Murder Mysteries, Murder Mysteries

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Murder mysteries, murder mysteries. Originally made in 9/21/16

This is based off another book I am in the middle of working, but won't be posted for quite some time. Here's just a small preview of what the book is about.

Submitted: November 11, 2016

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Submitted: November 11, 2016



Murder Mysteries, Murder Mysteries

Mysteries love their murders. We love our discussions, across the table, excitement, wonder in lone air. We know the stories, the rhymes. We wonder about the news when it ends on the radio. It was a rough introduction, but we made quick friends. We were the buddy cops on every comedy movie. We were both the good cops. We were even the bad cops. We ate the donuts, while we ruined the manila folder with sprinkles and custard cream. We got chocolate, always by Lilly’s Bakery down the street, we walked all the way down.

Mystery section in the bookstore. Murder mysteries, specifically. We only stay there. Together. We love to read aloud. Read aloud the dramatic climax, when the killer is revealed. It’s the butler. Like always. We laugh at the bad ones. We cry at the good ones. We love every one of them with due respect. We wander only in the mysteries. Every shelf stocked with all kinds. That’s how we always did it.

Mysteries is what we talk about on the way home, from the bakery or the store. Murder mysteries, murder, mysteries, mysteries, murder, mysteries, murder. Back again, we talk about murder mysteries. Mysteries of the new murders by the mysterious person in the Rose District. Mysteries murder all of the knowing that we come to enjoy. Murder mysteries to get back the knowing. If we had the knowing, there would be no such thing as mysterious murders or murdered mysteries. We laugh at the last block before we part ways, like always.

Murder mysteries murder mysteries, if mysteries murder the knowing than what’s the point of knowing, but at the same time if knowing murder mysteries that what’s the point of unknowing, at the same time mysteries and knowing murder us; wait how about how murder mysteries are the cause of knowing or unknowing, we know, we don’t know! What do we know?! We sit across the table. We laugh at each other, this time in crazed panic. We are the bad cop. We are the bad cop. Murder mystery ends with the mystery murdered.

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