The Enchanter's Gift

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Have you ever been in a trance? Ever been mesmerized by raindrops falling down your window, or watched a fires flame dance? If you have then you know what I feel. In front of me was a body of a beautiful boy, who was almost certainty dead.

Submitted: November 12, 2016

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Submitted: November 12, 2016



Have you ever been in a trance? Have you ever been memorized by the rain drops rolling down your window, or watched a fires flame dance? If you have, then you know what I’m feeling. Here, in front of me, was the body of a boy 17 or maybe 18 years of age. I could tell he was tall even though his body was sprawled across the ground. He had a lean, well defined structure. His hair flooded around him, long and wavy and gleamed like a big silver halo.  His face looked unusually tranquil, he was stunning. His eyes had a soft rounded shape to them, he had a slim curved nose, smooth cheeks and a smooth non-defined jawline.  He was the most beautiful person I had ever seen; however, he didn’t seem of our world, he practically glowed as he lie there, not moving, like a perfect statue.  

This boy, was almost certainly dead. His shoulders weren’t raising and falling with breath, nor did his fingers move with sleep. I should have gone and gotten help but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t look away. His hands were stretched out on either side of this head and the white shirt he wore moved gently with the wind. I was stood in a clearing of a wood, which look as if it were straight out of fairy tale. The trees were a deep lush green, with dark rigid bark. The grass was long and silky and it dance with the wind, and when the wind blew just right, the leaves parted letting in rays of hot golden sun. It’s at times like this where you’d expect to hear enchanting music, with swelling strings and passionate pianos.

I breathed all of it in, the fresh smell of nature and something sweet. Every inch of me was serene, peaceful, but hummed. The wind blew once more and –

“How long are you planning on standing there?” my eyes drifted slowly back to the boy’s face. I took a step back, my mouth hanging wide open. The boy slowly heaved himself up, his bones cracking as he did. He stood, massaging his left shoulder, as if he were sleeping in an unsavoury position. His eyes were a stormy silver, just like his hair. He looked around with a puzzled and annoyed expression, as if I had somehow disturbed him, even though I made no sound. His long hair flowed with the motion of his movements, as he jerked and twisted his body, squinting at the trees.  “Tell me” He said still looking around. His voice was composed and tender, but had regal and seductive undertones. It was the type of voice you’d want to read you bedtime stories, or whisper sweet things into your ears. He turned to face me, smiling as if he’d found something hilariously funny “where are we?” 

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