take me in the night, to hook me up onto that  horrible machine and take my life. I look over to the sunset but it’s not there all I see is a wasteland for around 15 feet then a giant wall.  

The forest I think what happened to it I scan the wall and see a tiny hole in the ground near it. I crawled under it into who knows what's over the wall.  I decide that I should just get into bed and get rid of the decoy in case anyone comes in.

I still feel drained from watching the video and the run back to my room.  I fall asleep almost as soon as I lay down.  I enter a dream that looks like the inside of a computer information and numbers flying past me another video comes up this one is clips of all the kids they’ve put into the machine.  I try to read the information as it passes but only see a few lines.  

The words I see are Illusion, Test, End of The World, Zombie like, New Disease, Only Hope, Powers, and Zigs.  I continue through more videos and information then a picture appears it’s a child crying with a woman in the back.  The woman is grey and has black veins running up her body.  

Her eyes are nothing but black and her skin is falling off.  The picture comes alive and the woman comes running at me she lunges and I wake up in a sweat breathing hard.  I look around my room and see that it’s still grey and black.  

Illusion I think, it’s all an illusion this isn’t a safe place a new home they’ve been studying us trying to decipher why we're different.  Why we don’t get sick.  The age groups are so that they can tell what age we get our powers at.  

I still don’t know why they separate the girls and boys maybe so they can see who’s stronger.  The only thing I'm 100% sure about is that I need to get out of here.  




I plan my escape over the next few days storing food in my closet.  I try to act as normal as I can and don’t mention what I know to anyone.  I’m getting ready for bed one night when a group of guards burst into the room gag me and stab me with a syringe I go lifeless my eyes still working but my body won’t move.  

One of the guards lifts me up and carries me through the door.  

They are careful to be quiet so they won’t wake the others.  I wonder if any of them will know what happened to me.  We stop at the top secret door and wait while they unlock it we walk through and I try to move I get my finger to wiggle but I don’t think they notice.

I remember the boy from the video and the urge to escape fills my mind.  He was completely knocked out. Do they think that I am? I can still see and sort of move one of my hands I keep working at it hoping my swaying body will hide it.  

We come to the end of the hall where the computer room door stands but the scientist touches a secret panel hidden on the wall and a secret door opens.  

I guess they don’t need security for that.  Inside the room sits the machine I saw in the video but it’s even more terrifying in person.  They put me into the machine and strap me in I have no chance to escape but I try anyway I can move both of my arms now.  Another guard comes in carrying Paris.  Why is she here?  They put her in a chair facing the machine she was awake unlike me she was gagged and tears streamed down her face.  She was shaky and stared at the machine with me in it pure terror in her eyes.  

I could move almost my whole body but it took a lot of work.  Two scientists stood next to Paris she looked at them and tried to talk but the gag prevented any noise from escaping. A guard came in and removed the gag.  

Paris started crying and a few soft words come out.  The scientist on her left told her to speak up.  So Paris tried to stop crying and asked in a shaky voice.  “What is going on?  Why are you doing this.”  The scientist on the right answered the question.  “The world is ending and we are trying to save it.  

You children are the key to that.  You have special abilities and are immune to the virus that destroyed our world. We believe that the virus gave you powers. Because your immune it gave you powers instead of killing you” Paris asked again.  “Why are you doing this.  What kind of abilities?”  The left scientist answered this time.  “Certain powers like this girl, she can turn herself invisible.”  I almost gasped but held it in.  How did they know? Did they know I had more than one power?  

Paris asked more questions talking so fast that I could only understand one question.  “ What's going to happen to me and her?”  The speaker turned on and said. “ We will absorb your powers and you will be disposed of.”  

Paris started screaming for help but the guard gagged her again and the scientists left.  The speaker came on and said.  “We know you have powers if you want to save yourself use them to save her.  

The speaker started counting down the machine slowly powering up.  As the speaker got to one I felt the pain almost instantly my power being drained.  I started to get mad as I thought of the boy and girl I watched going through this.  

I heard a scream probably my own.  My power surged and the pain stopped I thought that I had died but I was still inside the machine alarms were blaring and I raised my head to look around surprised that I could move.  

Then I saw it the machines power entering my own body I was absorbing it instead of it absorbing me.  I surged again this time the machine exploded and I was thrown across the room landing hard against the floor.  I stood up ignoring the pain letting my rage take over.  Guards rushed into the room with syringes and weapons.  They came at me all at once and I threw them back with my telekinesis.

Turing invisible at the same time and hovering off the floor. I felt good but I had never used my powers this much I couldn’t keep it up for long.  I turn off my invisibility so that I can conserve some energy and lower myself to the floor.  More guards come and this time I fire the strange blasts that come from my hands.  I didn’t know what they fired but I knew it hurt.  

Then I remembered Paris, I looked around the room searching for her then I saw her still trapped in the chair,  Struggling to get free.  I was thrown off my feet flying through the air my flight not working.  

I landed next to the destroyed machine and looked up more guards were coming and I threw them back out the door and slammed it shut.  I searched for Paris again seeing that the blast hit her chair to and it was laying on it’s side across the room.  I ran over to it.

Paris was still strapped in her head was bleeding and she was unconscious.  I undid the straps and picked her up.  Thankful for the excessive training I did that made me so strong. I rushed over to the door knowing that the guards were still outside.  I laid Paris on the floor and pressed my hands to the door and pushed using my telekinesis to force it backwards so it would hit the guards.  I rushed over to Paris picked her up and ran through the door.  

They began firing at me one shot hit my leg and I fell down it hurt but I wasn’t bleeding or anything and I couldn’t move my leg.  I decided to fly and lifted myself off of the ground.  

It was hard to fly while holding Paris and I was drained.  I picked up speed and flew to the top secret door my leg was fine by then and I remembered that I could heal things.  I dropped to the ground and used my telekinesis to blow the door off of the hinges.  

I ran through it and down the hall not caring if anyone woke up.  I knocked on everyone's door and ran down the hall screaming to wake up and get out of the building. Few people did and they saw the guards coming and started running with me We bolted down the hallway to the stairs going down to the train tracks.  

We ran down the tracks hoping a train didn’t come when few people stopped and asked questions. “Where are we going?”  “What’s going on?”

I found a pipe and had everyone crawl inside so that we would be hidden and safe from trains.  I set Paris down and told everyone to hold hands and sit in a circle.  They did and when we were all connected I let them see everything from the past month.  

The machine, video, illusion, and kidnapping.  They all gasped some started crying.  When it was over everyone was silent then one person asked.  “What do we do?”  No one responded then a voice in the back said.  “I think that Josie should be our leader.”  

Everyone agreed and I walked around to see who had said it.  It was Noah.  Paris groaned from where she was resting against the wall of the pipe.  I rushed over to heal her.  She woke at my touch but didn’t resist soon she was healed.  

She stood up shaky at first then steady.  I expected her to ask what had happened.  

She didn’t she looked at me and said.  “I’m so sorry, I told them about you.”  “What!” I almost yelled but remembered where we were.  She looked at me and explained.  

“When you were hovering above your bed and I walked in and you dropped to look normal.  I started paying more attention to you.  Then I would follow you out to your tree house and watch as you flew up to it.  I told one of the guards who stopped me on my way back in. I told him what I saw and he must of told those scientists.  I’m so sorry.”  

I go over to her and hug her.  “ I’m glad you told them or we wouldn’t of escaped and they probably would of caught me when I was being reckless.”  We hear a train coming and back farther into the pipe.  

After the train I ask Paris “ How do you know what happened?”  She says. “ I could see everything you saw like how you showed them the past month I think it was because you were carrying me.”  Then we heard footsteps.  

They were following us this could be a trap we need to get out of here.  I run over to the wall feeling for anything when a light glow appears behind me.  One of the girls is glowing. It’s her power it finally showed up what a weird power.  

I see something on the wall behind her it’s a hallway.  We run through it coming to some stairs they only go up it’s our only option.  We head up the stairs and come to a hatch in the ceiling I hear the footsteps following us getting closer so I use my telekinesis to open the hatch and we climb out.  






It’s dark outside probably night time. The world around us is cold and wet with trees surrounding us we run trying to move fast through the rough terrain.  I see a big tree in the distance and lift everyone into it using telekinesis while I fly up.  We make it just in time as a group of guards runs by overlooking the tree.  The girl has stopped glowing thankfully.  

We decide to sleep in the tree hoping they won’t find us.  I create a hammock looking thing big enough for all of us near the top of the tree so that we won’t fall.  I worry that I won’t be able to sleep because of my racing mind but I'm so tired I fall asleep in a couple of minutes.  

I wake up feeling better but sore.  I look around and see that the hammock held up and no one fell out.  As I wait for the others to wake up I decide that I should have a look around.  I turn invisible and fly above the trees.

There’s a huge forest for around 5 miles.  Then it turns into a flat area with a lot of bushes.  I decide to head back sensing that the others are awake.  When I get back everyone is awake and waiting for me.  I ask around to see who came with us. There are 4 girls not including me and Paris and 4 boys. The girls names are Jane, (she was the one that was glowing) Lily, Sadie, and Merica.  

