Welcome Aboard

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A poem of a perilous sea voyage. Note: "The Dream Within a Draem", "The Anna-Bell Lee" & "The City in the Sea" are titles from Edgar Allen Poe's works.

Submitted: November 12, 2016

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Submitted: November 12, 2016



He was assigned a ship in Boston Harbor

With a scurvy crew of thirty-three

And he hoped to reach Jamaica

In that outdated ship, the Anna-Bell Lee.


They encountered a storm, with all sails full,

As they sailed in darkness, about mid-night;

Then lightning danced across their sails

Giving all hands a hell of a fright.


Then came a vision, “Like a Dream Within a Dream",

And they knew, at first sight, it was "The City in the Sea".

Every last sailors had heard of the fables

That the city's only seen from the “Annabel Lee".


"Hard to starboard," the Captain cried out,

"We must go 'round that hallucination."

But no matter what they did the ship wouldn't turn

And their fate was sealed within their frustration.


As they neared the cove their sails lots wind

And they gently glided to an ocean-wave stop,

Then the anchor fell, from its position secured,

Into the water. --- Cur-plop!


There on the beach was the wreak of a ship

Sails still waving, --- tattered and tore.

What could they do and where else could they go?

So they lowered the longboats and rowed ashore.


When they reached the beach there was no sign of life

Only the wreckage from that ship lost at sea

And among the debris was a ship's sign reading,

"Welcome aboard The Anna-Bell Lee".



D. Thurmond / JEF


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