What's That High, Keening Sound?

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A kinder, gentler me?

Submitted: November 11, 2016

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Submitted: November 11, 2016



I keep hearing a high, keening sound, like a drill bit of the Netherworld, about to drill into my skull. What the hell is it? Oh, I think I understand, it's me, bitching and complaining about the election results, about how 46 percent of people couldn't even be bothered to vote. How they are going to pay, right along with the rest of us who could be bothered to vot--there it is again, that dog-whistle, annoying buzzing, and it's coming from my face. I realize now how whining will do no good. I've got to try to give the man a chance. But, it won't be easy, as I see nothing but looming disaster ahead. But, I'm done screaming about what I think will happen, at least for the next day and a half, until he starts dismantling everything that President Obama put in place.




My pledge of 'he's my buddy--he might not be as bad as I feared,' lasted less than one day, my vow to give him a chance just exploded in a mushroom cloud of angry cynicism after one day. Rudi Giuliani as Secretary of State? Tweets about the protesters of his election being professionals? I guess he's trying to explain away what he said to his toothless nubber voters. Oh Shit, it's going to be as bad as I feared, times five.

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