The boys names are Noah, ( the boy who always stares at me)  Max (the one scientists son), Jake, (the boy I had a crush on)  and Luke.  Since Jane has discovered her power we’ll have to practice it so that she can learn to control it. I wonder what the others powers will be.  

We climb down the tree deciding that we should keep moving and try to find other people, or civilizations.  We walk until noon then search for some food.  We find some fruit growing on the trees and pick a few to try.  

They are amazing I think they are called apples.  We pick a few more and I take off the sweater I was wearing putting on the jacket that was tied around my waste.  I fashion the sweater into a makeshift bag for the apples.

We continue walking and I fly up every so often to see if there’s anything in the distance.  Once we reach the sage brush I don’t fly knowing that if anyone is here they will see.  

Without the cover of the trees we crouch and walk faster knowing that were exposed. We reach another grove of trees this one is much smaller than the first.  There’s a small river we stop and drink quenching the thirst.  I drink as much as I can still exhausted from the day before.  

Night slowly falls and we climb a tree a few hours before the sunset’s to make a shelter.  Once we're done I climb to the top of the tree wanting to be alone with my thoughts for a few moments.  I look out over the landscape in front of me. The sun is setting and I don’t know whether to trust it or not.  

It’s beautiful more vibrant than the one in my old room.  I stare at it wanting it to stay forever the only thing I can think about is how trusting the sunset seems.  How it is always there.  Even if you can’t see it.

I climb down as the last rays paint the horizon with light.  I curl up in the leaves shivering and fall asleep.  I wake early wanting to see the sunrise, something I've never seen before.  I climb to the top of the tree again being more careful in the dark.  

I pull myself into a tight ball trying to keep warm and lean against the trunk of the tree.  I see the first signs around 15 mins after I wake up having fallen asleep while waiting.  The sun rises slowly becoming more amazing every second.  It’s like the sunset but better as it clears the horizon and the colors fade to blue I climb down.  Everyone is still asleep I carefully make my way over to where I slept and wait for them to wake up.  

Luke stirs a few times and I watch him he is very close to the edge but I don’t move him knowing that I can catch him if he falls.  Noah sits up and I look over as Luke screams everyone jumps up and I rush to where he was.  Looking over the edge to see if he’s hurt he’s not he’s floating a few feet above the ground.  

I use my telekinesis to float him back up and everyone looks shocked.  Luke can fly.  We practice using our powers for the next few weeks.  Max can read minds,  Noah has telekinesis like me, Lily can control water, Merica can control the weather, Jake is resistant to fire and can control it, and Sadie can become invisible.  

Since I'm the only other one that can fly I take Luke out on walks away from the others while they practice and we go flying I teach him the basics. He learns fast we keep sleeping in trees when we can and I always watch the sunrise and set.  

When we have to sleep on the ground I fly up a few feet and watch.  Sometimes I go flying at night feeling so free I hope the sun never rises but I always go back and sleep for a few hours before waking up and watching the sunrise.  The others didn’t notice and I never complained about being tired. We walked for days I don’t know why there was nothing out here.  

We slept in the trees and kept walking.  One night on while I was flying around I saw a light.  I decided to check it out I flew close turning invisible trying to be as quiet as possible.  

As I flew closer I almost screamed it was a building like the one we escaped from with a big wall surrounding it.  I flew back to the others as fast as I could and woke them.  “There's a building a few miles that way it’s just like the one we came from.”  Luke said “I think we should get some sleep and wait until morning there's not much we can do right now.”  

I liked that plan because I hadn’t slept yet and was really tired.  Lily, Sadie, and I walked to the river to get water.  Lily was practicing controlling the water but she lost control and drenched Sadie.

Before she could start a fight a shot rang out we all stopped I turned invisible and Sadie did the same grabbing Lily's hand turning her invisible to we ran back to the tree where everyone was waiting for us. We arrived at the tree but no one was there. Another shot rang out Sadie and Lily screamed in pain. I turned around to see a syringe looking thing sticking out of their arms.

They dropped to the floor unconscious when another shot rang out I felt a pain so great that I dropped to my knees when people started coming out of the shadows they grabbed Sadie and Lily and I stood to fight them off my vision was blurring but I managed to throw a few fireballs before I dropped to the floor writhing in pain the darkness closed in and I went unconscious.

I wake up with the sickly sweet smell of sedatives burning my nose. As I slowly come to trying to break free of the cloud surrounding my brain. I feel the scratch of straps on my arms.

I try to move and find that I've been strapped to a cold metal table. I fight trying to use any of my powers on the straps. I can’t even the effort drains me creating so much pain that I can’t stay awake and black out.

When I come to again I am able to lift my head up and look around the room. I notice that there are no windows only a thick metal door that has an electronic lock. There isn’t anything in the room besides the table I'm strapped to and a weird looking machine. The machine has two tubes coming out of it. One contains a black liquid that flows into my left arm. The other contains a glowing blue liquid that's coming out of my left side where it’s connected.

The blue is coming out as a trickle until I try to use my power then it shakes the tube speeding into it. The pain I felt before returns and I finally understand why. They’re sucking out my powers! I start freaking out thrashing against my bonds so hard they start to cut into my skin.

I continue thrashing until I can’t move anymore. I hear the door click and turn my head slightly to the right to see who it is. Two scientists enter their white lab coats hurting my eyes. They’re talking but I can’t focus on what they’re saying.

My vision blurs and I can feel myself drifting off to sleep. I try to stay awake and focus on what the scientists are doing. One goes around the table to the machine and checks the tube with the black liquid the other scientist checks the blue tube. The first scientist opens a drawer that I didn’t see on the machine and pulls out a syringe. They stab the syringe into my neck and I thrash again.




I feel a rip on my arm but continue fighting against my bond’s. The scientist’s scramble around the room, taking out a mask one of them hold me down as the other places the mask over my mouth. I can smell the sedative running through it so I hold my breath and fight.

One of my arms breaks free and I punch the scientist holding the mask he falls to the floor and I rip the mask off taking a deep breath as I try to punch the other scientist they’re too far away. I feel faint and remember that I'm still holding my breath. I inhale a deep breath and focus on unbuckling my bonds.

The scientist moves closer trying to restrain me but I swing at her and hit her square in the jaw she falls backwards knocked out. I take a few deep breaths and then undo the straps. I sit up and rip the blue tube out of my side and see blood running down my left arm.

I must of ripped the other tube out during my struggles. I stand up and move towards the machine I see a release switch and pull it. My powers start flowing out of the tube that was in my side and I place it back over my wound. I feel instantly better as if they were sucking my strength out as well. The machine is empty in a few minutes and I smash it for good measure. I wait resting up before I escape.

Then I remember all of my friends who were captured to. I rush to the door and try opening it. It needs a passcode. I try reading it still a little weak from the strain of the fight and the sedatives, but I break through the door opens and I drop to my knees taking a break from the strain.

I push the door open slowly and peer down the hallway. There are doors evenly spaced along both sides of the hall which extends for about 50 feet on each side of my door. I try opening the door across the hall from the room I was in.

It’s locked so I search through it for the passcode. It’s the same passcode my door had. I open the door and look inside nothing there's nothing in here. I’m about to turn and leave when I spot a chart with my name on it.

I pick it up and read it. It has my full name along with a picture and a few medical terms that I don’t understand. It also has a list of powers mine says invisibility, I guess they don’t know about my other powers that’s a good thing. I take the chart and stuff it into a backpack I found in the corner.

The backpack has some medical supplies and a few small packets of food as well as some water bottles. I run to the door and stop dead in my tracks there are two guards standing right outside of the door. I hide behind the table and wait for them to pass but they don’t instead they enter the room and I'm forced to turn invisible. As soon as I turn invisible there’s a stabbing pain in my stomach and I double over trying to keep quiet.

But a groan escapes and the two guards look towards the table. I stand up sweat beading on my forehead I can’t hold on much longer. I walk as fast as I can to the door and hear the guards talking. “What do you think they’re going to do with the rest of the kids? You know the ones that they aren’t testing for a cure to the infection.” I stop and listen.

“I think that they’re just going to suck out their powers and give it to themselves or something like that those kids will probably be disposed of as soon as their powers are gone.” I can’t stand the pain anymore so I rush out of the door and down the hall before coming to a door where someone is calling for help.

I try the passcode that I used on my door and it opens. I rush inside and close the door behind me. It’s Jane, Paris, Lily, Sadie, and Merica the boys must be in a different room. I turn visible and collapse laying on the floor trying to stay awake. Jane was the one who was calling for help.

She’s still calling and I can hear someone typing in the code I groan and turn invisible again crawling behind the closest table so that the they don’t trip over me. A scientist comes in and around the table grabbing a syringe and stabbing it into Jane’s neck she let’s out a squeak and her head rolls to the side.

The scientist writes something on Jane’s chart and walks out of the room closing the door behind her.

