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The monsters no longer reside within

Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016



My midnight begins

With a heart that barely beats.

This broken, beaten, piece of flesh,

That belongs to a creature who cannot eat.


To this I challenged myself,

To teach this soul kindness

Only to find myself

Falling further into madness.


Do I pursue this being

With the glaring eye

As I reach nearer

For the bottle of lye?


The closer I get,

The more I fear.

I fear that soon I

Will no longer be here.


It calls to me,

Beckoning, to pull me in.

Now I am glad to have

Atoned for my sins.


For now,

It grips me tightly,

Caressing me

Ever so slightly.


The pain ends quickly,

And I hear my neck snap.

It was like

Taking a nap.


Darkness there,

And sound around,

Breathing in my ear;

The final round.

© Copyright 2019 Astrid Bain. All rights reserved.

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