Shall We Dance?

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A drabble for Tumblr.

Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016




Wendy spun around herself in the dark of the night of Neverland, her feet moving almost by themselves as she danced among the plush, Neverland soil.  She hummed happily to herself as she did so, enjoying her miniature escape from the world. Her right arm was raised at shoulder level, her left arm slightly lower to the side. Wendy was waltzing. The wind brushed her hair, making it flow in a dirty-blonde whirlwind around her.  She was alone, in a world that was all her own with no one else to take this moment from her. Or so, she thought.

“Ahem.” Peter hummed from nearby, causing Wendy to stop what she was doing and meet his gaze.

“Peter! She exclaimed, fixing her nightgown as she quickly grew flustered, “I-I thought I was alone.

“You were. He responded shortly, pushing himself off of the tree he had been posed on nearby, “Not for long, though.

Wendy’s brows furrowed at his words, ‘Not for long…? Peter, how long have you been watching me?”

The pixie king shrugged, “I don’t know. A while. What were you doing, Bird? He asked, trying to mock her motions. He put his arms up like she had them, his feet rocking back and forth as his way to copy what she was doing. He looked rather foolish, actually and the sight caused Wendy to giggle quietly to herself.  “Were you…Dancing?

“I was, yes. She smiled sweetly, “I don’t know… it seemed like the perfect scene to dance in, don’t you agree?

“The perfect scene to dance in? Peter asked with a quirk of his brow.

“Mhm! She chirped happily through closed lips, “Can’t you just see it?” Peter stood quietly to the side with a smile of amusement, while Wendy went on talking, making loose spirals in the moonlit landscape. “A quartet playing classical music in the corner of a grand ballroom. She gestured to an area in the corner of their landscape as if the band was there, her smile growing bigger. “Couples, tons and tons of pairs of adults holding each other in the classic waltzing position dancing together. Some of those might even fall in- she caught Peter gaze which seemed intrigued and stopped, her cheeks growing red in color. “W-Well… Fall in a trance that makes them remember this night forever. she sighed happily at the thought in her mind as it played on repeat over and over again in her mind, “I-It’s quite romantic, really…

Peter watched her. She was so… Happy. He liked his Bird happy. To see that a thought brought a smile like that to her face, a smile brighter than all the stars in the Neverland sky, he couldn’t help but to wonder what her smiles look when she thinks happy thoughts about him…? Are they the same? He secretly hoped so. “So, this dancing…? How do you- … Does every adult know how to…?

Wendy shook her head, tossing her dirty-blonde girls to and fro, “No, not necessarily. You see, the children learn as well. It is sort of a… Coming of age tradition.

“I see. The king muttered, folding his arms across his chest. He wanted to ask her to do it again but this time with him. He didn’t know how to. He knew how to be polite, to an extent, but to ask a girl to do something romantic with him was another level. “It sounds like a rather fun… Tradition.

“Oh, it is. She agreed with ease, her sky blue eyes meeting his emerald ones.

“And is it… Fun? He asked, taking a step into her.

“Very much so.” She agreed again with a slight bow of her head.

“I see.


“Yes, Wendy? He asked, taking another step to her.

“A-Are you asking so many questions because, perhaps, you would like to learn…?Hope danced in her voice as she gazed up at him. Peter couldn’t help but smile at her expression. She was rather… Adorable when she wanted to be. Or were all girls that way? Most girls seemed to be that way, but not in the way that Wendy was… Wendy was different. Wendy was his Wendy. He stared for a moment, his mind piecing together what her question was. He slowly started to smile, just a bit, while nerves took the young king by storm. Realizing that her question might have been too forward, she shook her head, starting her nervous rambling.”Oh, well it isn’t abad thing per say, i-it is just  means that you are curious about my home life– London. It truly isn’t bad, Peter, it actually makes me quite happy tha-!

  Peter was quick on his feet, covering her mouth with his hand, a small, kind smile tugging at his lips, “You still talk too much. He teased softly, “Yes… Yes, I would like to learn. Peter felt brave, which he always felt, but it was different. This was the sort of brave that made him not so afraid of the feelings that he felt for Wendy. The sort of brave where the burning sensation inside of him was able to melt away, only for a moment, and be replaced with something happy.

