The Watcher

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I am a watcher, some people might call me a guardian angel. I never meant to fall in love with my assigned earthling. I love her, but she doesn't even know that I exist...

Submitted: November 24, 2016

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(I'm going to edit this later but I just wanted to post this quickly to see what you guys think. Please comment and give advice or tell me what you liked or didn't like.)


My metal legs work fast as I walk to my designated area to begin my day. I loved my job, Eliza (my earthling) was growing up just as I had read she would. In the designated room I sit back in my chair and put the eye drops with no hesitation in my eyes.
I blink rapidly as I take in my new surroundings, I see Eliza who was stunningly beautiful, with a tanned complexion and dark brown hair, her big brown eyes looking striking as usual. He couldn't take his eyes off of her.
This was not how he was supposed to act, he knew he had faulty wiring and it broke his heart that she didn't even know he existed.
As he watched her over the years he developed stronger feelings for her that really scared him. 

At the age of 25 Eliza got married to a man named Dominique. It broke his heart yet he tried to be happy for her. He continued guarding her through every step of her life, the first time her and Dominique got into an argument, her first pregnancy, giving birth to her beautiful child and the ups and downs of raising him. He fell more and more in love with her and how hard working, caring and loving she was. She grew older and older yet he still loved her because what truly mattered was her heart...
At the age of 79 Dominique died leaving her lonely in a big house, her son had moved halfway across the world to start a new life so she was alone. At the age of 81 she looked so weak and vulnerable he tried unsuccessfully blinking back tears. He gasped as she crumpled on the floor as if in slow motion not being able to get back up. Knowing he wouldn't be able to watch the love of his life die he ditched the protocols and hacked into the division of the two worlds allowing him access to cross into the other world fully. This was extremely risky for the human world but he threw caution to the wind for once in his life.

Finally being with Eliza for the first time he ran to her side and cupped her face with his hand and let his tears fall. Eliza was so far gone and minutes away from death. He hugged her and cradled her head. "Dominique?" She called out breaking his heart further and as she exhaled for the last time he new that this was also the end of his life. When he got back to his world and walked to the central office he wiped away his tears. He walked into the office numb and barely seeing the figures that stood before him and they injected him with the blue serum of death. He smiled at his last thought of Eliza Dun- Fredricks...

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