That's How It Should Be

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Drabble for Tumblr written to That's How It Should Be from Shrek the Musical.

Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016



Jak roamed around the forest of Neverland that one Summer’s night. His gentle brown eyes found themselves fixed on the moon as he took sanctuary sitting at the base of a tree in the forest. He seemed to be lost in thought. Lost in reason. He hugged his knees to his chest as he stared up to the indigo sky, his head resting against the tree he was sitting under.  

“Wha’ th’ bloo’y ‘ell ‘m I doin’ ‘ere…” He sighed to himself, before closing his eyes. 

“I always think the same thing…” Bae spoke from the opposite side of the tree causing the pirate boy to jump and draw his dagger in full preparation to fight whoever it was who had startled him just by saying a few words. . 

“Bloo’y ‘ell!” He exclaimed, “ ‘Ho th’ ‘ell are ye?” He asked, looking around his surroundings, dagger still out and ready. 

“It’s me… Baelfire.” The brunette spoke, pulling his knees into his chest even tighter than they already were. 

“Baelfire..?” Jak spoke quietly in question, tucking his dagger away once again, “Wha’ th’ ‘ell are ye doin’ ‘ere..?” He asked, leaning around the tree to glance at the brunette on the opposite side of it before leaning back to his side.

Bae just shrugged, “Thinking, I guess… I don’t know… It’s not really all that important…”

“I’ ‘as t’ be pre’y impo’an’ if ye’re ou’ ‘ere all alone…” Jak chimed in, but Baelfire just shook his head. 

“Not really… I’m used to being alone and thinking a lot..” 

“Tha’ makes tw’ of us.” The boy’s sighed in harmony as they both leaned their heads back against their side of the tree. 

“You wanna know something…?” Baelfire asked, turning his head toward’s Jak. At the same time, Jak’s head fell so that it was facing the side Bae’s voice was coming from.


“I don’t know why I’m here… “

“Because ye’re los’.” Jak answered simply with a shrug. 

“I’m much more than that, though.” Baelfire answered, turning his head back to it’s straight position, fixing his eyes on the sky above his head again. “I could be anything in the world… Instead I’m… Lost… “

Jak tilted his head, looking at the sky. “Well, if ye coul’ b’ anythin’ … Wha’ woul’ ye b’?” He waited for answer as silence fell between them. When Baelfire was reading, he clasped his hands together, letting them fall against his knees.

“Well… I’d guess I’d be a hero. With swords, and armor that clash constantly. And… I’d look semi-dashing, but not too dashing. I’m me. And I would have shield within my grip. Or, I’d be a pirate! I’d sail away to the farthest reaches of the world, and taste the salt and the sea..” Bae’s lips pulled into a smile, “It would be perfect.” 

“So,” Jak started, “Ye’d ‘ave th’ life tha’ I ‘ave now?” 

“…I’d…” Baelfire lowered his eyes slowly, looking down at the ground, “I’d take it back… If it weren’t for that pirate…” Jak could tell by Baelfire’s melancholy tone that this was a sensitive topic for Bae, but he decided to leave it. That was a conversation for another night and a different tree. “What about you? Who would you be?”

“Wh’ woul’ I b’? I’ b’ a poe’ an’ wri’e a differen’ s’ory tha’ tells of glor’ an’ of a brave ‘ero tha’ saves th’ Damsel i’ Dis’ress while wiping awa’ all th’ lies.” 


“Ye’. Th’ s’ars wou’d d’ the’ teller’s of th’ s’ory an’ nigh’ wou’ do’ th’ I’s. I’ wri’e a verse.” 

“Recite a joke! With wit!” Baelfire chimed in with a smile as he stared at the sky.

“Exac’ly! An’ perfec’ timin’! I’ share m’ ‘ear’.. An’ I’ d’ i’ all while rhymin’.” Jak sighed to himself as he sunk against the tree, “Tha’s wh’ I’ b’..” 

“With this Damsel, you speak of… What would happen once you saved her?”

“Tha’s eas’. We’… We’ share a kiss.” 

“But, before that, what would you talk about?”

“Love! We’ speak o’love… An’ in ‘er eyes, I’ fin’ m’des’in’…”  Jak smiled, keeping his eyes on the twinkling stars. 

“If only my wish could be granted… And not by magic. If   I could create my own hero’s ending, I would. It would be perfect.” Baelfire sighed, letting his knees fall to a crisscrossed position, “…The perfect happy ending.”

“I s’ jus’ one prob’em wi’ tha’, ma’e.” 


