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Submitted: November 12, 2016

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Submitted: November 12, 2016



Naaman sat on the grass
at midday recess
the sun was hot
and pouring down.

He saw Shoshana
walking across the grass
towards him.

He put the small book
of butterflies & moths
down beside him.

She smiled when
she came up close to him
and sat down
on his right,
then arranged
her school skirt
over her knees.

Well how was your morning?
Naaman asked,
eyeing her.

Usual boring lessons,
but I survived
by thinking about you
and meeting you,
Shoshana said,
looking at him:
and you what
was your morning like?

He sighed:
well maths was gutty,
but biology was good;
it was about insects
and reproduction,
he said.

She wanted him
to hold her hand,
but so far he hadn't;
she thought
she ought as a start,
but was unsure
of his reaction,
so didn't.

You brought
your book of butterflies
& moths then?
she said.

Yes just while
I was waiting for you,
he said,
I want to show you
the moth that came
into the house last night
through the open window.

He took up the book
and opened it at a page
and showed her
an ugly looking moth.

What did you
do with it?
She asked,
putting her hand
next to his.

I caught it in my hands
and put it in a small jar
and studied it,
he said.

Then what?
She asked,
wanting to place
her hand in his,
but did not.

I let it go
and closed the window,
he said.

O I see,
she said.

He put the book down;
she took his hand in hers
and laid it in her lap
suddenly before
he could react.
He looked at her
and smiled:
I do think about you,
he said shyly,
I was looking forward
to seeing you
all morning.

She was pleased
and had feared
he would remove his hand,
but he let it stay there
and held her hand
too briefly.

She wanted him
to kiss her
(despite other kids
seeing them),
but he didn't,
he started talking
about the insects in biology.

He removed his hand
to show her about moths
and butterflies in the book
and reproduction,
but she was only
half listening,
and the kiss seemed
unlikely now,
his hand free from hers.

Inside she
was wanting him
to hold her and kiss
her somewhere,
but he talk on
and all she could do
was stare.

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