Let My Son Go

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A drabble for Tumblr.

Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016



Bealfire stood there in the midst of Arganan’s castle in shock. It was like he was watching a bad dream unfold right before his eyes. Not only was his grandfather here, someone who left his own father for his selfish reasons to stay young forever, but also his father who abandoned him and broke their deal because he was afraid.

And then there was Arganan… Who made sure that Bae had a home. Who made sure that he had a place to call his home and a place to love… Who made sure that Baelfire wasn’t killed his first night in the kingdom for trespassing… He made sure he had a real family. A family that loved him and cared for him and wanted him safe… He was his real family.

His rich, chocolate hues jumped between Arganan, Peter and his own father, words trembling on his lips. He watched the three talk and bicker, discuss things as to why Bae was even here in the first place. Words were being thrown out, insults and claims that no one knew other than others. It was getting to be stressful on the boy.

“What right do you have to him?” Peter asked, gesturing to Baelfire who was just looking horrified not too far away. “He’s not even your family.” 

“And he’s yours?” Arganan asked with a slight raise of his brow. 

“He’s my blood.” Peter hissed. 

“Blood doesn’t make a family. It’s the way that people treat you that does.” 

Peter just bit down on his lip, his jaw tensing up with every word the man said. He wasn’t wrong, but Peter Pan wasn’t wrong either. He never failed. He won no matter what the cost. “And you think you treat him better? Like family?” The boy demon asked with a smirk.

“I think I treat him better than both of you.”

Ahem. Bae’s eyes shifted to his father who was now talking steps in slowly to the group. Though Bae knew what his father had been through when it came to his grandfather, Bae also knew that if they both wanted something… They could be on the same side for a short matter of minutes and combine their powers in order to achieve it.

“Look. I’m just here for m’boy. Can’t ye understan’ tha’?” 

“Yes. I can.” Arganan said, shifting to look at the man speaking, shutting out Pan completely. “But can you understand that he came here one night lost and afraid… Without anyone. He could have been killed.” 

“…Because I was a coward’. M’boy… Bae he’s… He’s everythin’ to me. Surely, you know wha’ i’s like t’ lose ye’r pride an’ joy? T’ lose everythin’ ye ever ha’?” Rumple wasn’t pleading… No, he was speaking from the heart. HIs voice did in fact represent guilt and it rang clear with with hurt but that didn’t change Arganan’s mind. .He just looked back at Baelfire, sighed, then looked at Rumple.

“Yes… I do… I also know what is like to go through war.  To question every day if you are going to live. To know that you may not return. To live every day in fear.”

“Now, I d’ know tha’ too. Wh’ do ye thin’ I walk how I do? I injured myself on purpose! I ha’ t’ be there for m’son!”

“And you turned your back on him just a few short years later!”

“Ye’ don’ know anything about tha’! I was scare’ and- “

“YOU WERE A COWARD!” Arganan snapped, hushing Rumple up in an instant as the words he had heard for so many years rang on repeat through his ears. “You can’t call yourself a father if you just plan on abandoning the one family member you hold dear?” Bae’s feelings starting to bubble inside of him like a little pot, his hands twitching at his sides as Pan stood silent, watching all of this take place until he decided to say something. “He’s just fourteen!”

“And I’m eighteen! What’s your point?” 


“What? It’s true, laddie… With the exception of the centuries thing…” Peter shrugged, raising a brown at Arganan. “What does age have to do with this anyway?  It has no point-”

- My point is that you left him and he’s only fourteen! How do you think that helps him? Makes him not afraid of the world?  He is just a boy!”

“We all have to grow up sometime!” 

“But by being abandoned?!” 

“I’ was m’faul’! I le’ him go an-”

“ENOUGH!!” All three of the men standing there bickering stopped, looking at the boy who had just shouted so loud one could have sworn he was much bigger than he was. Tears filled the boy’s brown eyes as he looked at the three different family members before him.  “I-I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”


“J-Just… Listen.” 

“Baelfire, I-” 

“I SAID LISTEN!” The fourteen-year-old cried, looking up at them all. Arganan just stood still on Bae’s left as the boy looked forward at his father and grandfather. “You!” He said, pointing to Pan. “You have no RIGHT to talk! You abandoned my father just so that you could stay young forever! You LEFT HIM because you wanted to give up responsibility and be a boy forever and never grow up! You shouldn’t even be here, let alone have ANY SAY in who I go with!” 

