A Search Worth Dying For

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A drabble for Tumblr.

Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016




A Rebel ship crash landed into a small suburb in Corellia after being gunned down as it approached our precious planet!

April 14th:

Dear Han,

Don’t tell Papa, but I’ve run away from home… Actually, it doesn’t matter if you told him, really… I left him a letter on the counter before I left completely.

I know you’re probably going to say that it’s really stupid… And that it’s a mistake… But I’m coming after you. I’m coming to find you– to apologize for everything that I’ve ever done.

I wanted to say I’m sorry because… Because I know that I ruined your life… I know that what I did, letting you take me in and all, was something that was never planned… and I’m really, really sorry for all the trouble I caused you…

I’m writing you this letter before I leave my home planet on a ship someone is letting me borrow. I promised them I would bring it back, and I plan to. I hope I will be able to find you… I really do…



Witnesses say that the ship was doing no harm, simply flying and about to land, and as it approached the planet it was gunned down by the Galactic Empire.  Witnesses also reported that as soon as the ship was struck by enemy fire, it burst into flames only to erupt into more violent flames upon smashing into the ground.  No one was seen climbing out of the wreck, but looking at the damage, it is not possible for anyone to have survived such a crash.

April 22nd:

Dear Dad Han,

I’m currently at the planet that I really, truly call home.

I don’t know if you remeber this place, probably not… I’m at the Cantina… The bar that let me stay there day in and out because I didn’t have a family… The one where you first realized I was all alone.. .That’s where I am…  

I know you’re probably wondering why I came here, of all places? Well, part of me, a very small part, was hoping that you would be here… You would be at the place where our story began…

I’ve been here for two weeks now, and I can tell that I’m very wrong…  Every time the bell rings because the door opens, I always turn my head and smile hoping that it’s you….

….And every time I do that, I’m let down… I’m not going to give up, though. I’m not. I’m going to keep searching until I find my dad again..

Not my blood-dad… My real dad…  

While waiting at this bar, I’ve practiced my apology so many times, I don’t think it’s even real… I’ve rehearsed and rehearsed… and no matter what I know it will never be perfect, but I’m trying… I’m really, really trying to come up with the apology that you deserve..

I hope you’re okay… You and Chewie and Luke… I really do…

Anyway… I’m sorry that this letter is so long, I’ll try and keep it short next time…

Sincerely, Your Son,


Wait- this just in! We have been given more news on the wreck! The ship was manned by one pilot, a young boy. His body was found among the wreckage as well as identification and a series of letters that it looked like were hand written by the pilot. The boy’s name was Baelfire Gabriel. His last name, Gold, was replaced with the name “Solo”, written in permanent marker on his identification card.  

May 5th:

Dear Dad,

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote to you…A little over two weeks, I guess I’d say.  

I don’t know where I am in the galaxy, right now. I think I’m in Naboo? I think…?  I don’t really know… 

I had to stop because I hadn’t eaten much in the last couple of days. Or at all. So, I decided to stop. Plus, I was out of fuel… So, I had to stop for that too…

I’ve gone through several pieces of paper trying to draft an apology to you, and none of them are good enough, in my opinion…. It’s because of that that I decided to just say my apology from the heart, whenever I find you, and just let it poor out… Hopefully it’s good enough for you…

I should reach your home planet by next week, in theory… and when I do, I hope to find you and give you a hug and just… I wanted to tell you that…

I wanted to tell you that I love you, Dad. You’re the greatest family that I have ever known, or ever will know. I am sorry for ruining what we had. I’m sorry for not trying harder to stop you from running away.. I’m sorry that I ruined everything. It’s all my fault, and I know that now… and I’m just-… I’m really, really sorry for runing your life…  

Like I said, I should reach Corellia in one week or so, and then tell you a better apology in person.  If you hear from my Papa, can you tell him that I’m okay? And that I’m alive and well? I’m sure he’s worried about me because I’ve been gone for so long now…

I look forward to seeing you again. I love you, Dad….

Your Son,


Whoever this young boy was, he was clearly coming here with a clear purpose in mind. If you know anything about him, please reach out to our news station!  If he is your son, we are very sorry for your loss.  We have the letters here safe and protected to give to the parent of this poor boy.

Until next time, this is Corellia News and thanks for watching. Next is Carter with the weather!

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