“Ye’re- … W’re… Los’…” 

Baelfire felt his eyes welled up with tears at Jak’s words. “No… We’re abandoned…”

“W’re both..” He muttered quietly before dropping his head. 

“You want to know what I’ve learned since being here for so long…? When you’re lost, or abandoned… You always hide… Your fate is known because the people who would have helped shape your fate… Have left you forever.” 

Jak was about to say something when an anxious voice spoke from behind a different tree. This voice was soft, and almost afraid, and yet, it didn’t scare him like it did when Baelfire talked, instead, it just seemed like another voice that was coming into the conversation.

Sure enough, from behind another tree not too far from Baelfire and Jak sat Morph, with tears trickling from his bright blue eyes down his soft pale cheeks. He was a Lost Boy. One of many. He had been through hell both in this world and the past… He accepted his fate, his life… He accepted it all.

“When… When you’re abandoned and lost… You stay in the dark because…” Morph’s head fell back against the tree, closing his eyes to the night sky, “…Because you’re all alone..”

That’s when Jak felt his own heart tear into two parts. He was able to keep his eyes open toward the sky, but he did cover his mouth to stop himself from letting out any sound that sounded like it was him about to try. Regardless, the meek whimper seeped through his fingers while his eyes lowered from the sky. Baelfire, on the other hand, felt the tears come to his rich brunette orbs. Within a couple of blinks, those same tears were falling down his cheeks onto the ground under him.

“ When ya’re lost, ya always hide… When ya’re lost your fate is known… When ya’re abandoned and lost ya stay in the dark because ya’re all alone…” The blonde girl spoke from the other side of Morph’s tree, her elbows resting on her knees as she looked at the sky.  

“You’re all alone…” Morph said quietly in a voice where all of them could hear. 

Kevin, Jak, and Baelfire all lifted their heads, their eyes to the bright moon who seemed to be smiling down at the crying children below. “Yeah… We’re all alone..” the three of them said together.

“Growing up, I read all of these books.. These books were about people coming to save people, parents coming to their children… “ Kevin’s hands formed fists as her ambition grew, “Ya know… I don’t think my parents are too far away… None of ours.” 

“Ye’re sayin’ nonsense…” Jak spoke, turning his head towards Kevin’s direction. 

“Both of my parents abandoned me… My Papa… My Mother…  No one is coming back for me…” Bae buried his face into his hands, “….No one..” 

Morph didn't’ say anything, he just sat quietly. The boy held onto optimism because it was his lifeline. If he had anything left to held onto, it was what the blonde Lost Girl was saying. “I…I know they’ll appear…” Morph added on to Kevin quietly.

“Exactly… I know they’ll appear because there are rules that say so. I read all those books by flashlight in my bed while i was growing up… I know that they will appear. I just know it.” Kevin said, setting her hand down on the ground. Morph’s blue eyes glanced over to see Kevin’s hand. Shakily, Morph’s hand covered Kevin’s while his eyes shifted back up to the sky. 

“I know it too…” He sniffled to himself, blinking away his tears. 

“I can’t believe that we live in such a… Such a…”

“Big?” Morph guessed.

“Brigh’?” Jak guess.

“Beautiful?” Baelfire guessed.

“A big, bright, beautiful world…” Kevin sighed. 

“ Ye’…” 

“There’s not a place for me in it…” The four Lost Children sighed together before silence wrapped her arms around them and held them tight while each one let themselves break one by one; their tears, sinking into the Neverland soil as they did more often than not. 

“Still.. If my wish were granted…. I’d be a hero in this big, bright, beautiful world.” Baelfire sniffled.

“I’ b’ a poe’.” Jak wiped his eyes, then found the moon again.

“I’d be… I’d belong.” Kevin muttered quietly.

“I’d be home.” Morph added, looking up at the moon from his spot. 

“Exactly…We’d have a perfect, happy ending because-” Baelfire started. his brunette eyes finding the moon against the indigo sky.

“-Because that’s how it should be.”  Kevin finished, letting her sky blue orbs find the moon just like the other Lost Ones around her had.

The four Lost Ones sat there quietly, their thoughts settling in to their minds. Kevin dreamed of belonging some place to someone. Morph dreamed of being home in a place where he was loved and not used or hurt. Jak dreamed of being a poet that saves princesses by his words. And Baelfire… Baelfire dreamed of being a hero. The Lost Ones dreamed up their stories, who was the writer? The night, who was quickly dotting each and every “I” in every one of their new stories.

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