Say Something..

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A drabble for Tumblr.

Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016



Say something!

Very few days in Neverland did  Baelfire actually enjoyed. The days that he loved and cherished more than anything in the world were the days when Pan left him and Farley to their own.

The days of LAUGHTER….

The days of TRUST

The days of LOVE

Those were the days Baelfire enjoyed… Days like this.

He had spent the entire day with Farley, enjoying his company, enjoying HIM more than anything in the entire world. Everything seemed fine, everything seemed perfect…  How could it not be perfect? When you’re spending the day with someone you love, it’s perfect. Every day, it is perfect. Their touch. Their smile.. THEM.

…and in an instant, it is DESTROYED.

With his back turned as he walked just a pace ahead, Bae was rambling on about the little things he actually ENJOYEDin Neverland, the things that made his life worth living every day.

Say something….

“And you… I lo-” Baelfire’s words tangled themselves VICIOUSLY in his throat  as a sharp, sudden pain came shooting through his back.  He gasped in pain for just a few seconds before he stumbled away from Farley before dropping to his knees.

“I-I…” He wanted to SPEAK, hell, he wanted to SCREAM but all Bae could do was try and breathe as he felt blood rush into his lungs. His back was hunched over as he DESPERATELY tried to cling to the bit of life he had left.

…He was fading… and he was fading fast…

I’m giving up on you….

“I-I don’t… understand…” he choked out, looking up at Farley with tears in his deep, brown eyes.

“…I-I thought…. We… Yo-…” words, BROKEN to begin with were interrupted by blood-filled coughs as Bae bent over and spit what felt like a century’s worth of blood out onto the Neverland soil.

Baelfire talk… SAY SOMETHING. You have to talk, you have to fight… You have to… You can’t say GOODBYE to him! Not yet! Remember what Wendy said? Never say GOODBYE because saying GOODBYE means growing up, and growing up means going away, and going away means forgetting! If you say GOODBYE now, Pan wins! If you say GOODBYEnow…  Farley will never know that you loved him… If you say goodbye now…  he’ll give up on you….

As Bae’s mind raced, the boy tried to talk, he tried to FIGHT but the more his mind fought, the more the rest of his body gave up… The more he was giving up on HIMSELF just as it appeared Farley had given up on THEM.  

Say something, Bae….


I’m giving up on you….

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