I turn visible and stand up leaning heavily on the table. I grab Jane’s chart and stuff it into my bag. Then move to the other tables I try waking up the others when they don’t wake up I start to take off the bands that keep them strapped to the table. While I'm working on Paris’s straps she wakes up and screams I cover her mouth and she looks at me I use my other hand and bring it to my lips telling her to be quiet. She nods her head and I remove my hand working on the straps again. Paris keeps her eyes on me keeping quiet for a few minutes while I work on the straps before asking some questions. “Where are we?” She whispers. “I don’t know” I say back. “We’ll talk more when we’re out of here but for now I need to get you and the others off of these tables.”  I say undoing the last strap. She sits up and I help her to her feet. She notices the blue and black tubes that were like mine and tries to pull them out I stop her from pulling out the blue tube and walk to the machine flipping the reverse switch so that she get’s her powers back.

When the machine is done I pull the blue tube out and smash the machine before moving to Lily’s table and working on her straps after I unbuckle the first one she wakes up as well and I shush her working on the rest of her straps and helping her sit up before taking the black tube out and reversing the machine.  

Paris is working on Merica and I move to help her. We undo the straps and I take out the black tube while Paris quiet’s Merica moving around the table. I reverse the machine and Paris starts working on Sadie’s straps.

I move to Jane’s table, she doesn’t wake up the whole time I'm working on her straps and I begin to worry when I take out the black tube my fingers rest on her wrist and I don’t feel anything.

I move to her neck and begin to cry falling to the floor in my weakened state. Paris and Lily rush to my side as I explain that Jane is dead. We cry for a few minutes before I remember to grab Paris and Lily’s’ charts as well as smash the machine that Lily is still connected to. Paris works on Sadie’s straps again and I move to help her before stopping. Paris stops as well when she notices what I'm looking at.

There are the blue and black tubes like we all had but there is also a very dark purple tube going straight into Sadie’s neck. I yank it out and we continue working on the straps when we’re done and she still hasn’t woken up I take out the black tube and move to reverse the machine.

Sadie sits bolt upright and grabs my wrist holding it so that I can’t reverse the machine. I look at her and step back letting out a gasp. Her eyes are bloodshot and her face has purple veins spider webbing across it. Sadie looks at me staring straight into my eyes she slowly pulls me towards her and I try to take another step back it’s then when I realize how weak I am as I collapse crumbling to the floor.

Sadie let’s go off my wrist and watches me as I try to stand up. She let’s out a throaty laugh as I fall again. Paris slowly moves towards her strapping down her legs. Sadie notices this and lunges towards Paris but her legs are already strapped down and she works on undoing the straps.

I use the table and push down trying to stand up as Lily tries to hold Sadie down but Sadie is fighting to hard. Merica get’s up from her table yanking out her blue tube and helps Lily hold Sadie down. Paris does up more of the straps and soon Sadies hands are strapped down. I stand and move to help Paris with the straps. We continue strapping her down and soon her whole body is strapped to the table again. She glares at us as Lily and Merica move to stand by me and Paris.

We have to get out of here soon and we’ll have to leave Sadie here. I remove the blue tube and take it to Paris she understands and lifts up the hospital gown she’s wearing. I press it to her stomach and press the reverse switch.

Paris shakes and convulses falling to the floor. I turn off the machine and remove it from her stomach. She has blacked out from the pain. Lily moves to her side and tries to wake her up. I press the tube to my own stomach knowing that we can’t leave Sadie’s powers here. I flip the reverse switch and feel the cold blue liquid rushing into my body unlike Paris I feel stronger and don’t convulse.

Smashing the machine I walk over to Lily who's holding Paris trying to wake her up. When Paris wakes up I ask her about what she felt. “It hurt so bad like my body was rejecting it and then I was on the ground shaking till I blacked out.” She says. I ask her if she’s strong enough to move and she says that she is. We help her stand up and I move to Jane’s table taking the tube and pushing it against my stomach. Lily flips the reverse switch and the feeling I had when I put Sadie’s powers into my body return. When the machine is done I smash it and Paris smashes Sadie’s machine. Sadie is now fighting against the straps and screaming. I move to her table and grab her chart stuffing it into my bag along with Merica’s. Lily tears off a piece of her hospital gown and gags Sadie crying she turn away. Paris holds Lily and I move to pick up the syringe by the smashed machine. Tears welling in my own eyes Merica walks over to me putting a hand on my shoulder. I push the syringe into Sadie’s neck and press the plunger. I know that this is the best thing for her but it doesn’t make it any easier. She begins to shake trying to loosen her straps and then stops her head rolling to the side. I move to stand by Paris and Lily hugging them both as we walk towards the door.



When we reach the door I type the password in and the door opens. I look out into the hall and we all step out. I tell them the password and we search the rooms for the boys.

I continue further down the hall listening before trying any of the doors. I don’t hear anything so I try the door on my left. There's nothing inside so I turn to check the door across the hall when I hear my name. “Josie?” I turn around searching the room.

It’s Noah he’s hiding near the ceiling using his telekinesis to keep him floating. “Noah?!” He floats to the floor dropping a little soon. He falls losing his balance and I rush over to him question spilling out of my mouth. “What happened, How’d you get out, Where are the others?”

He looks drained and I can feel how weak he is as I help him stand up. “I was in a room all alone, I used my telekinesis to undo the straps and there was a machine that was sucking out my powers so I reversed it.” He says. “Were there any other tubes” I ask remembering the purple tube. “Just a black one.” He says. “Ok come on we need to find the others and get out of here.” I say grabbing his hand. I take him with me while I check the other rooms. I hear Lily call my name and I run towards her dragging Noah behind me. There's an open door and we step inside.

Max, Jake, and Luke are inside strapped to tables. Lily works on Max’s straps and Merica works on Lukes. Paris looks at Noah and I move to undo Jake’s straps. When I'm done he opens his eyes and I remove the black tube and work on reversing the machine.

Jake says something but his voice is so weak I can’t hear him. I move closer and he lifts his hand holding my head. I look into his eyes and he whispers something in my ear. “Closer.” I move closer and he pulls me towards him. I’m surprised at how strong he is when he kisses me. Soft and curious.

I press closer wanting to be as close as I can. We kiss for what feels like a few seconds when he pulls away. I open my eyes and look into his only now noticing how blue they are. I stand up looking over at Lily and Sadie they’re still working on undoing the straps. Noah is working on reversing the machines and removing the black tubes.

I start reversing Jake’s machine and he reaches his hand out. I take his hand in mine. When the machine is done I smash it and help Jake sit up. We wait for the others and I start gathering the charts. Noah brought his with him and I put it in my bag. Once everyone is on their feet we start talking about an escape plan.

Since we don’t know how to get out we decided to just wander the hall. We’re to busy talking we don’t hear when the scientist’s type in the passcode. The door opens and we all turn to see two scientist’s they turn and run when they see us and we run after them.

I use my telekinesis to pin one of them against the wall and Noah does the same to the other. We reach them and hear alarms blaring. They have radios they called us in. I notice a map in one of the scientists belt and grab it. Noah takes the radio and smashes it against the wall.

Lily grabs the other one and tucks it into my backpack. We gag the scientist’s and shove them into a room closing the door I smash the panel and lock them in. We study the map and I find a ventilation system.  “We can get out through here” I say and point to an exit. We spot a vent and Max smashes it and we all cram into it. I take the lead and follow the map to the exit. I have to maneuver around to where I can kick the vent off and I use my telekinesis to float down to the ground.  Noah floats down next to me and Luke flies down carrying Lily.

I float Jake and Paris down and Noah floats Max and Merica down. Once were all on the ground we take off into the trees the guards see us and start chasing us so I point to Noah, then Luke, and the sky they nod and Noah grabs Merica lifting Max with his telekinesis. Luke picks up Lily and flies up next to Noah.

I tell Paris to jump onto my back and hold on tight lifting off the ground I wrap my telekinesis around Jake and lift him up as well. Once were in the air the guards start firing at us. I get hit in the leg and it feels like the first time I got shot Jake gets hit and so does Noah.

We continue soaring through the air when Luke gets hit he starts to fall. Noah tries to carry him to but can’t I reach out and catch him just above the tree line while Noah strains barely able to catch Lily. The strain lowers our height but were still flying. Luke is unconscious and Lily gets hit in the chest. She can’t breath she's paralyzed in her chest.

“Noah!” I scream so that I can be heard over the noise. “Take Luke so that I can heal Lily. She can’t breathe!” We switch Lily and Luke dropping momentarily dropping before we can catch them. I bring Lily close to me so that I can rest a hand on her. I get hit in my left arm and it drops lifelessly to my side. Everyone’s been hit a few times but because me and Noah are carrying them no one falls behind. When Noah gets hit again he falls not able to move any part of his body.

I reach out and grab him, Max, Lily, and Merica. I’m carrying everyone and my body starts to shake I drop lower to the ground keeping everyone as high as I can. I push harder trying to get away from the guards shooting at me.

We fly faster and the tree line blurs beneath me. I start screaming and I feel my body grow warmer red tinting my vision. I drop out of the sky and hit the ground I look up and see flame’s before blacking out. I wake up in a tree I can’t move any of my body. I look around and see Jake sleeping next to me.

