Deadly Deals and Sweet Dreams

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A drabble for Tumblr

Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016



“Peter… Are you sure you want to do this?” Baelfire asked nervously, as he watched Peter sit down at the table that he, the boy king, had made appear for this special… Deal that he and the pirate had created up. Hopefully, this would be quick and painless.

“Of course, lad. I promise. Nothing bad can come to you, yeah? If they know better, they know not to mess with me… Or harm what belongs to me.” Peter’s emerald hues glistened with a fiery spark that Baelfire had only seen all of twice in his lifetime.

“Most know better, that is.” Peter knew the danger in his words. Some knew better… Others, well… Others liked to test that theory. 

Baelfire just gave another nod, looking across at the man sitting across from him. He was sleazy in looks, dirty in texture. The look of him alone made Baelfire cringe.

“I hope ya’ don’t mind, lads.” The pirate smirked, pulling a bottle from his bag, looking at Bae with darkened eyes. “I brought my own… Drinks.”

Bae opened his mouth to speak, but Peter was quick to step in.

“I picked my best Lost Boy to sit in on this deal. I believe that it is only right that I ask what that drink is.” 

“It’s rum.” Silver insisted, holding it up slightly. 

“Are you lying?” Peter asked with a quick raise of his right brow.

“O’ course no’.” Silver grinned a golden, toothy smile.

“Peter if-” Bae started. 

“-Hush, Baelfire.” Peter quickly cut him off. 

“A pirate never goes back on his word.” The man snickered as he uncapped the bottle releasing a dark mist from the top. “Didn’ you know tha’, lad?”

Bae just sat there, eying the man. Something about this deal seemed… Off. Bae had had his fair share of dealing with pirates. After all, it was because of a pirate that he was forced to be on this island in the first place. “Yes….” Bae said quietly as he made direct eye contact with the man across from the king of the Lost Ones. “…We know…”

“Smart lad you got there, Pan… One of your best hm…? It shows.” 

Peter’s eyes narrowed slightly as he watched the pirate pour the drinks. He didn’t move. He simply watched while his guard was up high. “Enough small talk, Silver. On to our deal.”

“Ah’. Right. Our deal.” Silver’s high-pitched laugh slithered through the night, causing Bae to shiver. “I want to know about my dear little Morph first. I think it’s fair, don’t ye?” 

“Our deal.” Peter hissed, his annoyance growing as clear as day. 

“My, aren’t ye a bit pushy.” Silver smirked as he slid one glass over to Pan. Bae looked at the drink curiously. His eyes narrowing. No normal drink gives off that sort of… Black fog. The color may have been dark yellowish-brown, like the color of the pirate’s named beverage… but this one was different… Something seemed off about it. 

The pirate sunk back into his chair, his dark brown eyes holding a devious secret. He knew what he wanted out of this deal… And it wasn’t any deal Baelfire had ever heard of and one that Peter would not normally easily agree too.

“So, you leave Neverland. You get off my island, and you never return.”

“Not without my- “

“You won’t get him.” Peter answered quickly. “He came to Neverland because he was lost. Because he was broken. He’s one of us. He’s a Lost One. You are leaving Neverland without him.”  Peter’s emerald hues remained fixed on Silver who, at this point, was growing annoyed on his own. He swirled his tongue around his mouth slowly, his eyebrows furrowing together as he looked at the boy king across the table. 

“Shall we drink on i’ then? Wouldn’ want these drinks t’ go t’ waste.” The pirate smirked, looking at the boy. 

“It’s a deal.” spoke shortly, picking up his glass while Silver mimicked the motion. 

“It’s a deal…” Silver hissed, holding the glass to his lips. 

“Wait!” Bae blurted out, quickly putting his hand over the glass.

“What is it, Baelfire?”

“P-Peter I-… Would it be okay if I tried it before you…?” The boy asked quietly, his eyes staying fixed on the clearly tainted beverage. “You know… Just to try rum for the first time before it’s all gone?”

