Just like you

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If you only knew...

Submitted: November 12, 2016

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Submitted: November 12, 2016



She's a mini version of you 
You'll never know how much like you she really is
You'll never know that sense of pride of having someone take on after you 
To share in the things that you like 
That she likes 
Like spitting out words and blowing up the mic
Having been able to do that together wouldn't that have been tight
She got that from you 
Yeah she got that too
You know the way you look she got that too
Dark thick hair, she got that from you
Tall and skinny, yeah that too
Honey brown skin and a silly grin
The way she smiles with her eyes-
she got that from you
You'll never have another one like her
that takes on directly after you 
like she do
A mini version of you
She got that from you
Yeah she got that too
She shows loves just like you 
When she's sad she holds it in too
No one can beat her up inside as much as she do
The way she feels, the way she deals
She got that from you
It's sad and I feel sorry for you 
because you'll never know her like I do 
you'll never see how much like you she really is
it's just too bad 
that you couldn't be the dad 
that she needed you to be 
That you never look over your shoulder to see
Who she'd turn out to be
One day she'll be blowing up the mic 
like you always wished you could 
One day she'll be that good
graduating from college 
Full of worldly knowledge 
and that sense of pride that I have
you'll never have a share in 
because you never put the time in
She's a writer, a lyricalist 
an artist
she got that from you
Love of music, yeah she got that too
But you don't have a clue
She's special 
different from anybody else
Except from you
So much about her in you
It's just too bad you'll never actually know her 
Like I do
The relationship between you
You blew 

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