Deathly Ill

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A story of Aleria Walker, a survivor of a huge genocide.

Submitted: November 11, 2016

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Submitted: November 11, 2016



It's as if all of my problems started with a siren, a screeching siren that had echoed through the city. We were evacuating... Our home was being invaded. Or so that’s what we thought. My name is Aleria Walker, I was 14 when then sirens rang. I was sleeping with my little brother as the painfully loud wail of the evacuation siren. My parents were in the room in minutes to get us, we weren’t allowed to take any belongings with us. As we left our home military personnel were in the streets helping guide us. It was raining when we finally reached the shelter; there were hundreds of thousands of people rushing to get into the shelter. The shelter was heavily defended, big machine gun turrets guarding the entrance and exits of the large concrete bunker. The bunker stood at least three stories high and was mostly open space inside.

My family and I were being funneled into the shelter along with everyone else; I could see all our neighbors and friends. Mrs. Yana and her crippled husband were having a really hard time; it was disheartening to see them barely able to keep themselves from being trampled. In front of us were Mr. and Mrs. Tulane and their son Raul. I knew Raul from school he was really friendly and nice, and I think he like me. We were finally all the way inside, it was so crowded, barely enough room to sit down. After about an hour I could hear the large concrete doors of the shelter close. I finally thought to myself

“We’re safe… We’re finally safe.” I was almost crying, I was scared, I feared we were all going to die.

Ha how stupid I was, how stupid I was to think we were safe. It was probably another two or so hours until it happened. The air was still, people were crowded next to each other, barely any room to do anything. Jeremy my little brother fell asleep in my arms, people were crying all around me. My parents held each other’s arms kept telling me and my brother how much they loved us. I loved them so much… I was finally dosing off when I heard loud pops. People started screaming, these popping sounds were coming from every direction. My brother woke up and started screaming and crying, everyone around me started panicking and screaming. I didn’t know what was happening until my face was splattered with crimson red. Raul who was right in front of me fell limp I screamed to myself

“HE WAS SHOT!” Terror beyond belief filled my heart; people started falling over around me. Blood mist filled the air. My brother gripped me harder as people scurried and tried to move and run, but we were so closely packed together, there was no escape. I could see in the distance flashed of light they we guns shooting us. The next thing I know my, my brother went limp; a bullet had pierced his back. At this point I had dropped my brother and fell over onto the ground; a pool of blood was filling the shelter as I slowly lost consciousness while the people started piling up on top of me.

I don’t know how much time passed since I was unconscious but it was enough time for most if not all the people that were in the shelter were dead. I was buried; I used all my strength to break my way to the surface I was screaming and out of breath. I reached the surface and my mind was lost and jumbled

“Everyone’s DEAD! Everyone is dead!” I screamed tears flowed down my blood stained face. “What do I do? What can I do! I’m going to die! I’m going die!” I screamed to myself. I managed to standup when I heard a faint voice
“Open your eyes” it whispered “Please, come back” it repeated. As I tried to walk through the bodies, I began walking towards the direction we entered. I continued to hear this voice, it was panicked, but it was soft. I reached corridor that we entered from and from the looks of it people tried running through to exit and they were mowed down.

All I could do was ask myself why this happened, who could of done this, why would they of done this? 

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Deathly Ill

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