Taking The Fault For LOVE

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the final year student, benjamin is faced with choices after he had caught jackson a young gangstar raping jane his best friend. he can't tell on jackson because of the after-effect but he can't let jackson go free either after what he did to jane. now benjamin needs to think fast and bring justice to the man that raped his friend jane.

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Submitted: November 11, 2016



chapter one

Frank and i where the only ones who knew anything about what happened the night before. I had told him to keep it to himself and that talking could really get us into a lot of trouble. He paced from the window (about 6feet away from my bed) and back to my bed where i sat and watched him. 'Stop frank' I suddenly decided that he was getting me pissed-off. 'You know as much as I do that there is nothing that we can do but what we were told to, and if I've not yet lost my peaceful state of mind, I would recall that we were told to do nothing.' I said hoping it would calm him. 'But what if we were not the only ones that had seen them... ' frank paused and looked around for a moment. It was a properly furnitured room. A bunk bed and a double bed stood miles away from each other. The two of my other room mates where out for a party, off campus. Frank my best friend shared a bed with me, as he had problems getting a room. ' you know... bonking' he said at last. I felt terrible for him seeing that he was loud mouthed and could get us into trouble. But it was nothing compared to what I felt if anyone knew the truth. ' I dont know, I just have a bad feeling about this.' frank announced. I just had to open up now. Frank needed to know why I needed us to keep quiet about everything. 'Frank the thing is if you tell anyone what jackson did, then jackson would get back at me and he wont play nice.' I began finally. In my mind was this arguement whether or not I should tell frank. 'I had a problem two semesters ago' I started without concluding in my mind. 'It was'nt my fault... I was drunk and crazy that night. I didnt even know what I was doing...' I bent my head in shame and waited for the little I had told him to sink in. 'god - no.' he gasped. He was calm now and was sitted next to me on my bed. ' where exactly is this going?' he asked still looking at me with that questioning look. I began to reason with myself. Was it worth it should I just give up very critical information about myself. And once again without concluding. 'I had sex with jane that night' I knew we were going to spend a lot of our sleeping hours telling him what happened between me and jane.

* *

It was 8:00 in the morning and I had very little sleep the previous night thanks to frank. I woke up early because I just could'nt sleep knowing that I'd shared my top secrete with frank the previous night. And now, the memory of what i'd done that friday night kept coming into my head again and again. Jane and I used to be the best of friends. we did so much together even before frank came to share a bed with me. She was the very substance of 'beauty' (the abstract noun) It was that friday night things were never to be the same again. I guess I took more than my system could carry. I was drunk and in that state, i did things, said things that I would'nt say in my right mind. Jane noticed that I was going to mess myself up. To avoid that , she took me to her hostel (off campus) and that was were I seduced her into having sex with me. I woke up the next morning and was surprised at what I saw. The room was not strange, but waking up there was. Most of all my cloth were not on me. I was completely nude. 'Jannie...' my eyes finally met her lovely figure gently combing her hair. 'Bennie you're awake.' she said calmly and walked to where i still lay. 'Are you okay?' she asked. 'I'm not entirely sure. Where am I?' I asked still a bit dazed and unsure. When she began to narrate to me what had happened, I wished I didnt have to sit and listen. I felt so ashamed that from that day on, I said little or nothing at all to her. We barely spoke to ourselves unless we just had to. It was one painful thing I did and not a day passed that I did not blame myself for it.

The sound of the bells distracted me. Beside me frank was snoring away. And it annoyed me. What a friend he was. Just yesterday he was all out to disorganize me. And now am the one who was tensed while he was calm and deep in sleep.

The next bell rang by 10:30am it was time for jackson (who was a suspect at the moment) to be tried and convicted or acquited. The school was run like a state and and the people in it where its citizens.

Walking down to the grand hall, I was almost considering doing this even if jane and I were no longer friends. But the thought of what my dad would do to me when he finds out that I had committed like crimes myself, held me far away from approving being the hero. 'so do you maintain that we keep our mouths shut.' frank who I only recently realised was walking beside me, asked. I paused for a while before I turned and answered him. 'Frank, say nothing okay. If anyone is to talk its me.' I ordered as we walked into the hall to take our sits. Franklin was frightened by jackson's threat to deal with us. But I was scared that he was going to expose me, as he said he would. That was double sin for me. I did not just have sex but I used illicite drugs. I was doomed if my dad by any chance got ahold of that kind of stuff about me. So I had no choice whatsoever. Thirty minutes after we sat on our chairs, the court was brought to order. I could now see jane walking like every step hurt. I felt tears well up in my eyes and the anger I felt against jackson was fresher and greater than ever. The few short steps she took, ended at the middle of the left hand side of this big square- shaped hall. It was hurting just remembering how I ran to protect myself leaving her there. Her cries for help were heard by the security men who came to her aid. Instead of me being around and showing that I still cared, I ran away. I let jackson go without getting a piece of me. I was not a match to him and his gang, they would have pounded me like potatoes. Looking at her I wondered why jackson did what he did. Her nose was swollen and on her face were shades of black and blue resulting from the many slaps she recieved inorder to keep her mute. 'it's time' frank mimicked the head - disciplinarian.