Though Peter had his suspicions, he subtly agreed… Handing the glass over to Baelfire. “Alright… One sip.” With a nod, Baelfire held the glass to his lips and took a sip of the liquid inside of the glass. Silver, only pretended. Bae took enough of a sip to get a full amount of flavor before handing it back over to Peter.

“It’s good, right lad?” Silver asked with a raise of his brow. 

“I umm… Yeah. It’s-… I-It’s…” Bae’s words started to get short and sticky as his mind grew rapidly fuzzy and his body grew numb. 

“Baelfire? Are you okay?” Peter asked concerned, setting the glass down on the table without taking a sip of his own. 

“I-I’m…I-…” He began to sway back and forth, coughs making their way into his throat. First one. Then three…. Then he was on the ground, fading fast. 

“Baelfire!” The boy king cried as he dropped from his chair, pulling his grandson and favorite lost boy into his arms. “Bae!” He called, shaking the boy who was clearly fading right before his emerald eyes. “Bae! Wake up, Bae!”

Silver, on the other hand, simply watched all of this happen from his chair with a smile. “I told ye it was good, didn’ I?” His arm draping over the back of the chair as his sickening laugh filled the space.

“You- I’ll deal with you in a minute!” Peter hissed, looking down at the boy who was quickly becoming unresponsive. “Baelfire! Baelfire wake up!” 

“P-Pe…” Bae could barely form words. His body was in so much pain, that every time he tried to speak or breathe it simply resulted in painful coughs filled with blood that made it’s way onto himself and the grass under him. “Pe….” Tears filled his sweet brown hues that he had inherited from his father, sweat lining his forehead as his heart fought to keep him alive but the faster it pounded, the fast the poison spread. 

It was clear to Peter how much Baelfire was suffering. It was clear just how much he was hurting. He didn’t want him to die, but he knew the dangers of poison. He knew how fast they worked, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to keep trying to keep Baelfire alive. Little did he know, that Baelfire had already taken his last breath… The poison around the edge of the glass had made its way through Bae’s system faster than he ever would have expected.

“No, no, no, don’t die on me!” Peter pleaded, shaking his grandson in his arms violently. “Baelfire! Don’t you die on me! Don’t die!”

But Baelfire’s body was unresponsive, and as he pulled back slowly Peter saw that too. Baelfire was gone… What was the rest of camp going to think? What was Rumple going to think if he ever found out…? He would deal with those questions later. For now, he had other things to worry about. He laid his wilted Lost Boy in the grass before rising to his feet, anger boiling quickly inside of him. He slowly took the glass Baelfire had drunken out of in his hands, running a lone finger across the edge before smudging his bony index finger with his thumb, dissecting the substance with his based on texture. That wasn’t just rum in that glass…

“YOU LIAR!” Peter yelled, taking the glass and throwing it clear off the table, listening to it shatter as it hit the tree.

“We had a deal!” Peter hissed, grabbed his dagger from his waist, eyes filled with anger as he angrily walked toward Silver. “Dreamshade was not part of our deal!” 

“Ah, ah, ah, Pan.” Silver smirked as he stood up, pushing his chair in like a gentleman. “We also never said it wasn’t.” Peter was pushing Silver’s words out from his ears quickly. In a blink, the boy king teleported behind Silver and stabbed him in the back with his dagger. Once. Twice. Thrice until Silver was on the ground in a pool of his own blood and as dead as Baelfire was. 

“…Neither was that.” The boy hissed before sliding his dagger back in its sheath and stepping over Silver like he was nothing. We made his way over to Baelfire, who he had not moved since confronting Silver. He delicately picked Baelfire up off the ground, holding him in his arms with a soft sigh.

“You look so much like your father…” Peter whispered as he looked down at the lifeless corpse of his grandson. “I couldn’t save him… I regretted letting him go the minute that I did it… You’re no different… But this time.. You saved me… and for that, I will always be in your debt. ”

Peter’s eyes lowered softly as he looked at Baelfire one last time, then turned from the spot where he had fallen and headed back toward’s camp. It was there that Pan would let his boys know what happened, and explain to them that they were properly going to bury him and do a proper ceremony. 

This was the price of being a leader. You make deadly deals… and because of that, someone always ends up having sweet dreams…

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