Fighting with the Norse (On Hold)

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This is my first take on any book here, especially fantasy. Please leave constructive feedback and be kind:)

Prolog (v.1) - Just the beginning...

Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016



'It's gone. All of it's gone. Everything and everyone.' 

Gram Morris was pacing in his home office. Well, what used to be his office. He was moving his stuff out of the three story Victorian home he bought for his family. They were gone and he was being evicted. Things were going great in his life. Too great apparently. 


One slip up at work and his life was turned upside down. He lost everything. From his job all the way to his family. One little, intsy, tintsy slip up and it was all gone. Who thought you couldn't trust your lifelong friend? 


Ralph and Gram had been friends since grade school. They went to the same college and sought the same degree. They even shared their women. That was until Gram met Sinclair. He became very possessive of her. She was smitten that she was noticed by such a guy and well, you know what they say- love is blind. A graduation for the two men was next. A marriage, great job, house and child were next for Gram and Sinclair. Even with the new family, Gram and Ralph stayed the best of friends. They opened a business together and became extremely rich. Money and family were the ultimate goal in life right?   


Gram wasn't going to let them go. The money or his family. Not by a long shot. Ralph should've known that. He should've known crossing Gram was the wrong thing to do. He was going to prove it to him, to them. And then, then he was going to take back everything with vengeance 


Gram packed the last of his things into the moving truck and slammed the door shut. He cursed his way to the drivers side and stopped short when a tall, slender looking man stood by the truck door.  


"Who the hell are you?" Gram squared his shoulders and widened his stance as if he was readying himself for a fight. The man chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest. 


"Haha! Silly human. I'm not the one you should be starting fights with. Now, shall we get right to business?" 


 "What the fu-" 


"No need to be so rude with me, Mr. Morris. I'm but a mere messenger." 


"Who the hell are you?" Gram was becoming very impatient. 


"Oh let' s see.. You can call me Logan. Oh, no no, wait. Haha! You can call me Logi. Haha! Yes yes, that's perfect. Seeming very pleased with himself, Logi started to laugh hysterically. Gram was not very pleased.  


"What's this all about? What exactly do you know about me? A messenger for who?"  


"Why Helge, of course. She sends her apologies for your loss of... well... everything. Haha!" Logi moved closer to Gram and held out his hand. He was holding a book with foreign words on the cover. Gram shoved it out of his way and pushed past Logi to get to the truck door. 


"Listen, I don't know what game you're playing here, but I've got things to do." Gram got into the truck and started it up. Just as he was about to close the door, Logi stepped forward preventing him. 


"No! You listen to me. My employer has requested your assistance in locating certain items for her. She say's she will pay you quadruple the amount you were making a year at your previous employment for as long as it takes you to locate everything requested. Before you go asking why you, just know you were highly recommended. Your determination for vengeance was a plus." Logi handed the book to Gram and he took it with curiosity. 


"What's this?"  


"A book." Logi cocked his head and gave Gram a look of 'Are you that stupid.' "This book will give you the necessary tools needed to get everything back. As long as you find the items listed in the back of the book, you will get everything back and then some." 


Gram looked down at the book and flipped through some pages. Everything seemed to be in English now. Strange. He stopped at one page that 's headline read 'Obtaining Infinite Wealth.' He looked up at Logi for more questions, but the tall, slender man was gone. Gram threw the book on the seat next to him and drove off towards his new little, dinky apartment. Alone. 


Later that night, Gram was sitting at his kitchen table going through the mysterious book Logi gave him. Actually, Logi was pretty mysterious too. Who was this Helge person who wanted him to find Gram anyways? At that thought, he flipped to the back of the book to read what is to be acquired 







Gram looked up the words and was astonished with what he found. He realized that the foreign language he saw originally on the book was actually Nordic/Scandinavian. Five out of the six items were objects of some sort, but the sixth one was nowhere to be found. What the hell is this all about? Norse mythology is that, mythology. Nothing real. Stories of the old told to entertain. But what if it wasn't? What if he found these items and delivered it to the mysterious Helge and got everything back he lost? Was it worth it? Hell yes it was.  


Ralph was going to pay... with his life if need be, but he was going to find these items and obtain more than what he lost. No one was to stand in his way.

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