God spent HIS days with Us

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If you like to tell a new story do this in this life like the sun shinning till its set. May you never wrinkle in this thought. Stay blessed by living this youngest wisdom of my work here. :)

Submitted: November 12, 2016

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Submitted: November 12, 2016



Before time spoils the longitivity of HIS life,

If life speaks the simplicity of HIS heart,

Make those who live beyond love as a dearest sacrifice for mankind,

Here we will be born gaining the priceless wisdom of faith within,

One day God wanted to be with us,

Like a voice of creation in its fulfillment,

Many faces disappeared in each procession as God walked on the Earth's sand,

They who spoke peace remained rested in grace of heaven,

They who spelled hatred remained sorrow in fire of hell,

Yet tree surrounding this root of lifeline decay each branches for new fruits,

Many who grows its pasture surrounded beneath falling rain on the roof above HIS shade,

There gained no silence filled in the crocodile cries around an arena where God saw many crying wolves,

Some saw this stranger and held him firmly from the crowd,

They ran a long race together in time from the herd of unusual activity fearing ignorance,

These strangers always told about the source of common engagement making HIS gifts shine on this Earth,

God was so facinated that HIS attempts accomplished to shine among these little angels prevailing on lifes trials,

How beyond doubt God gave away all HIS craft remaking true epic of our soul in this love ?

On the outskirts of this monument called life God finds many silent visitors who framed this garden,

Always right out and in time their duplicity left God to facinate a person within who overflow with enthusiasm as God received this languish feat on the soil praising our victory against evil doers,

Someone was dealing on the side road of this artistic currency,

Like an attempt to delude of any desire God asked for one favour from the kings who ruled this matrimonial relationship of all avatars,

Stealing every thrills of human compulsion God informally dressed like a lonely crusaider asked for mercy for all creation subjected of human disappora,

Why would the creator feel both ways of infancy before HIS creation ?

Where would the protectors decisiveness be truthful for intimate harmony before HIS love ?

Where would the destructor deeply be untalkative for untouchable cremation before HIS work ?

In the midst of this crowd time handovered this digest of mistake for God in love to outmodel a new message for our world,

Where all embarrassing meaning filled its testimony,

God became silent in the pain of the cross we delibrately handed over to our teacher,

How no expression fill this illiterate minds for the quickest means to acquire what God wanted for HIS sacrifice ?

Finally remains in unconditional love retained the place of worship like a gravity of all generous gratitude towards one gesture from the source of all souls,

God looked within this simplicity of a heart for a swing just wanting know love as innate kindness of this creation,

For how this sacrifice of ultimate willingness come from HIS creation make our hollow resentment for evil made from nothing save our future from uncertainity,

How may love of mankind favour this character for God weak in consummate fear of human roots count our thoughts at this distance ?

Roundabout at a distance tacit conversation within expressed my feeling in this thought till now,

Now in a play set before any prayer,

I wanted to pass this message before sun set in this kingdom,

Any three forms made within this novel prison thought about all players when this dark speak its comming on our ends to survive here,

A singer walked into this composure of this blind act of your song,

God found this amusement so loved that life on Earth seeked many familiar experiments from HIS children,

A place where your song ended became far above this vicinity,

In this entire climate build around a fence called peace,

Your song had a skin made of the next interesting fellow called hope,

In these two form many gentle giving gestures marvelled human footprints made in a playground happy to go on till our vicious circle of all gains not become in a weakness unfavourably continuing for long time again,

When any misfortune happened people surrounded this singer to turn into one for help,

Now in todays courtyard their were many such dramatist telling a distroited portrait in their own meaning blinded to be dragged away from truth,

Here anything that resist such temptation was wipped off,

Finally God looked into the ocean of a single error made out of desultory address of all communication,

Many who flourished here rule to live by simple grants of daily life,

Many others percept new conclusion became their days salient in a art of figurative understanding,

God didnt knew anything else but to sail with these procession happening again for being a interpretator,

Yet when I wanted to conclude these words,

I come to the same school yearning the stolen climate from God in front of its door,

What we precipitate may be powerful refutation when God only left us one song,

On its steep cliffs we need a gardener to contain its wounds,

This time we seek must be responsible as all our prayers need to be dutiful,

Today our legacy is in question,

As countless singers feel that all will be acceptable flaunt to be disregard for everything why God saw our loyality in sniveling love for each other,

Yet if we do something forwent to abandon this today God given for a tomorrow,

Our job is not to distrust the teacher who forsaked HIS life to be song from the word we pray for daily bread,

I feel God still occupy everything among the crowd we live,

A extreme virulence for all visionary who made us where we are can decide the killing field around us,

Any vindictive action can lead us here to seek revenge like a caustic agent to start our ends lacking volition,

To do this will only eliminate the God in us,

If our precedents saw a day like heaven on Earth,

For the God who gave us this singer to recheck a cause of ominious protrait of this example in time again,

Can you instigate a light in this intractable artless inborn grace where your harmless soul play this song in your lifes court ?

Do you want this to end this munificent work of the song made to reiterate the singer of the relentless expressin in a maya of love God saw in your lifes gift ?

Today when God flow deeply in this through the salt of the entire creation,

May completion of this song give its cause prevailing monolithic in all expression give you a new light how God spent HIS day with us,

Let us live this day for the beloved teacher who guided this journey till our ends.

© Copyright 2018 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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