Pan’s tongue swirled around his mouth as he looked at the boy, his emerald hues darkening as anger filled his body and Bae’s words sunk into him. Then, Bae shifted his heartbroken eyes to Rumple and the man could swear his heart broke seeing the sadness in his father’s eyes.

“A-And you… You abandoned me..” 

“Son, I-” 

“We had a deal, Papa! WE HAD A DEAL! We had a deal that you would come with me and we would go to a place without magic. A place where we could be happy as a family without magic! Without people being mean to you, without any troubles! WE MADE ONE DEAL TOGETHER AND YOU BROKE IT!” 

“I was scare’, Bae! Doesn’ tha’ mean anythin’ t’ ye? I’m sorry, son! I’m so, so sorry Bae!” The night that Rumple had let Bae go played in his mind on repeat as he looked at his son. His own eyes reflecting the same pain he could see in his son’s. 

“Of course it does, but I-”

“You broke a deal with your own son?” Arganan cut in, withdrawing his sword, instantly sparking Peter’s attention. 

“This isn’t between us. This is between me an’ m’boy.” 

“You abandoned your own son for your own selfish reasons?” 

“Well, now this just got more interesting.” Peter smirked from his corner, causing a glare out of Baelfire. 

“You did the same to my father!” 

“Watch it, boy.” Peter warned, causing the boy to flinch.

“Papa, don’t threaten my son!” Rumple threatend back. 

“Your son is a brat!” Peter snapped.

“I am not a brat!”  Bae snapped back. 

“I beg to different. “ 

“You abandoned your son to go to a place he’s never been before all alone? That explains everything.” Arganan said, directed at Rumple. 

“Look, ye’ don’ understan’.  I would never-”

“WOULD EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP!” Bae finally cried out to silence them all, looking between the three in front of him. Peter simply folded his arms across his chest, Rumple fell quiet and Arganan placed a hand on Baelfire’s shoulder, pulling his son closer to him. 

“Bae… I just… Want to take ye home, son… That’s all I wan’… Can’ ye understan’ tha’..? I’m sorry, Bae… I really am…” 

“I’m not letting him go. I don’t have to and I will not be letting him go for any reason. He was abandoned in my world. He could have been killed. Did you ever think about that? That he could have been killed for your mistakes?” 

“This argument does nothing but go in circles.” Peter hissed in annoyance, pulling his dagger from his shieth. “Can’t we just… Ignore it?” He asked, walking slowly around Bae and Arganan, stopping behind he pair. “Move on from all of this? Take the lad and go? We could have made this easy… But now, you’ve made it difficult.” He said, raising his dagger behind the pair.

“I-I’m not going… “


“He’s… He’s not going to abandon me, Papa! He’s not going to hurt me. He’s not going to let me go… He’s not going to do anything like that… He promised!”

“I know, son.. .And I promise too! I promise no’ t’ let ye get hurt ever again! T’ not let ye go!” Rumple took a step toward’s his son, his hand outstretched forward. “Please, Bae?”

The boy fell quiet as his brown eyes looked up into his father’s. He wanted to go with his father but it had been years now since this place had become is home. This had become his new safe haven, his new sanctuary.

“Papa.. I-”

“-I’m tired of this.” 

Bae’s head snapped around just in time to see Peter raise his dagger. Out of his subconscious, as Peter lowered his arm Bae pushed Arganan out of the way in time to take the full force of the dream shade-dipped dagger straight into his chest.


Everything from that moment on was silent as broken gasps for air filled Baelfire’s lungs before he collapsed backwards into Arganan’s arms. Peter slowly backed away, letting the scene take place in front of his emerald hues.

As the boy battled to stay alive he could hear glimpses of arguments around him, but no parts made sense.  He was fighting violently but the harder he fought, the faster he faded.. And Arganan could see it.

“NO, NO, NO, DON’T DIE ON ME!” The man pleaded desperately, running his hands through Bae’s curly brown hair as he held him, but to no avail. He could see an outline of his father and his papa fading in and out of view while his eyes fluttered weakly.

“P-Pa…” the boy tried to speak but he was quickly silenced by both of his parents.  He was fading fast, the light leaving his eyes every second that he was held against Arganan’s chest. 

He could hear his father’s voice as it broke, the sound of his words being choked on by tears. He could hear broken please of ‘I love you’ and various forms of those three words… He could feel tears falling on his skin…

…And then he could feel nothing.

He was finally let go… but not in the way he would ever expect.

In the days following his death, Arganan and his father held a proper burial for the son they both loved equally and held dear to their hearts… Peter was not allowed anywhere near the sight at all.

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