License To Marry

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This time is captive with lots of harmonious existence of sweet memories. I have only narrated how this cannot be separated without love. :)

Submitted: November 12, 2016

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Submitted: November 12, 2016



Being yours make me travel in happiness,

You make me thoughtless beyond time,

May you never knew I loved you so much,

Today you feel I am away without any feeling of this communion,

You felt I adore someone else feeling without this friendship,

Am I grateful to God for all you are first made me in this love ?

This special feelings care to forgive every pain painted in the life of memories within,

I smile at life and takeaway all this so called gathering outside with you,

You shape feeling making us rise in knowing we cannot be away,

Sometimes being trusted in this relationship give light to many unfolded beauty of our creation,

Miles away strangers who will once again call for this friendship also may fall in love with your grace,

In heaven where you wait for all formed on this mud of our Earth,

Listen we are away seeking all granted in love for a new beginning daily devoted to God's place in our family,

May be beauty of this gone away time also feel we are free birds in the sky above my home,

If you seek a roof from its fallen grains all you wanted may buy you when you first told me I want to be with you for ever,

Still our feeling bought with us a family here on Earth,

This home God given for all his children stay away from no one seed risen in the wave of its reflection on the salt that made us work towards what we need to sow here,

You dont know why God gives us promise of being together,

You are loving the same time again,

You feel for all your problem someone will be with you for ever,

You need this persons care in a family life,

Yet problems mismatch many roots of family happiness,

You dont know what will you do next,

You are the same person from the first time you fall in love with your partner,

You feel every move matters more than a sexual estacy,

You need all plans God has made will run the oil for burning the family kitchen with love,

Yet promise fall when quarrel starts without adjusting to simple grants so seriously like never before,

You dont know how you can bring this person gone back in memories,

You are thoughtless what has happened nor want to be near for a silent voice within,

You feel the need has buried your past,

You need the same person back living lonely for a reason you cant imagine why this has happened,

Yet time heals the flow of a heart to bring this new person who will let you know you care,

You dont try to be the corner stone of this situation,

You are asking time to make love like what is without any dirty feeling of mistrust,

You feel all that has gone will lead new steps for this role again,

You seek silence will not be crucified again,

Yet if this person understood you more than what time cannot buy with money,

You dont think marriage is an imprisonment,

You are someone who bought this care for love,

You feel someone beats within so memorable for a beautiful travel so long again,

You need these back in life again,

Yet you pray to God if your family has some manufacturing defect please rectify this with happiness all around so fallen in his awesome presence to be the shade of all path in this relationship,

Time is again back in sweet melodies,

Thoughts just fall in the outskirts of a new destiny,

Back those who needed your care just making you examine each of those days never be miserable without this person,

When you count this blessing from all God's gift for every new guest who will be your relatives in this family tree,

May God secure this message will be with unconditional grace from heaven,

Few locations within credit new beginning for people will not like this life you lead with this person,

They will always find a cause to wound your family circle in time again,

It is your responsibility to guard this inherited grants on the days we live together with this prayer,

One day after peaceful marriage feel that content of time will be busy towards all you feel have shaped you so far,

Within this courtyard you fall smiling in this daily routines behind concrete walls where you reside,

You look down the streets through glancing window and feel you are alone,

How much freedom can be for all you wanted to roam everywhere like a bird freed of this cage ?

Do you feel marriage is a contract where you live in a home with contacting a distance from the world outside busy from people who like to share happiness a way to travel this tourist place being born to enjoy this takeaway like your right to do whatever you wanted before those days when you never felt the name called seperation from everyone imprisoned with what you only like to be its burden within ?

You didnt felt you need to wake up away from everything before you came for this promise giving the honor to start living a  family life for your most loved ones,

You felt you wanted to do lots of time with plans you kept for your family made to be together always again,

You showed that away in this moment you still needed one person most,

If you keep fighting with this heave not against those whom you live in your new home,

If you understand sometime you shouldnt waste in this life gifted by God to humble yourself before all you wanted in this life for your family,

If you feel love is a surrender of all desires made to sacrifice on its winning song of the destiny ahead,

May be you forget those whom you live with are also like you,

May be you recoginize those feelings within are also to be understood not to explode,

May be you take time asking yourself the only I wanted to giveaway in this life is a sign of living lifetime in peace for my prosperous family,

May be you only need this given love for all you wanted ever,

Let this fulfill following your hearts wish,

May God grant this day always be together in one family blessings.

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