Little Coincidences

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This is about Robyn meeting Alex, quite surprising and memorable! It will warm up your heart for sure

Submitted: November 11, 2016

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Submitted: November 11, 2016



Little Coincidences
This story is about twenty two year old Robyn Mackenzie who is now going to get the mail downstairs in her apartment building. She sees neighbor, Emily Steele taking down Halloween decorations from her door. She turns to Robyn. "Hi! How I hate doing this, I enjoy Halloween so much, I don't like when it's over." Robyn smiles. "Yes, it's the same for me, really sad to put special stuff away. Oh how is your aunt, she still in the hospital?" Emily happily sighs. "No, she is back home, she needs to rest her injured leg and stay off it for awhile.That's hard, she likes to move around. I'll see her later on when I check things out at the Inn, we're not as busy in the Fall. So, how are things at the nursing home, you like your new job?" Robyn is all smiles. "Oh yes, I've started in September and each day is one big adventure.To me, it's like an elderly playground, I try to make it fun for my adorable friends! I'm off today and I wanted to clean out my closet but all I did so far is catch up on my reading for an hour then I did laundry. Always something to do on a day off." Emily chuckles. "You can say that again, have a good day." "You too." Emily goes in her apartment. 
Robyn contentedly thinks about the romance book she is reading, newspaper writer, Laura falls in love with her vet, Dr. Colby. Robyn enjoys passionate stories. Now, she sighs while thinking of June and high school teacher Greg Pittman. It seems Robyn adored Greg but he only liked her as a friend. 
Robyn is next to the mailbox and surprisingly, she notices a cute little toy close to some boxes. It's a gray kitten with a little bell around the neck. Now, Robyn reaches for her mail, mostly bills. She thinks this toy belongs to four year old Melissa Carter on the second floor. A few days ago, Robyn did see Melissa play with it on the stairway. Robyn will drop it off. She anxiously rings the doorbell. It's cute, Melissa happily answers the door. "Hi there Melissa, is this your kitten? I found it by the mailbox." Melissa has a big sweet smile. "Yes, that's my Jingles, thank you so much! Boy I missed you Jingles!" Robyn is happy.
Now a handsome guy stands near Melissa. "Oh wow, you have your kitten back, that's great! Hello, I'm Alex Miller, Melissa's babysitter, just for today. Susan will be here later at three. Oh, you look very familiar, didn't I see you at the bookstore Halloween party last week. You were standing next to Little Bo Beep." She laughs. "And a great costume too! Well, my name is Robyn Mackenzie, I live here, on the third floor and yes, I was there briefly. That's my friend Karen, Little Bo Beep who runs the store. Ah, I have seen you before, you visited someone at the Brookside Nursing Home a few days ago. I work there." He nods with a terrific smile. "Hey, that's right, I went there for my Grandma's best friend Laura Ann, she had a eighty eight birthday. I brought a card from Grandma. Small world, hey!" This is some coincidence, Robyn thinks of the name, Laura. Just listening, Melissa isn't interested. She mentions her cartoon show is funny as she runs to watch more. Alex still is grinning. "I'm not Melissa's regular babysitter but I like watching her. I have two nieces so I'm used to kids.You see, I know Melissa's dad pretty well, we work together at Paul Reeves Garage, I'm a part time mechanic since September. I also help out my uncle, few nights a week." Now Robyn glances at her mail, she is excited. "Well goodness, I really know Paul Reeves, he is dating my cousin, Jenny. Wow, this is one interesting afternoon, it's much better than cleaning my messy closet! So, it's nice to meet you Alex, I'm enjoying these coincidences!" He put his hand out to eagerly shake hers. She likes his firm grip. "Truly nice to meet you too, Robyn. By any chance, you related to Jeffrey Mackenzie? He manages a fitness center by the town's bridge." Robyn takes a deep breath, she is in awe. "He is my brother, gosh, this is just too hard to believe!!" Alex has a nice laugh, he warmly gazes. "I find all this very entertaining, lot of fun! Well, it's short notice, ah, are you free for dinner this evening?" She ponders with a smile. "I happen to be free and I would love it, thanks! I'm very glad I brought the little kitten, Jingles back to Melissa." Alex smiles from ear to ear. "Oh, me too!"

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