I Stand

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I stand, regardless.

Submitted: November 11, 2016

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Submitted: November 11, 2016



In a far away land, so long ago

We all had a question;

Which way to go?

The struggle it seemed

Was indeed very real.

A vote we would have

To determine which pill

We could swallow to

Heal all our woes.

Surely some magic

Would say where to go?


 So we stood up in lines

Each on their own side;

We picked our champions well

And we’d debate with much pride.

Two candidates picked, but were

They our best?

Only time it seemed

Could answer that test.

Each had their issues

They argued with fire

But the world would not hear them

Over their personal mires.

It was not enough

To know where they stand,

Their personal issues

Tore apart this great land.


 The time came to pick,

It was a long night indeed.

But one had to be best

The news stories would lead;

The competition was lengthy

For each on this quest.

Red versus Blue

They haggled all night.

How would it end,

Whose hand would have might?

The choice was made,

A winner was named.

But would the answer we needed

Be so easily tamed?


 A BOOM and a CRASH!

The Blue cried oh foul!

The system is wrong,

They let out with a howl.

The land it seemed,

Came apart at the seams.

What was to come

Of our land’s noble dreams?

The Red begged unity

Though the left could not bend.

Their cries of “unfair”

Were all they could hear.

How is it that they did not win?


In time a peace was to be found

And two parties settled

And stopped acting like clowns.

It wasn’t easy though,

Of that to be sure.

But sheer love of country,

A love that was pure

Won out in the end

And the people were healed

And the land could now mend.


Make no mistake

This was another place long ago.

But the lessons we take

From the past as we go

Is what keeps us from miring

Ourselves in the mud.

And does it matter at all

If it’s your pick or mine?

We’re in this together,

I know we’ll be fine

As long as we stand

One nation under GOD.

I stand with my President

No matter how odd.


God Bless America

© Copyright 2018 Mac Childs. All rights reserved.

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