My Future Passion

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A description of my future passion as a writer on Booksie and elsewhere.

Submitted: November 11, 2016

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Submitted: November 11, 2016



I have gone through a great change the past year. Coming from a background of a reality creator to ease down a bit to take care of base survival. This is quite evident in my writings too. I had to leave death and darkness behind to think about what matters in the here and the now. My mode of death was a death to the wrong values. To die from the past and to explore original values inverting the values of the modern world.

I have been working closely to nature lately. I have written stories such as “Consolation” and “The Black Death On Misfortune Island” the past year. Stories exploring life lived with a purpose. I have seen the benefits of using the intellect to my own advantage. To create consciously and not being limited to the unconscious force of the will. I think I have gained better control of my life in the physical dimension. But in a sense I think I have lost some depth. Something which necessarily had to happen as my old creations became a rush of fire impossible to control.

I’m finding my way back to the will as of this moment. One has to go on living consciously but one also has to know about the nature of what one actually creates. Finding perspective to what one think one knows intellectually. One can easily deceive oneself. As it seems to me the solution is to create consciously but become more conscious of one’s own will. To go slow, work on the details, ease down and make progress step by step. Becoming more conscious of the nature of the will.

This thinking will colour the body of my coming writings. I have gone back to works such as “Alien Forever – The Novel” and seen that it had a sense of substance lacking in later works. Just because I had invested more time in the unconscious/subconscious initially. My later writings are fully conscious. But they will build on the will not on shallow illusions of the intellect. Integrating the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Writing with passion.


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