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A drabble for Tumblr.

Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016




You forgot about me.”

“I never forgot about you!”

How could you ever think I forgot about you!? You were my C H I L D, my own flesh and blood and you thought that I could just forget about you without a second thought?!

Why do you think I call myself Peter Pan!?”


You abandoned me… Papa, you abandoned me and left me without a second thought. We made a D E A L, Papa! A deal that you promised and then… You broke it! How could you have broken our deal!?

“You coward! You promised! “

Papa… I T R U S T E D you… And you just threw it away… I was certain I was never going to see you again. Papa? How could I think you were going to come back for me after what you did…? How..?  You left, just like my Mother did… How could you do that to me?

She abandoned me. 

You abandoned me too…

Yet, here I am. Here I am right in front of you standing here, telling you that I N E V E R forgot about you! Do you believe me? No. Of course not. How could I expect you to… Everything I did was because I loved you! You couldn’t have stayed with me—stayed on Neverland! Neverland was no place to raise a boy!

I lived on a pirate ship with a man who told me that you K I L L E D my mother! How could you kill my mother and not tell me?! Why did I have to hear it from that pirate instead of from my own father!? To think, I had to watch you walk away with the thought that you were a hero! Watch you walk away without knowing that you took my mother from me! ….How could you do that..?


Do you know what that means, Rumple?

Do you know what that means, Papa!?

Once, I had a life besides who I am now. Once I was a R E A L person! With a purpose and a reason for living! Once, I had something to lose!

Once, I was willing to bend to whatever you told me to do! Once, I believed everything that you told me! Once… I didn’t T H I N K that you would ever hurt me like that, Papa…

I didn’t think you’d go back on our deal.”  

Once… I was wrong…


Once upon a time I was young, Rumple! I was young just like you, with a F U T U R E that only I knew of and knew where it was going. That was before I realized that I could be young forever. Do you know what it’s like, Rumple? To be young forever? To give up your C H I L D to be young and carefree forever? It’s wonderful. It’s a choice that I was glad that I made… And a choice that I regretted…

We could have a happy ending.’ 

Not anymore.

I will always be your boy, Papa, always! I wouldn’t not ever be your child but… I love you, Papa! I love you more than anything in this world or the next! But… It K I L L E D me, Papa… It killed me the day that you let my hand go!  You A B A N D O N E D me, Papa…I won’t ever let that go… I was harder to bruise once upon a time, Papa… Not anymore…

Once I was someone who had a purpose… I was a boy who was forced to become a man before I was ready. I was forced to leave what I loved behind in order to grow and become someone else… You {I} came back for me {you}… And now I’m R E A L once again…

Just tell me one thing Papa {Rumple}… Why did you do it..? Why did you abandon me {Let me abandon you}?

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