A lot of what he said were lies. He said those lies right in my presence, after he had sworn to say nothing but the truth. 'Jackson, we were informed that you've known jane for a very long time. Is that right?' mrs juliet, (a member of the board) asked. 'Yes ma'am, that is right.' he answered truthfully. Jane and jackson were dating before my one night stand with jane. And they were so close and good together, I loved seeing them. 'have you ever gotten intimate with jane out or in this school, as you very well know it is against our laws to do so.' she asked again. There was a long pause as jackson maintained his emotionless expression. 'No ma'am.' he finally answered. There were loud murmurs from the audience. I looked at jane and I saw the saddest look a creature could ever wear, on her beautiful but bruised face. I felt bad, and I knew she felt bad too. Yet, knowing her all these years, it was certain to me that she was'nt going to say anything in her defence to incriminate jackson. It was a long chat with jackson and he lied his way through every question he was asked. Through out the court session, jane had her head bowed. Not once did she raise it up. She bent her head as tears helplessly gushed out of her eyes. And I could tell, she cried less about jackson's cruelty two nights ago. With her heads bowed and her hands wiping off her tears each time it irritated her skin, jane thought of things I wished I could hear in my head. After a quick review of spoken words uttered by jackson, the head of the board stood up to address the audience that comprised of every member of the school including the genitors, the lecturers, the different heads of department, etc. And some parents who could make it. Jane's parents were too busy with work so they sent her big brother who had just returned from doing his masters, to represent them.

Most of what the head- disciplinarian said were not recorded in my mind.

'I know you are out there in the crowd that knows exactly what happened, I want you to know that it's time to speak up here and now. And if by any chance you speak up now that I have opened the floor for you to, I will assure that you are protected to an extent from whatever counters you might face here.' The man spoke and stood up for a while in wait for the crowd to decide. I thought of what jackson told me, I had remembered franklin and his restlessness, I also thought of my friendship with jane. 'I just cant do this' I whispered as I bent my head. Noone around me heard me, but I was sure frank did. He leaned forward low enough to tell me something then he whispered almost as though pondering over what the chief of the committee had said. 'whatever counters you might face...' he whispered. On hearing that, my head still bowed. I closed my eyes and I dont know what happened next but my legs moved themselves; a reflex of some sort I am yet to discover. The crowd grew still as all eyes moved with my ghostly being. The man who stood waiting on the platform stared with confusion. Even jackson turned to check if all was well. Finally, I found myself directly in front of mrs juliet. 'Benjamin what are you doing?' the sweet voice of Jannie broke the silence and spell that held me. 'Oh no. What have I done...' I wondered turning around to come to a perfect realization to what I had done. 'What are you doing boy?' my father, head of the legal system, mr Goodwill popularly known as william. Asked. I ignored him and turned to jane. She was staring back at me. Her brown sparkling eyes pierced into mine. I just had to do it. 'Sir, everyone, I have a confession to make...' I started and paused to look at jackson. He looked back at me with disgust.

when I had started my speech, I turned to face the audience and backed the legal board which was headed by 'my own father'. 'I slept with jane some days ago and I forced her to it.' I had to take the blame. I could not see jackson but I knew his eyes grew wide with suprise. I turned to look at jane. Tear ran down her cheeks and she shook her head softly in disagreement. 'it was a mistake, I was drunk.' I went on. I knew I was wasting my time defending myself as it was not entirely necessary cause noone believed anything I was saying. 'benjamin williams!' my dad called out from behind me. I turned slowly to face him. 'go to your seat' his voice was strong and angry. He looked confussed but the anger in his face hid it all. 'But sir. If your son by any chance knows anything about what happened to jane that night, he must say something.' mrs juliet stopped him. She recieved a hesitated nod from Mr william and turned gracefully to face me. Shrills of something ran down my body, I could not tell what it was. I had to hold on a little longer. 'Ben you are permited to say nothing but the truth, the whole truth as penalties written in the school's constitution thus enforce.' Mrs juliet motioned for me to go on. Minutes ago, I was so sure that I was doing the right thing but now, in front of my father, I almost thought of backing out. But looking at her tear filled eyes, I was certain that I wanted to carry on with this. 'Am sorry but all I've said, is true and nothing but the truth. And for shameful reasons, I cannot bear the very thought of repeating myself.' 'what rubbish!!' screamed tarzan a member of the board. 'Take the arrogant brat to the school detaining room.' Tarzan ordered the muscular men that stood by the side. They remained stolid as his command carried very little authority with it.

The guards were waiting for mrs juliet to read the verdict. She said all she wanted to say and all I felt in my chest was the sadness and pains of a hero that needed saving. '....ben you are are a disappointment to this school. And now you are faced with only two options. You would either cooperate with the school's legal decisions or face the state's authority and judgments.' She concluded. I had no choice whatsoever. I did not want any further complication and embarrassment. I was to be ex-communicated and would spend one extra year with the school's rehabilitation program. And I was prepared to face all of this and more, including my father's wrath. In shame and disappointment, he looked above my head and addressed me. 'I am gravely disappointed.' he said when he had stood to his feet. Was that it, where was franklin, why couldn't someone stand up for me, where did all the teacher that said nice things about me all the time, where did they go now. I thought in myself as the tears found their way out of my eyes.

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