"Gagging With Trump"!

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Submitted: November 12, 2016

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Submitted: November 12, 2016



"Let's say you're 47 and living in your parent's basement. Both your parents are starting to complain about you not getting off your dead ass to look for work, but especially your father, who's staring at you with dagger-eyes that seem to bore right into your soul, and frankly, it's a bit unnerving. If you want to continue to live a life of leisure, have we got the perfect profession for you! Introducing, 'Gagging With Trump', the super-simple way to cash in on his soon-to-be-presidency. Write jokes about him, and sell them to the highest bidder, it's easy! The man is an unwitting court jester, an unintentional clown in orange face. Simply copy what he blurts out with no idea, word-for-word, and sit back on your parent's couch, and become wealthy, without having an original thought in your head. So send $42.72, Care of "The Truth In Joking Corporation', to P. O. Box 872, Chrysanthemum City, Mexico, and cash in on an untapped gold mine--would you believe almost untapped? Well, how about somewhat untapped? Okay a mine that has been tapped so many times, it makes Nixon seem like a choir boy? The point is, there's plenty of room in this comedy tent!"



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