Between Past and Future

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Samantha Benedetti is an Italian girl that moved to New York for work. She is what you would call plain,average,just one common daisy among the others. She keeps to herself,barely talks to anyone,has made no friends ever since she came to New York,aside from her neighbor. All you would think of her is that she is snobbish and conceited.

In truth, Sam hides a deeply troubled past she escaped from. She fled to New York because of it,her only ties to her old world are her parents. She is,as a matter of fact, very lonely.

Lukas Grant is a young,self made billionaire. He has achieved everything in life,his family is as unbelievably perfect as it may seem,his friends are few,but loyal. He's got everything. All he misses is that one girl. That one girl in whose eyes he'll see his future.

Sam is stubbornly determined to steer clear of any sentimental bond. Lukas dreams of meeting his one true love. Sam works for Lukas. Lukas has been having very indecent thoughts about Sam.
One night,they remain all alone,doing overtime. From there,things change. But what happens when Sam's past comes back to haunt her?

Table of Contents

Overtime with the boss

CHAPTER 1 - OVERTIME WITH THE BOSS After a long, stressful day, the last thing Samantha needed was overtime, but when it's the big ... Read Chapter

There's just something about her...

CHAPTER 2 - THERE'S JUST SOMETHING... Keeping her thoughts at bay had never been Samantha's strong suit. Controlling herself? Sure.... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 3 - THERE'S JUST SOMETHING ABOUT HER... (part 2) "You have a beautiful voice." Lucas murmured, as if not wanting to di... Read Chapter

Fighting what cannot be fought

CHAPTER 3 – FIGHTING WHAT CANNOT BE FOUGHT “Only one more night”, Samantha repeated amongst muffled sounds of excitement as she... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments


Whew! Overtime with boss, count me in Mr. Grant!! I do love this story:)

Mon, November 14th, 2016 4:08am


while not the same as the other version it truly seems to be missing nothing. Hate to say it with as much as I like many of your other stories, this style of writing seems to fit your style more in my mind. You have no problem giving enough information to get the readers mind to desire to fill in the details for themselves. Much more interaction for the reader, hopefully causing them to fill more, personal ownership or, involvement in the Story. I enjoyed the rewrite and can't wait for more. Thank You

Tue, November 15th, 2016 10:58am


Thanks :)

Tue, November 15th, 2016 3:04am

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