Things Change But People Do Not

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things change but people do not.

Submitted: November 11, 2016

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Submitted: November 11, 2016



Things change but people do not.

You see since day one this has all been a battle, a constant war that neither side seems to be able to win. But still we endlessly fight for what we believe in, clueless that we may be fighting over the same thing whilst we both believe it to be something different. One side must win whilst the other suffers the loss but ultimately everyone loses.

The war is tiresome and the attacks are painful but no one can call it a tie on the battlefield. As both sides shoot their guns and slash their swords clueless that their leaders fight for a common cause.

People aren't that different, we have one common goal: happiness and love but the world is relentless and give it out sparsely. No matter what you say the enemy won't believe you because they are blinded by false truth just as your allies are.

You are called to service the war but at what cost? The cost of leaving you family motherless or fatherless, losing the ones you love for a cause none of you truly followed. Both sides shoot with no sense of mercy, no feeling of hope and no glimpse of humanity yet we continue to fight.

We race to touch stars and push anyone ahead of us out of the way although we all have a star each. No one on this planet is truly selfless from people who fight for our country to those who run it we are all guilty but on the poor pay for their crimes. Everything we do is selfish we help others to make ourselves happy, we fund charities so you can boast about how good a person you are and know you have contributed to 'society'.

There is no action or equal and opposite reaction because one side will cross the line to far. When two armies battle from begging to end, both bring a force with swords while one has more men and once a side is defeated the loser will go back and create guns to battle and then war machines, tanks, missiles, nuclear weapons until we run out of things to create. Until we turn to our leaders and ask 'what next?' as they crumble infront of their army and run away from the majority overpowering the minority.

There would have been a time where we were merciful, where we followed our heart in judgement and decided fate not by numbers or logic but by the good a person has done. But there will be a time in the future where tables reverse as we turn our backs on mercy and follow hate and judge people by the money in their back pocket. Humanity will die and it will not be from nature, natural disasters, aliens, Gods, monster but it will die by the hand of its own people. That is a promise.

You see since day one this has all been a battle, a constant war that neither side seems to be able to win.



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