Slowly, Wendy held her hand out to Peter, her gaze keeping his, “Just take my hand, Peter, and I will teach you to dance. Peter looked from the hand to the girl it was attached to and back. He was skeptical, but what was there to be skeptical of? It was Wendy. She didn’t have magic, she was just… Wendy. Pushing his nerves aside, Peter gently took her fragile hand in his as if afraid to break it. With care, Wendy pulled him further out into the moonlit area she had made her own for the evening.  When she thought they were in the perfect spot she stopped, turning to face Peter.

“O-Okay, first things first is posture. She begun, taking his hands in hers. “The gentleman, which is you, places his hand with the lady’s here. She guided his left arm with her right out to the side, her hand in his, “A-And… This spot always made Wendy a little shy. To think about a boy having his hand there… it was a little scandalous. With his hand in hers, Wendy gently placed Peter’s on her waist, her eyes instantly locking with Peter’s. “…Here.” Her hand lingered over his for a moment, shaking slightly which Peter could feel. After a moment too long of it lingering there, Wendy raised her hand high, resting it on his shoulder. Peter’s emerald eyes danced all over from their hands, to her waist where his hand laid, to his shoulder, ending with his eyes on hers.

“What’s next? He asked softly, giving her hand a slight squeeze, causing Wendy’s cheeks to deepen in color and Peter to smile at the adorable crimson color his Bird had just turned.

“Next is dancing. You see, typically the gentleman is the one who leads. However, since I am the one teaching you, I will lead. Peter nodded in agreement, “Excellent. So, because the actual waltz is a bit complicated, let’s start with something a bit more… Simple. So, when I step back on my right foot, you will step forward with your left. Are you ready?

“I think so… So when you step back, I step forward?

“Exactly. Without warning, Wendy stepped backward onto her right foot, a little startled Peter stepped forward on her left as she did so, his emerald eyes on their feet. “Brilliant!” She exclaimed, “Now, step up on your right foot like so, Wendy rose on the ball of her left foot, “Then the same on your left foot. Wendy rose up on the ball of her right foot. Opposite feet from Peter, of course, but he was able to follow along with ease, doing exactly as she had said,though his eyes were glued to her feet.

“Excellent! Do you think that you would be able to reverse it?

Peter’s head shot up, “Reverse it? I umm… Yeah. Sure. Just… Lead.

Wendy smiled at his play on words. This time, she was the one who stepped forward on her left foot, causing him to step back on his right. “Now up, Wendy pushed up on the ball of her left foot, Peter did the same but opposite, “Up. She pushed up on the ball of her other foot, him doing the opposite. “A-And that is how you waltz. She had taught him the easy version, but it was a version that he could learn easily.

“Simple enough. He smiled a bit, looking up from his feet. “So, you just do this where you are from? That slow? Seems rather boring, if you ask me.

“No, not that slow, silly. Wendy giggled, “We usually go a little bit faster. I’ll show you.” She stepped back on her right foot, him stepping forward on his left.

From there, the dance grew faster and faster in time. Soon, who was leading who was a blurred line. The pair was spinning gracefully in loose spirals through the moonlit meadow to the beat of their own heartbeats intertwined. With each graceful swirl, the two made together, they grew closer and closer in distance to one another. Blue met green as they continued their moment together, their gaze locked on one another as they danced like the true king and queen of Neverland.

This continued on for a while until Wendy looked at Peter with a soft smile, “I’m starting to feel a little… Dizzy.

“Probably from spinning. Peter whispered thoughtfully as his feet started to slow down, slowing hers down as well. His hands fell from the position that she had put them in and instead found both of her hands, taking them in his grasp gently. “Maybe we should stop…?

Wendy’s feet followed Peter’s, coming to a complete stop, “We have stopped… She whispered in return, looking upon Peter’s eyes, her cheeks slightly pink in color.

“Wendy, I-…

“Yes…? She asked quietly, rising on the balls of her feet. Subtly, the pair began to lean in to one another, but just as they grew close enough their lips just inches apart, Peter stopped, taking a step back.

“We-… We should head back to camp. Wendy lowered back down onto the flats of her feet, her eyes softening ever so slightly.

“I-… Yes, Peter… We should. He slowly let go of her hands, letting them flutter down to her sides. He started to walk ahead of her before turning to face her,

“Are you coming, Wendy?” she looked at her hands, a shade of crimson washing over her cheeks before looking up,

“Yes, Peter, I am. She smiled, before scurrying to catch up to him.

As they walked back to camp, both Peter and Wendy smiled for different reasons. For Wendy, her smile was because she got to teach someone something from her home life that she loved to do. For Peter, his smile was because he got to have a special moment with his Wendy all to himself.

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