I try to sit up and find the others but can’t a pain shoots through my whole body and an anguished cry escapes my lips. Jake is up in an instance and at my side. He grabs some water and helps me drink before getting the medical supplies from my backpack.

I shake my head knowing that nothing in there can help me.  I try to ask what happened but can’t speak. Jake notices this and goes to get Max so that he can read my mind. When they come back Max looks happy to see me but worried to. “Hey, good to see you awake.” His voice echoes in my head startling me so much I jump before another cry escapes. “I’m sorry did I scare you?”

I can hear the worry in his voice. “My whole body hurts and I can’t move.What happened?” I think wondering if he heard. “You were carrying all of us with your telekinesis but you were so weak that you fell out of the sky. I heard you screaming and then you caught on fire.  

Lily had to conjure up some water to try to put it out while Jake ran into the fire to get you.” He says keeping his eyes on the floor. My eyes well up with tears and Max mistakes this for pain. “What hurts?” He asks “Nothing I can’t believe that I fell out of the sky!” I say shaking with sobs.

“You saved us all if you hadn’t carried us we would all been dead.” “Thank you,” He says glancing up at me before his eyes drop to the floor again. “What are you thanking me for?” I ask confused.

“For everything you got us out of the prison and saved us from that weird hospital.” He says “Where are we?, How long was I asleep?” I ask the question finally dawning on me. “You’ve been asleep for a week. We found a tree a few miles away from where we landed.” “A WEEK!” I basically scream into his mind. I instantly regret the energy as I feel drained again and almost pass out. “Are you okay do you need to rest?” Max asks worried “Yeah I have no energy”

My voice coming out as a whisper even in my mind.  “Ok well, I guess that I'll go then. I hope that you feel better” He says standing and walking away. Jake moves to my side and holds my hand.

“Is this ok does this hurt at all?” He asks. I shake my head no. And force a small smile. The effort sucks the last bit of energy out of me and I fall asleep. I dream about my mom and dad remember how her blonde hair was always done up even when we were on the train years ago.

I see my dad's face before he got the virus and then it changes his skin starts falling off and he lunges at me I scream swinging at him trying to keep him away. I wake up in a cold sweat and don’t feel much better than the last time I was awake. I can move a small bit but I won’t be standing any time soon.

This time all of the others are in the tree and they all look at me. Jake rushes over with some water and the others gather around creating a circle around me. Luke asks me how I feel and I can feel Max enter my mind. “I feel great like I could run a mile.” I say out loud as well as in my mind surprised that I can talk although my voice is very hoarse. Everyone laughs and it feels good to hear. Lily asks me if I'm hungry and my stomach growls in return. Paris rushes to grab some food and Merica explains that they’ve been hunting and gathering food. I’m worried about smoke and if anyone has seen it but Merica says that Jake has been cooking it and that he makes sure there is no smoke. When Paris comes back with the food. Noah helps prop me up so that I'm sitting with my back against a part of the tree trunk. The food Paris brought is a type of soup which is good because I don’t know if I could chew. I hate being weak. The first bite is hard to swallow my throat is raw and feels swollen. It gets easier and soon the bowl is gone. “How long was I out this time?” I ask wondering how long I've gone without food or water. “About three days.” Noah answers. I groan “Three days?” “We need to get moving.” I say trying to stand. I can’t the pain is too much. Noah help me ease back down so that I'm laying down again. The pain lingers and Lily goes to get some pain medicine. The medicine tastes horrible I choke it down which causes me to cough the coughing doesn’t go away and my body is bouncing up and down from the force. It hurts so bad and I almost black out again but then it subsides and I lay there in a crumpled heap my body shaking. I am so tired that I don’t warn anyone when I drift off into blackness.



Unlike the last time I slept this time it’s a peaceful dreamless sleep. I almost want to stay in this state forever so that I don’t have to go back to the pain of being awake. I fight it though knowing that I need to wake up. When I open my eyes however there's a light it blinds me and I close my eyes rubbing them with one of my hands.

“Look who’s finally awake.” I hear although I can’t tell who said it. I’m  dropped my head bouncing off of the rough terrain. “Sorry I should have been more careful.” The voice says again. I can still feel the heat of the sun on my face so I don’t open my eyes.  “Let’s move under the tree so that she can open her eyes.” Someone says as I'm lifted and carried to the shade.

I open my eyes slightly and can see a few faces gathered around me. I’m under a tree so I can fully open my eyes. I’m laying on a makeshift cot with two sets of handles so that people can carry me. “Where are we?” I ask wondering why we aren’t in a tree. “You told us that we needed to get moving so we packed up and moved. The medicine you took had a sedative in it so you’ve been asleep the whole time.” I can see now that the voice is Luke. “How long?” I ask wondering if I've been asleep for a week again. “About five days, the sedative was really strong and when you choked on it you probably lost a lot of energy.”

Five days at least I can move my arm. “Where are we going?” I ask wondering what the plan is. “Luke went flying in search of a place to stay and he found an old city.” Noah says leaning against the tree. “I want to walk.”

I say earning a few worried stares from the group. “Will someone help me up.” I say already moving to a sitting position. Lily and Paris rush to my side helping me to my feet. “Are you sure?” Lily asks throwing my arm over her shoulder. I wonder how much weight I've lost in the few weeks I've barely eaten.

“You carried all of us to safety and saved us from that facility, and you absorbed Jane and Sadie’s powers when I collapsed just trying. You should probably rest.” Paris says trying to lay me back onto the cot.

“All I've done is rest, I need to stretch my muscles.” I fight to stay standing and put one shaky foot in front of the other. I’m relieved to feel that my legs are strong. Maybe I should try healing myself.

I spread my icy power throughout my body and it works for a few seconds then a pain shoots through my stomach I double over falling to the ground. Paris and Lily are holding me thankfully so I don’t face plant into the dirt.

I don’t stop healing myself knowing that if I keep going just a little longer the pain might subside. I start shaking and Paris and Lily can’t hold on to my convulsing body I hit the ground and turn over onto my back.

“Am I having a seizure?” I think wondering why I would be having one. I can see the worried look on everyone's face and try to stop the shaking forcing my healing into my body pushing it to go as fast as it can.

I can’t even think the pain is so overwhelming and the shaking prevents me from testing to know if I'm done healing. Is stop needing to relieve myself of the pain. The shaking slows down and soon I'm just shivering from the strain of my healing. The others and kneeling around me some holding my arms others my legs.

I’m breathing heavily my heartbeat drumming in my ears. The pain is still there clinging to my stomach making every move even breathing hurt. The others notice that I've stopped shaking and feel for my pulse looking into my eyes to see if I'm awake. “Is she awake?”

I barely hear them talking over the drumming heartbeat in my ear. “I don’t know she's not responding” Oh I'm definitely awake. “What do you think happened?” “I have no idea” The questions are too much sending me over the edge and I fall into a dark abyss.

I’m falling that's all I know anymore. There is nothing except the blackness surrounding me. I don’t remember anything, not even my name. Kelsie? No. Jaime? No. Maybe a mix of those two names.

I can feel a slight jostle like I'm moving but I know that I'm not. Right? I couldn’t possibly be moving anywhere except down. There’s a slight light in front of me and I wonder how that’s possible while I'm falling.

I hear a noise maybe a name but can’t figure out where it’s from. “Josie!” The voice gets louder and I can hear something firing. “Grab Josie we’ve got to go!” “Hurry!” “Help!”

I recognize the voices but I don’t know how I hear a thud and someone whispers. “I’m sorry Josie I tried to protect you.” Then I'm moving again. I fight to figure out where I am and get out of this suffocating darkness. I can feel my conscious moving toward the light and then I hear more voices. “She’s waking up! Gag her and cover her eyes!” I wake up before they can and see the inside of a van. “The sedatives hurry!” Someone says but I'm already fading again. Back into the dark but this time it changes and I'm in a box.

I pound on the edges and scream trying to get out. A pain shoots through my head and I fall to the ground. I fight harder using my healing power I'm relieved that it doesn’t hurt and soon I'm shooting through darkness again towards a light.

Someone is calling my name. “Josie.” “Josie.” “Wake up” I can feel myself come to but I keep my eyes closed hoping that they don’t realize that I'm awake. “She’s in a coma. She won’t be awake for days she could even never wake up.”

I feel a bump and realize that I'm still in a car of some sorts. I reach out trying to contact Max or anyone to see if their ok. Nothing but silence. I feel immensely better and try using my healing power of the pain lingering in my leg. “Her wound it’s healing!”

Someone says lingering over my face to see if I have woken up. “She’s not awake how is this possible?” Someone else says a man I think. “She is definitely the most powerful being we have met. Who knew there were children with more than one power.” “What do you think they’ll do to her?” Probably harvest her powers or run tests to see what makes her different.” “I can’t believe that she’s immune.” “We even injected the virus into her and she hasn’t shown any signs.” That's it I've got to get out of here.

I open my eye slightly to see how many people are in the car. Three people two scientists and a guard. One of the scientists notices that I'm awake. “She's awake hurry get the sedative!” I pin everyone to their spots with my telekinesis relieved that I don’t feel pain.

