Permission Granted!

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It's now officially okay to be a dick!

Submitted: November 12, 2016

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Submitted: November 12, 2016



One definite thing the election of our first openly-assholic president, it's allowed every 5th-grade level bully back into the light from the shadows, where they'd been banished ever since an inexplicable wave of decency rolled across America, and it's taken until now to make it safe for these power bullies to rear their hateful faces. And let's face it, who doesn't have fond memories of having, or seeing, your head flushed down the toilet?


 Well, now that dreadful feeling of absolute terror is back, and free to roam the halls of your mind, looking for anyone who appears unable, or unwilling, to fight back. I've noticed on social media sites, such as Facebook, a return to the ungracious winner, who has been held down these last eight years, but now feels emboldened to post boastful, hateful, mean-spirited comments against any post that dares to criticize anything thing Trump. No 'sorry the election didn't go your way,' no, these are nasty comments, taunting the recipient. You know, thank God that incivility has reclaimed it's rightful place, and feels like it's been unleashed from the mire of President-Leaving Obama, and the rest of us are meek little freshmen, skittering down the hall, petrified we're going to run into a Biff Tannen wanna-be!  

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