Hu-chi and the Fairy

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April',human hating, sister Mimi visits the dojo.

Submitted: November 11, 2016

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Submitted: November 11, 2016



Hu-Chi and the Fairy

(Note: Hu-chi in fairy usage means 'Huge dirt.' Humans to them are big and dirty.)

As Milcah swept the floor of the dojo, her mind was occupied with thoughts of her, little fairy friend, April. She hadn’t seen her little fairy friend in two weeks, and her students were getting fed up with her absence. (The only reason most of them took Milcah’s class was their Love of April. Karate had nothing to do with it). Every time the thought of April never returning came into her mind, she would try to block it out by thinking of April returning. As she started sweeping the dust she collected out of the dojo, she heard a familiar voice call out to her.

 “Hi Milcah!” shouted April, who was flying down the pathway towards the dojo.

Milcah looked up and saw April coming down the path with another fairy next to her.

“Good morning April!” said Milcah excitedly, “Who is this?” she asked.

“This my sister Mimi.” Said April. Turning her attention to Mimi, she said “Say hello to Milcah, Mimi.”

“Hello, nice to greet you.” Said Mimi, in a very dry and un-energetic way.

 Since fairies don’t wear clothes, April being the only exception, she felt very weird greeting her. “Hello, nice to see another fairy around here.” Said Milcah.

 “Sorry for not being here lately,” said April, ''but Mimi found out I been communicating with humans, so I had to convince her not to tell the rest of family, especially high priest “Crimson”

 “How did she find out?” asked Milcah.

April was about to answer, however, Mimi cut her off.

“Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday she would leave the village, “said Mimi. “I knew she up to no good since April never had a schedule in the past.”

“you are very observant, aren’t you?” asked Milcah.

 Mimi didn’t reply, Instead, she just gave Milcah a cold blank stare.

 Wanting to switch the subject, April suggested they start doing warmups. Milcah (who already knew Mimi didn’t like her) agreed with April. She took the stack of boards that were laying on the right side of the dojo, laid them beside April and took one from the stack. She held the board she took from the stack steady in front of her.

 “Watch me break in two,” said April, “using fist only.”

Mimi examined the wooden board and concluded that it was too hard for sister to break. “If you punch boards, “said Mimi.” You hand will hurt.”

 April and Milcah chuckled at Mimi’s comment.

“Have you told her you did this before? Asked Milcah.

“She wont believe me when I tell her.” Replied April.

 Milcah told Mimi to pay close attention as April break the board.

 April wanted to impress Mimi, so she requested another board be added.

“Wow! You really want to impress her, don’t you?” asked Milcah. She then put another board behind the first one.

April held her left arm stretched out towards the board while having her right arm bent close to her head. When April struck the boards three things happened: the two boards broke in the middle, the force from the punch pushed Milcah on the ground and cost dust to appear from the impact.

“Are you okay?” Cried April.

 “Wow!” exclaimed Milcah, as she stared at the shelling.

“Milcah, are you alright?” Asked April, as she hovered over her.

 “I’m Al- “

taking hold of both of April’s hands, Mimi cried, “That was amazing, April!”

 As the two fairies conversed over what just happened, Milcah wondered if she could convince the other fairy to try karate. “Who knows maybe she will like it” she thought to herself.  She got up, took another board from the stack and held it out in front of her.

“You give it a shot Mimi” said Milcah.

 “Please give it a chance Mimi,” said April. “you might like it.

Mimi agreed to give it a try.

After waiting on Mimi to punch the board for quite a while, Milcah finally lowered the board and suggested they train Mia a little first.

April Agreed.

“You can train by punching my hand.” Said Milcah, as she held out her hands.

“I don’t want to touch a hu-chi”, thought Mimi, as she stared at Milcah’s hu-chi hands.

 “Punch as hard as you can” said April.

After swallowing her prejudices, Mimi began practicing with Milcah. She worked on her punches before switching to working on her kicks.

Moments later, Milcha’s first set of students entered the dojo. Upon seeing the new fairy, they surrounded Mimi.

 “Wow, another fairy!” shouted one of the students.

“Why is she wearing nothing but leaves? Asked another student.

 “Fairies don’t wear clothes remember.”

  “Why does April wear clothes then?”

  “They gave April clothes, remember?”

 “Why didn’t you give her any clothes Milcah?”

 “I didn’t know she was coming,” answered Milcah.

“This is my big sister Mimi.” Said April.

 The kids all greeted Mimi.

 Turning to Mimi, April began introducing the students, “The tallest one is named Jayden, the smallest one is named Jada, the one with the yellow hair is named Sophia and the other one with yellow hair is names Sato.

 “Hello, little Hu-chi’s.” “Don’t call them that!” Yelled April.

 “What’s a Hu-chi?” asked Sato.

“Please don’t ask,” replied April.

 Mimi was about to tell them what it meant, but before she could fully explain it April put both her hands over Mimi’s mouth.

“Let’s start training,” Said April.

 Mimi didn’t participate that much during practice. Instead, she just mostly watched them do many different exercises: pushups, sit-ups, speed punches, squats, kicks, slow-motion kicks and tension kata on the outside she pretended to like watching them perform the activities even though deep inside of her she truly hated watching the humans. Her only pleasure came from watching the amount of fun April was having. The excitement she got from watching her sister enjoying the exercises was enough to help her deal with the disgrace of being around the filthy humans, especially that Milcah woman, she hated her the most for some reason.

Once the lessons were over and April started walking everybody home, Milcah asked Mimi if she would like to further work on her punches and kicks now that the kids were gone?

 Mimi didn’t reply.

“It’s okay if you don’t feel like doing them right now,” said Milcah. “We can practice later.”

“I only here to see what my younger sister up too.” Said Mimi. “I don’t want anything to do with you.”

“Fine, didn’t mean to bother you “

 “You lucky I the only one who found out about this,” said Mimi in a very serious voice. “If the others found out [about] this, you and student would be dead now.”

Milcah wanted to make a comment, however, she was too frightened. Fairy magic was one of the deadliest magic in their world and she knew it.

“Come Milcah, lets practice.” said Mimi. She could tell by Milcah’s shocked expression, that she scared her quite well. That knowledge made her very happy.

 When April returned from walking the kids home (don’t take that literally, of course April floats everywhere she goes) she was very excited to see Mimi practicing her punches and kicks with Milcah. 

“How she doing?” Asked April

“She should be better than you within a week.” Said Milcah.

 April was happy that Mimi was trying her best to get along with Milcah. She knew how hard it is to be around humans. Even though she has been around them for some time now, she still had a clear prejudice against them, which was unlikely to ever go away. As such, she knew how hard Mimi was trying.

Mimi interacted more with the second group of students. She also participated more in the exercises. She was taught how to punch and kick more effectively, so when they gave her a board to break, she was successfully (Of course the board they gave her was the one that you give to small children).

 On their way home, April asked Mimi what she truly thought of karate?

“It alright,” said Mimi. “However, I still hate humans.”

After letting out a little laugh, April replied,  Don’t worry, I not too fond of Hu-Chi either.

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