I try to sit up but I'm strapped to the table. Again really? I loosen my grip on the scientists so that I can undo the straps. Once I'm free I tighten my hold on them moving to the back door when I remember my friends. “Where are they?” I ask “Don’t tell her anything.”

The man says I release my hold moving it to his neck pushing him up against the wall of the van so he's hanging by his neck.  “Tell me where they are and what you've done with them!” I can feel my body warming up but I don’t care I'm too angry to care.

I feel the flames starting in my palms it spreads fast covering my body. I’m surprised that I can still breathe. I drop the man pinning him to the floor before reaching my hand out to touch him. I’m a few inches from his face when I tell them again. “Tell me where they are!” I create a ring of fire throughout the van engulfing it. “We didn’t take them only you!”

One of the girls screams struggling as the flames get closer to her. I pull the ring in closer. “Where are we?” I ask in a tone so haunting I get chills even though I'm engulfed in flames.  “We’re few days from where we captured you.” The other female answers.

“What direction?”  I ask bringing the flames so close they almost touch the two scientists I have trapped on the bench. “North” she points towards the back of the van. I open the van with my telekinesis and let the flames surrounding the van die down before releasing my grip on the guard and scientists.

I thrust my telekinesis down throwing the van off of the road and propelling myself into the air. I create another ring of fire around the van and then race off trying to find my friends.

I’m flying so fast that I don’t realize i’m not using telekinesis until I dip lower brushing the tree line. I reach out with my mind begging someone to respond. “Josie is that you?” I hear a voice and I frantically try to respond. “Yes, yes it’s me where are you guys?” The silence is deafening as I wait for an answer. “I don’t know how to explain it maybe I can show you a picture.”

He says and my mind flashes with a picture of a lot of trees. “I got the picture i’ll show you where I am.” I flash a picture of what I see and he says that he recognizes the spot. “How long was I gone.” I ask.

“A few days” He says. “I mean what happened after I passed out under the tree?” I say remembering the pain. “You’ve been gone for about a month in a coma of sorts, oh and apparently they put a device into us that tracks when we use our powers and sends electrical currents so that we basically have a seizure.

But don’t worry we got rid of the chips in the rest of us but we didn’t have time to take yours out.” He says I stop wondering if they’re tracking me right now. “Where is it.” I ask. “In your left arm.”

He says and I immediately drop down to the ground trying to find something sharp. I find a stick and cut my arm open I can barely see through the blood but the trackers hard to miss. I take it out and throw it as far as I can before healing myself.

I take off again and hear the sounds of voices. I drop down walking the rest of the way. I break through the trees into a clearing and see my friends I run towards them.




Once they see me they run towards me to. Jake is the first one to reach me and he hugs me before kissing me. I would normally pull away but I don’t. I need this. Ever since he kissed me for the first time i’ve been craving more. I kiss him back and pull him closer. When he pulls away he looks straight into my eyes. “How did you escape?” He asks as the others reach us.

“I woke up and heard them talking pretending to be asleep still. I was able to use my powers once they realized that I had woken up.” “We need to move they know where we are.” I say looking around at the others.

They all take turns hugging me and I ask what happened and how I got captured. “They shot us with their stun guns and created an electric current that forced us into seizures.” “Then they took you.” Luke says and the others shudder as if remembering the pain.

We start packing up and Paris comes over to stand by me. “I didn’t know you and Jake had a thing going on.” She says nudging me with her elbow. I laugh it feels so good. “I didn’t either until he kissed me while I was undoing his straps in the facility.” I say and then she laughs. “I guess you're feeling a lot better huh.” She says looking over me. “Definitely I don’t know how though i’m pretty sure comas don’t have healing powers.”

I say rubbing a hand over my stomach. “We’re ready to go Noah shouts looking over at Paris and I. Paris giggles and looks away. “He’s so cute” she says “Ooh you like Noah” I tease. We get ready to leave and I wander near the back of our group lost in thought.

“Can I talk to you?” Luke says walking up next to me. “Yeah what’s up” I say. He leads me into the woods to where we can see the group but we can also be private. “I really like you.” He says “Wow really?”

I ask “Yeah you're amazing, you woke up from a coma and fought your way out of a van and found us.

Not to mention when you were carrying all of us away from the facility.” He stops looking me straight in the eyes. “Not to mention how beautiful you are.” He says and I giggle. “Whoa who knew such a girly sound could come out of your mouth.” He says laughing.

He moves closer and I can feel his arms around my waist. “I want you Josie.” He says as he kisses me. I melt into him feeling every amazing emotion there is.

When he pulls away I breathe a shaky breathe and a word escapes.

“Wow” I say and he takes my hand leaping into the air. We fly together holding hands sometimes he wraps his arms around me and carries me soaring straight up into the air. We're so high up that I doubt the group could see us even if they wanted to.

He kisses me again and I feel a pain in my heart. I groan tired of pain and he pulls away. I’m clutching my chest and Luke is the only thing keeping me in the air. “Are you okay?” He asks moving his hands up to my face.

He doesn’t know that I can’t fly. I drop unable to scream the pain continues growing. Luke dives after me catching me and landing close to the group.

“What happened?” Everyone asks. “I don’t know we were flying ahead looking for a place to stay for the night when she grabbed her chest and fell out of the sky.”

Jake takes me from Luke's arms setting me down on the ground a little harder than he meant to and my head bounces off of the hard packed ground. “I’m sorry are you okay?”

He asks and I shake my head yes i’m fine except for the pain in my heart. “We need to keep moving Do we have the cot?” I say “No we lost it when they took you.” I sigh “I can carry her” Luke says and I smile. “You need to fly ahead to find a shelter, I can carry her.” Jake says and I pick up on a hint of jealousy in his voice. I feel horrible how can two guys like me? I need to tell one of them that I don’t like them but which one? To make things worse Jake kisses me before picking me up and cradling me in his arms.

“Go to sleep you need to rest.” He says and i’m to tired to resist. I wake up the pain in my heart is gone and Jake is still carrying me. “Thank you for carrying me.” I say and he looks down at me. “No problem” He says a strain in his voice.

“Can you put me down so I can walk?” I ask.

He does and I stand leaning against him before collapsing onto my knees. Jake tries to pick me up but he’s been carrying me for hours and can’t. Noah comes over and says that he’ll carry me for awhile. Jake tries to protest but Merica calls him to the front wondering which way to go.

Noah picks me up and cradles me in his arms and I can feel how strong he is. “So the most powerful one in the group turned into a weakling.” He jokes. I force a laugh and bury my head into his chest so that he can’t see me cry.

I fall asleep again for a few hours and when I wake up i’m laying in a room with Noah propped up against a wall.

He’s staring at me and smiles when I look at him. “What?” I ask. “You look so peaceful when you sleep, and you drool.” He laughs “I do not” I say wiping my face. He moves over to the bed i’m resting on and lays down next to me. “

We’re taking turns watching over you and I guess i’m the lucky one who get’s to spend a few hours with you while you're awake.”

He says moving closer. I shiver the cold night air coming in through an open window. Noah grabs the blanket i’m wrapped in and pulls it up so that it covers my arms before getting up to close the window then he grabs another blanket and throws it over the both of us. I smile “Thanks.”

“No problem i’m glad that you're the only one that needs to be taken care of.“ He smiles looking at me and drapes his arm over me pulling me towards him. I don’t object to busy staring into his blue grey eyes. “I’ve been to scared to tell you this but i’m in love with you.” He whispers and my heart flutters. He kisses me and i’m lost head over heels nothing else exists except this kiss.

Not even time could rid me of this feeling. I press my body against his and he pulls my shirt off.

We kiss again and I wrap my fingers around the collar of his shirt pulling it up over his head. He undoes my belt and pulls my pants down.

I do the same to his. He wraps his arms around me and I run my fingers through his hair.

When he reaches for my bra strap I pull away. I can’t do this. Paris like Noah and both Jake and Luke like me. Three boys is too much. He kisses me again and I get lost in time.

We press against each other and i’m lost in a world of love.

I wake up and feel the love from the night before in my stomach giving me butterflies.

Noah isn’t leaning against the wall this time instead Jake is. I pull the blankets closer around me worried about what he knows.

I feel my shirt and let out a sigh of relief. Jake opens his eyes and notices that i’m awake. I sit up and he crosses the room to help me stand. I take a few shaky steps and then it cross the room to the door. “Where are the others?”

I ask and Jake points to the room across the hall. He opens the door for me never letting go of my arm so that I don’t fall.

I enter the room and see everyone packed and ready to go. “Look who's finally awake” Lily says and I glance at Noah. He’s looking out of a window and I cross the room to look out of it. “Wow” I say. We’re in a hotel in an old city that’s completely abandoned.

“How did you find this place?” I ask not taking my eyes from the window. “Luke saw it when he was flying ahead.” Max says standing next to Merica. Their holding hands and I wonder how much i’ve missed.

We head down a flight of stairs and I wonder who carried me up them. Once we're outside I take off into the air going higher than the tallest building and looking around. It’s beautiful there are buildings in every direction.

I dive free falling before soaring through the buildings. Luke comes up beside me and I reach my arm out. “Tag you're it.”

I say touching him before rocketing away. Luke chases me weaving in and out of buildings. I laugh feeling so free. Luke tags me and I turn to chase him. He heads back towards the group and flies to the roof of the hotel we were in. He lands and I follow.

As soon as my feet touch the ground his arms are around me. “You scared me so bad when you fell out of the sky.” He says grabbing my hands.

I reach up and run my hands through his hair staring into his deep green eyes.

“I’m sorry I'll try to be more careful.” I joke. He gives a half-hearted laugh and then kisses me. It’s short sweet and perfect.

He pulls away and we fly back down to the others. “There's nothing but buildings for miles.” I say when we land. Jake looks at me and says “Can I talk to you?” I nod and we walk into an abandoned alleyway.

“I don’t know if you love me and it’s tearing me apart.” “I don’t know who I'm in love with.” I say and he answers “I’m in love with Lily I’m sorry but I can’t help the feeling. Every time I kissed you I imagined her.”

“It’s ok I'm in love with someone else to.” I say hugging him. We walk back to the others and Jake goes to talk to Lily. I fall into step with Paris and we look around at the buildings towering over us.

“So I guess that you and Jake are over.” She says tentatively. “Yeah, he’s interested in Lily.” I say back and she looks over at them. “Luke likes me.” I say and she glances at Noah. I feel horrible again and try not to look at her. We continue walking and I speed up to catch up to Luke. “Hey.” I say “Hey.”

So I guess that you and Jake are over.” He says. “Yeah.” “So does that mean I can do this?” He says as he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me into him kissing my forehead. I never realized how tall he was.

He’s about a head taller than me. I catch Noah looking at me and Luke and look away. I feel ashamed of myself how can I love two completely different boys. “Noah?”

I say trying to reach my consciousness out to him. “Whoa, I didn’t know that you had telepathy.” He says in his mind “Can you hear me?” “Yes, I can hear you. Can we talk?” I say wondering how he feels.

Sure what do you want to talk about?” He asks “I just need someone to talk to about my feelings.” I say hoping that he’ll talk about his as well. “Ok, what are you feeling?

I don’t know. I’m in love with you but Paris likes you and Luke is in love with me but I also like him.” I say thinking so fast I don’t know if he’s getting any of it. “Wow. That’s pretty confusing.” Really that’s all he has to say.

I pour my heart out to him and he can’t even say that he loves me back.

“You still there?” He asks and I don’t know how to answer. “Whoa, that is a lot of emotions you're throwing at me.”

He says and I can feel him get flustered.“You can feel my emotions?” I ask and he nods when I look at him. Something in my brain sparks and a hot flash jumps down my body. I can’t move. I fall to the ground and see Luke rush to help me but he too falls down paralyzed.




We're being attacked. I can’t look around so I reach out to Noah. “Are you okay? What's going on? What can you see?

I ask worriedly when he doesn’t reply. I can feel the effects wearing off and I use my healing power to speed up the process.  “At least they don’t know about that power yet.” I think.

When I can move I lay there still pretending that I'm still paralyzed. I can see someone standing in front of me but don’t lift my head. Their boots are inches from my face and then they kick me I lay sprawled on my back trying not to move.

They kick me again and I can’t help but move my face in agony. I let out a groan and they shoot me with the gun again.

I’m paralyzed and use my healing power once again. It’s slower this time probably because of the pain from being kicked. They’re loading us onto a van and I can’t help but think back to the first time I was captured waking up from a coma.  

They load us into the vans. There are 4 vans they put two of us in each one. Jake and Lily are put in the far left van and Paris with Luke in the far right one. Max and Merica are in the van to my right and I’m with Noah.

My van has been reinforced with fireproof steel and I’m hooked up to a machine. “Put her under.” One of the guards says and a mask is placed over my mouth. A sweet smell enters the mask and I hold my breath. I can’t hold it for very long and I take a deep breath in falling into darkness.

It doesn’t feel like the other times I went under. This time it’s like my brain is foggy and I can’t move. Every time I can feel myself waking up I get pulled under again. Invisible chains keep me rooted in place.

I fight but don’t know why I can’t remember what I’m doing or where I am. My life is consumed by the darkness and soon it’s all I know.

I feel myself waking up again but this time I don’t get dragged back down. I wake up and hear voices. “Shes awake.”

I keep my eyes closed not wanting to see where I am. “Open your eyes Josie we know that you're awake.”  

I open my eyes slightly and see a light it blinds me after the neverending darkness I was trapped in. I shut my eyes again wincing and someone moves the light.

“Open your eyes.” The voice says again. I do and this time I open them all the way. My vision is blurry and I can’t focus on anything.

“Give her the medicine.” I look towards the voice and see a faint outline. There's a prick in my left arm and I gasp as my vision starts to clear.

I look around the room and down at my body. This time I am strapped to a chair and there are bruises covering my arms I’m not attached to any tubes this time but I’m dressed in a black jumpsuit like the one I had at my so called home.

I look at the women and she smiles. “I was worried that you were dead.” She says. I glance down at the bruises again and think about healing myself.

I should probably keep that power hidden. “Sorry about the bruises we tried torturing you but you died almost everytime we touched you.”

I think about the darkness I’ve been trapped in and wonder if they were torturing me then. I don’t speak and the lady smiles again. “Your a strong one we’ve never seen someone like you.”

I try using my telekinesis and pin her to her spot. She laughs and says. “Hit her.” I black out before anyone can do anything.

So this is like a safety mechanism they can’t hurt me because I retreat into this darkness.” I try reaching out to anyone hoping that I still have my powers. “Can anyone hear me? Where are you guys? Whats going on?”  

No one answers and I begin to worry wondering what their going to do with me or my friends. I force my way upwards in the darkness and feel myself waking up.

It tries to pull me back down but I fight against it finally coming to. “I’m still in the room but this time I’m chained to the chair.

The lady is gone and so is the guard so I look around the room. I’m still not attached to anything but there's a blood stain under the chair. I look at my hands and their covered in blood to.

I fight against my bonds and notice that the chair is signed. “Did I light on fire?” I try reaching out again “Is anyone out there? Are you guys ok? Where are you?” I wait and hear a faint sound. “Josie?”

I don’t know who the voice belongs to but I’m flooded with relief knowing that I’m not alone. “Yes it’s me who is this?” I answer franticly. The voice is weak and I have to strain to hear it. “It’s Noah, Where are you?” It takes him awhile to respond. “I don’t know I can’t remember anything that happened after they put us in the van. They used some heavy sedatives one me.”  

I say thinking back to the van with the fireproof steal. “Were they scared of me. They shot me with the paralyzing gun twice to.”

I think making sure that I don’t broadcast it to Noah. “They didn’t sedate me.” He says and I get worried again. “What happened in the van?”

I ask wanting to know how long I’ve been out. “ We drove for days they strapped me to the bench and put you on a table in the middle of the van. They shot me with the gun every few hours.”

He says and I can see a replay of the memory in his mind. I’m laying on the table lifeless and super pale. There are tubes sticking out of me everywhere.

I flatline a few times and have seizures every time something happens even if I move.

Doctors rush to the table performing CPR or shocking me.

“You died in that van so many times. I couldn’t watch them stick tubes in or shock you trying to bring you back to life. But I was paralyzed and couldn’t look away.” He says and I begin to cry.

A hidden door opens and a guard come in with a few doctors and the lady from before. They have some different tools and I’m sure that they're here to torture me. “Have they tortured you at all?”

I ask Noah trying to get some answers before I black out. “A little bit but not bad. What about you?” He asks and a few images flash through his thoughts. “Yes but I don’t know how much I just woke up from a blackness.

How long have we been captured.” I ask hoping that he knows. “A month I think.” He says “I’ve been trapped in a world of darkness for a month?”

I say trying to focus on the conversation and not the people setting up a table with torture tools. “You should go it’s going to get bad.”

I say hoping that I either black out or that he won’t see the torture. “I’m not going anywhere.”  I feel something click in my brain and hear Noah’s voice it’s gotten stronger. “Did you feel that?”

He asks “The click in my brain?” I answer not sure what he’s talking about. “Yeah I felt one in mine.” I don’t have time to answer as the lady approaches me.

“Look who’s awake again. Shall we try this again?” She points to the table and the guard hands her a syringe. She stabs it into my neck and I shiver.

Whatever is in it cools my blood freezing me so that I can’t move. “Use your fire power.”

She says but I don’t instead Noah says that he can see what I see if he concentrates. I can’t concentrate the ice in my blood burning like I’m on fire inside.

“She hasn’t passed out yet.”

The lady exclaims and I can tell that she's happy about it.  Thats right I haven’t passed out yet. I try contacting Noah when the pain grows spreading throughout my legs.

I can’t think I try not to scream and to seem strong but a few tears escape and I know that it’s more then the lady could hope for.

She can hurt me. I don’t start up my fire still knowing that it’s what she wants. I feel sweat beading on my forehead. How is that possible when I’m freezing.

The pain slowly subsides my body heat melting the ice. This time the lady grabs a blow torch and turns it on running it up my arm until the jumpsuit catches on fire. I don’t feel a thing the heat melts the last of the ice and I hold in my sigh of relief. She throws a bucket of water on me and the fire fizzles out.

I’m perfectly fine no burns. She grabs another syringe and stabs it into my neck again. The icy feeling spreads over me but this time it doesn’t hurt I let it spread and feel a cold relief throughout my body.

I look the lady straight in the eyes and smile. I  have developed ice powers.




She grabs the blowtorch again and lights my jumpsuit on fire I spread the fire letting it engulf me before launching it towards the lady.

She ducks and someone extinguishes the fire. The lady glares at me and picks up a knife. The others try to stop her but she continues moving towards me and presses the knife to my arm.

I release the cold that I had been storing in my stomach and force it through my hand the knife freezes and shatters I scream and the ice spreads covering the walls and floor. The people run for the door but it freezes to.

They pound on the door and someone tries to open it. I startup my fire and crack the frozen chains.

Floating a few feet above the ground I move towards the door and someone breaks it open the people rush outside closing the door behind them.

I use my telekinesis to thrust the door forward and land in a hall. Increasing my flames I walk towards the people who try to run but I keep them rooted in place with telekinesis. Extinguishing my right arm I grab the collar of the guard.

“Where are my friends.”

I ask creating a ring around the guard. “I’ll never tell.” He yells struggling against my hold. I push him into the ground pulling in the ring of fire. “Would you rather burn to death or freeze?”

I ask covering half of my body in ice. He looks towards the others and I create a ring of ice around them slowly squeezing it tighter.

“Tell me and I won’t kill them.” I gesture to the doctors and the lady who tortured me.

“You have 5 seconds before I encase them in a block of ice and burn down the whole building.” I say and start counting down. “5” “4” “3” “2” “1”

I move the ice closer and closer it touches one of the doctors and they scream. I create a lid on top of the ice and slowly freeze the people trapped inside.

I don’t look at them instead letting my anger show.

I stare directly into the man's eyes and press my arms against his. One is on fire and burns him the other covered in ice spreads slowly up his arm freezing it solid.

I try to keep control of the fire and ice keeping them confined to his arms.

“If you don’t tell me where they are soon then I am going to lose control and every one will die.” I say staring into his eyes.

He sighs and looks down the hallway to my right. I take my hands away and extinguish the fire surrounding him.

The ice block begins to melt and I race down the hallway before he realizes that I didn’t kill the doctors and the lady who tortured me.

I blast open every door not caring if someone hears. I find Luke and Paris in a room together and don’t waste time waking them up I just unstrap them reverse the machine and carry them with telekinesis.

Jake and Lily are in a room together strapped to a table and the machines like before and undo the straps reverse the machine and I lift them up as well.

I still need to find Noah, Max, and Merica. I continue down the hall opening the doors but don’t find anyone.

I stop at a set of double doors that end the hallway.There’s a sign posted on the door that says quarantine.

I hide Paris, Luke, Lily, and Jake in a room to the right of the double doors and create an ice suit which covers my body trapping in the air from the hall.

I can’t move in the suit so I float a few inches off the ground searching for anyone.

I reach the end of quarantine and exit through the double doors getting steamed with disinfectant so that nothing leaves the area.

I melt my ice suit and continue my search. I find Noah strapped to a chair like I was. He’s unconscious and there's blood stains coating the room.

I think back to when he told me that he had been tortured. He lied he said that it wasn’t bad. I rush over to him and look at his arms.

The right one is badly burned and the left is frozen. There are many deep cuts along his stomach and his legs are full of holes.

They shot him with a real gun! His face is bruised and swollen and I’m afraid to touch him.

I lightly touch his right arm and spread a thin layer of ice over it. For the left one I light a small flame in my hand and melt the ice. I gag. His left arm is covered with blisters and the skin is boiling. They poured acid on him! I stop melting the ice and step back.

What do I do? I don’t know what else to do so I undo the straps and cover him in a thin layer of ice. I float him trying to keep him as steady as possible until I can heal him. I continue my search for Max and Merica.

The hallway seems to stretch on forever and there is nothing except empty rooms. I’m about to give up when I spot a figure crouching in the corner of a room.

I open the door and light a fire. It engulfings me and I enter the room closing the door behind me.

The figure doesn’t move and I walk slowly forward. I think that it’s a girl but I can’t see in the dark room.

I brighten my flame and the figure turns around. It’s Merica! She has the virus her skin is falling off and she’s missing an arm. I back away slowly trying to reach the door and get out.

Jossiiee why do you run from me?” She says and I move faster towards the door. Merica lunges at me and I scream throwing her against a wall with my telekinesis. She doesn’t move and I pin her to the ground to make sure she doesn’t lunge at me as I walk towards her. I check for a pulse but don’t find one. She’s dead. I run towards the door my fire fizzles out as I cry.

I run down the hall searching for Max.

I come to another dead end hallway that ends in doors. This one is the morgue. I gulp and push through the doors.

There are rows of tables like the one I laid on once. They each have a dead body on them and I look away.

I see a familiar face and run towards the table. It’s Max he is almost unrecognizable covered in blisters like the ones on Noah’s arm.

Some of his skin is missing in some places and his bones are showing. I can’t stand to look at him any more so I turn away.

There's a backpack in the corner with a few medical supplies in it. I sling the bag over my shoulder and turn back to Max.

His eyes are open and I close them kissing my hand and resting it on his cheek. I run as fast as I can back through the hall and quarantine.

I have to cover myself in ice again but Noah is already covered. I push him ahead of me and run as fast as I can before remembering that I can fly. I take off and streak down the hall. I reach the end of quarantine stop going into the room that I left everyone else in.

Someone moves in the dark room and I stop igniting a small fire in my hand I search the room. “Josie? Whats going on?” It’s Luke he’s awake.

Lying on the floor he looks up at me I don’t think that he can move probably sedated or paralyzed with one of those guns.

I kneel down and press my hands to his chest healing him. It takes a few minutes and my nerves are on edge when he finally stands up.

He moves to kiss me and I don’t resist. A warmth runs through me and I collapse into his arms. He holds me tight and rubs my back. I don’t want to move but I know that we need to go.  

“We should go.” I say and he holds my hand. I lift everyone up and we head down the hall heading left.

I see a light up ahead and we walk towards it. Alarms blare and red lights paint the hallway.

We run towards the light and I leap into the air flying down the corridor. I bring everyone around so that their in front of me and Luke flies by my side.

There’s a steel door closing over the exit and I fly faster.

A gas fills the hallway and I hold my breath. Luke doesn’t and he falls to the floor unconscious.

I lift him up and form an ice ball in between my hands and hurl it towards the steel wall.

It smashes against the wall shattering leaving a decent sized dent. I continue to hurl ice at the door and it eventually shatters I take a breathe and immediately regret it. The air smells of sedatives and I fall to my knees.

Guards come in restraining my but I create an ice mask over my mouth and light myself on fire.

The guards let go of me and I create a ring of fire spreading it out until only me and my friends are in it.

I put ice masks over everyone's mouths and fall to the floor again the sedative is working and I need to get out of here before I black out.

The guards are trying to extinguish my flames but I create another wall this one made of ice. I lift everyone up and crawl towards the exit.




Once I’m outside I break off my ice mask and take a deep breath. The effects of the sedative lessen and I take off flying away. I fly as fast as I can zigzagging and randomly changing directions. The sedatives are still clinging to me and soon I’m so tired that I fall out of the sky. I crash into the ground and lower everyone else to the ground. I can’t fight it anymore. I black out. I see images flash through my mind as I lay unconscious. I think that they are from the times when the lady would torture me. I also see Noah and what happened to him. He wakes up sitting in a chair he's strapped to it and he fights against the straps. The lady who tortured me comes in and he sits still glaring at her. “Where am I?” He asks and she just laughs. Another person comes in someone that I haven’t seen before. They’re carrying a machine with suction cup things attached to the end of wires. The person places the suction cups around Noah’s head. Noah fights against the man trying to shake off the suction cups. The man presses a button on the machine and Noah screams jerking in his seat. I see a similar image flash through my mind this one of me. The suction cups are attached to my head and they turn the machine on. I don’t react at all my body shakes but that's it.

They turn up the power and my skin begins to smoke. A machine that tracks vitals flashes to my right saying that my heart has stopped.

The lady swears and doctors swarm the room performing CPR and bringing me back to life.

The lady grabs a knife and slashes my arm creating a deep gash. She continues and soon I’m covered in blood and cuts. She leaves and doctors come in to bandage up the wounds and hook me up to some blood.

Noah returns and I see him convulsing in his chair. He’s shaking so bad that the chair falls over. The lady stops the machine and Noah stops shaking I’m afraid that he’s dead.

The man lifts up the chair setting it right side up and takes the suction cups off. There are scars burnt into his forehead and hairline. The man checks the vitals machine and then exits the room.

The lady grabs a syringe and stabs it into Noah's neck. Noah screams and I remember the pain of the ice freezing my blood. H

e passes out and I watch as the memory skips ahead. I see him sitting in the chair head down as the man once again attaches the suction cups. I hear my voice calling out for help and see Noah’s head bolt upwards.

He seems to realize that I’m talking telepathically and then I hear his voice. “Josie?” “Yes it’s me who is this?”

Our conversation continues and I see the man move towards the machine. He turns it on and Noah convulses but somehow his voice holds steady.

I can see his eyes close and his head is thrown back as he passes out. The click in our brains happens then and I understand why.

Our brains connected that's how I’m seeing this. Does that mean Noah is seeing this to? I see myself again in the chair covered in blood and bruises. I look horrible.

The circular scars wrap around my head as well. The syringe is inserted into my neck and I see the tears running down my face.

The look of agony and rage in my eyes. The lady is nothing but happy. Noah shows up again and he’s woken up still attached to the machine he begins to puke up blood.

The man stops the machine and goes to call in a medical team. The lady enters instead with a bucket full of acid.

She grabs the blowtorch and the ice syringe injecting him in the left arm before lighting his right  arm on fire. Noah screams and fights against the straps.

The lady puts out the fire and pours the acid onto his arm instead. Noah screams before his eyes gloss over and he slumps in the chair. The vitals machine beeps frantically and medical teams rush in. They start his heart back up but Noah is still unconscious.

Once they leave the room the lady grabs a knife and slashes Noah's stomach, arms, and legs.

The memory ends and starts over soon all that remains of the memory is just the screaming. It repeats over and over again I can’t get rid of it.

I try to pull myself towards consciousness but can’t figure out which way is out. I try to contact someone calling out.

“Noah, Jake, Luke, Lily, Paris? Anybody?” No one replys and I begin to cry. “Josie?” “Are you there?”

A voice calls echoing in the darkness. “It’s Noah. What happened?” I gasp and claw at the air trying to find anything that I can touch the emptiness suffocating me.

“I can’t, I can’t do this.” I want so bad to be near him to touch his face and run my fingers through his hair. “Where are you what’s wrong?” He asks worry tinting his voice.

“I’m alone, the darkness is too much I can’t stand how many times I’ve been helplessly trapped in here.” I start crying again as everything comes crashing down on top of me.  

I would fall to the ground if I knew where it was. I feel a pair of strong arms wrap around me holding me tight. “I’m here you're not alone.” I look up and see the blue eyed blonde haired boy I’ve been dreaming of ever since he kissed me for the first time.

I cry harder wrapping my arms around him. He holds me back rubbing my back.

I pull away and search his face. There are no signs of the torture I watched him go through and I’m so relieved to be pulled away from the nightmare of his bruised swollen face as he puked up blood or convulsed into a seizure.

I do notice a small circular scar on the left side of his face burned into his hair. I feel my own head and trace the round scar on my own hairline. He takes my hand and presses it against his face.

He kisses me and I melt into his arms. I didn’t realize how much I had been craving kissing him until we were pressed against each other.

I kissed deeper sending all of my love into it.

I pull off my shirt and he pulls off his. We kiss again and I press my body against his. I’m pushed towards a light and break free of the darkness.

I wake up and feel pain everywhere not daring to open my eyes.

I feel a strange cold missing the feeling of Noah’s arms wrapped around me.

I open my eyes and see the sun rising.

It’s full of brilliant reds and oranges. I move my head slightly turning side to side to see where I am.

My head is bandaged and I’m wrapped in white steril blanket. The others are asleep and Luke is laying next to me.

I cough dehydrated and he wakes up. Getting some water he smiles at me. He helps me drink and I start to cry.

“Are you okay does something hurt?” I shake my head yes my body hurts but it’s nothing compared to my heart. “I’m so sorry I can’t do this. I love you but not nearly as much as I love Noah.”

I cry sobbing knowing that I’m in love with Noah. Luke smiles.

“I know. You’ve been saying his name over and over again in you sleep and screaming.” He says.

My mind flashes back to the memories about our tortures. “Where is he?” I ask wondering if he’s ok.

“Lily is redressing his wounds he’s messed up pretty bad. You both are.” He says glancing at the bandage on my head. “We were tortured I relived every memory both his and mine of it while I was asleep.”

I say my eyes watering as I think back to his acid burned arm. Then another boy flashes through my memory. Max he was acid burned as well.

“Max and Merica are.” I can’t finish the sentence. “Dead. Yeah we know you cried over them repeating their names as well.”  

He says and I can see his eyes tear up. “Take me to Noah please.” I say and Luke nods. He picks me up and cradles me in his arms.

The blanket falls off and I see that my arms have been freshly bandaged but are already covered in blood. I look away directing my attention towards the sun rise.

Luke set’s me down and I look to my left Noah is lying on a cot unconscious and I cry trying to sit up.

Lily takes my hands and Luke grabs my shoulders steadying me as I walk towards Noah. I sit on my knees and cradle his head in my hands.

Luke and Lily leave letting me be alone with Noah. I cry touching his bruised face.

The circular scar is still there and I press one of my hands to it the other rests on his chest. I let my healing power wash over him and feel the rest of my energy fade.

I hold on trying to heal every part of his body before I pass out. I see the acid wounds slowly closing but the circular scar does nothing.  I see the last of the bruises heal and the acid burns disappear into fresh pink skin.

I fall to the ground and sleep.




Waking up in a hot flash I look around. I feel only a slight pain in my gut and try to sit up.

Remembering Noah I glance around and see him propped up against my cot. I smile and touch his face he looks so much better and I kiss him on the cheek. He opens his eyes and smiles at me.

His eyes feel with tears and he hugs me. I hug him back and he kisses me. I melt into him and the weight of worrying about his death releases the weight on my shoulders.

I pull away and he looks at me. “I was so worried that you wouldn’t wake up. I know that you healed me and it almost killed you.

But you healed yourself as well.” He says tracing my scar and kissing me again.

“I would never leave you.” I say and stand hugging him. The sun is about to set and I take Noah to the top of a tree creating a hammock in the leaves. We lay together holding hands and I tell him to watch the sunset. He looks towards the sky and he’s hypnotized by the colors.

“Wow.” He breathes and I laugh. “I love you.” I say moving into a sitting position so that I’m on top of him.

I kiss him and he closes his eyes. I close mine losing myself in the perfect moment.

He rips my shirt off and I take off his not worried about who I love because I know for certain that I am in love with Noah.

I fall asleep in his arms and have the best night’s sleep that I’ve ever had. When I wake up I’m laying on Noah’s bare chest with my arms wrapped around him.

“Hey sleeping beauty.” He says before kissing me. “Happy birthday.” That's right it’s my birthday today I’m 17. He shows me a necklace and puts it around my neck.

The necklace has a silver chain with a heart shaped sun. It’s a locket and I open the front to see what's inside of it.

It’s a picture of me and him cropped together. We’re both smiling and looking at eachother even though it’s part of two different photos. It looks like we belong with each other. I cry and hug him. “You make me feel so normal, so in love, so human.” I say taking his hand in mine.

“You are human.” He says and I shake my head. “I don’t know any more. Why else would we have powers and those people want us so bad.”

I say drifting off lost in thought. “I don’t know why those people want us so bad but I know that you're human.

If you weren’t how else would you be able to feel this.” He says kissing me. We wrestle and end up cuddling looking up at the clouds.

My stomach growls. I haven’t eaten since before we were captured and tortured.

“Guess we should go get some food.” He says and I nod in agreement. Pulling my shirt on I climb down the tree and head towards the fire. “Got any food.” I ask and everyone laughs.

“Sure grab whatever you want.” Jake says and I notice that Luke and Paris were holding hands. I smile and grab some meat downing it and a few other pieces.

After I eat I feel the grease covering my hair. I head to a river that’s close by and take my clothes off lying in the stream letting the cool water wash the grime away. I don’t know how long I lay in the river but soon Noah comes down to check on me. “Thought you drowned.”

He calls and I can tell he’s joking so I pretend to drown flailing in the water. “Help, Help, I’m drowning.” I yell and Noah takes off his own clothes running into the water. He grabs me and says

“Oh no she’s not breathing looks like I’ll have to do mouth to mouth.” He says and kisses me. I giggle and cough pretending to come back to life.

“My hero.” I say in a girly voice.

He laughs and kisses me again. I splash him and run away diving into a little pool that a dam has formed. He runs after me and I splash him again.

Diving deeper under the water.

I come up for air and he grabs me tickling me. I laugh so hard that I snort and that makes me laugh even harder.

I kiss him and he pushes me under the water. We wrestle and when I come up for air Paris is calling for us. “Hey you guys were having a meeting.”

Noah and I wait until she’s gone before getting out and dressing. I pull my hair up into a ponytail and we walk back to camp holding hands.

Once we reach the camp the group is sitting in a circle around the fire. Paris is standing and I sit down next to Lily, Noah takes the seat beside me. Paris takes a deep breath and says.

“We want to attack the facility’s.” The others nod and everyone looks at me. I sit back leaning against a tree. I think about it for a while.

“What do you think we should do?” I ask Noah “I think that we should form a plan and then do it.” He says and I sit on this for a while. Taking a deep breath I say “Ok let’s do it.”  

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