Bleed Them Dry

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When an entrepreneurial couple open a vampire themed bed and breakfast at the scene of three mysterious unsolved murders they discover that the undead are not only things that go bump in the night.

Submitted: November 12, 2016

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Submitted: November 12, 2016



 As the scene of three unsolved murders, the infamous townhouse remained unsold for ten years. Because of the peculiar circumstances of the crime the location became a local curiosity and mecca to vampire lore enthusiasts.


The corpses had been discovered drained of all blood with two deep puncture marks over their shriveled, still hearts. The fact that the wounds were found on the chest rather than on the neck did nothing to dissuade the Twilight and Anne Rice set from declaring the murders proof positive of vampires among us. The police of course had less other worldly theories. Their investigators speculated that a diabolical madman had modified medical devices to suction out the 1.5 gallons that the average human body holds from each of his three victims. Still no serious suspect was ever brought into custody and no blood sucking murder machine was ever discovered so the case went cold. The mysterious nature of the ghastly crime kept the house a cool place to gawk at but nowhere anyone would ever dare live in.


So the neighborhood was surprised the day the “For Sale” sign came down and even more so when later that night the “Coming Soon… Bed and Breakfast” sign came up. The proprietors were two downtown millennials who saw the potential in a vampire themed hotel experience. Jason and Sara Reinhart were also newlyweds and their parents kept their fingers crossed when they loaned them the money to launch their new business venture.


The idea caught on and the Reinharts realized they had a mini-goldmine on their hands when they quickly booked a half dozen guests within hours of the website going live. Their first guest had already checked in, a geeky young True Blood fanatic who called herself Necra. She chose a room where one of the victims had been found, dead and drained in her bed. Upon entering the room Necra immediately opened a window. Sarah joked that she needn’t worry about any vampire intruders climbing in because a vampire could only enter a home if he was invited. The vampirephile replied with complete seriousness that that was exactly her intention.




Three of the six guest rooms were still being decorated and staff had yet to be hired. As Sarah set up the macabre gift shop in the hotel reception area she realized there would probably be a lot of actual work involved in this. Jason wouldn’t be much help decorating the rooms he had been working unsuccessfully for the past few hours to set up the guests’ wifi connection. He was surprisingly not very tech savvy for someone of his generation. It was not an attractive trait to Sarah. She shook her head as he cursed the Mac under his breath and threw up his skinny arms with frustration.


He must have felt her eyes on him because he turned just in time to catch her disapproving expression. She smiled to cover it up and Jason thought to himself as he smiled back she was already losing her looks and she was not yet twenty five. He was sure she would have a double chin by the time she was thirty. Ironically at the same moment as they gazed into each other’s eyes Sarah also had a flash-thought about Jason’s own physical short comings; of all her past lovers he had by far the smallest penis. She wondered why she had ever overlooked that, it used to be a dealbreaker for her. Anyway Sarah had already decided she would not have any children in her first marriage. She still had plenty of time to remarry and have a child by the time she was thirty-two. If Jason were aware of it, he would probably sign on to her plan as well.


“I love you baby.” She told him.

“I love you too.” He replied. They meant it in their own way. He closed the laptop with frustration, “Do you wanna fuck?”


She answered with a shrug.



Afterward Sarah was exhausted, not so much from the physical act itself but from overtaxing her imagination to bring herself to climax. Beside her Jason snored. As she lay in the bed admiring the gothic-style decor of the guestroom they had used for their tryst Sarah remembered half the rooms still needed to be touched up to give guests the vampire experience they were expecting.


A plain wooden coffin sat in every room as a spooky alternative to the queen-sized beds. The trick mirror on the dressers cast no reflection, it was actually a reversed photo image of the empty room. The Victorian era furnishing and black and red color scheme of the rooms completed the look. Also on the wall of each room, a framed newspaper article about the crime that launched the legend of the ill-fated house.


She no longer fretted over the incident like she did the first night they purchased the home and began it’s transformation. Whomever or whatever slew those people was long gone but thankfully not forgotten as they were now booked for the month. It was a horrible thing that happened here but she felt no guilt over exploiting it. Vampire fan freaks would literally give blood to spend the night here in a silly attempt to commune with their obsessions. They could keep their pints, she only accepted cash or credit. In that regard she would happily bleed them dry.


She dragged herself off the bed to get back to work, two more guests would be arriving the following morning. There was much to be done and a snoring Jason wouldn’t be any help. As she walked past Necra’s room the sounds of a commotion inside got her attention. She stepped closer to the door, putting her ear to it. She could hear Necra thrashing about on the bed. She was about to knock when she heard her guest moan and then gasp sharply. Sarah stepped away from the door suppressing a giggle. There was no reason to interrupt Necra as she diddled herself silly, probably fantasizing over Edward Cullen going down on Sookie Stackhouse with his fangs bloody.


Sarah was halfway down the hall when Necra’s desperate shriek made her jump out of her slippers. She ran back to the guest door and pounded on it with alarm.


“Miss Andrews… Necra? Are you all right?” No answer as the room suddenly went quiet. She tried the door but it was locked. With shaking fingers she pulled a ring of keys from her pocket and jammed one in the lock. The door swung open and Sarah took a moment before she stepped through.


Necra lay on the bed pale, still and naked. Her lifeless eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. Sarah sobbed softly as she approached the clearly dead woman. As she drew closer she could see that Necra’s flesh was covered with red welts. Sarah was in such a state that at first she failed to notice the crunching sound beneath her feet. As she slowly looked down the first thought that came to her addled mind was ‘why is there a red rug over my wood floors?’. She screamed hard enough to hurt herself when she realized the rug was moving and climbing over her toes and up her legs.


In a panic she tripped over her own feet and fell down hard. She shrieked as they climbed all over her, Cimex Lectularius or as they have been called since medieval times… bed bugs, an army of them. But these weren’t the common variety bugs that she remembers from that time the couple brought home a chaise lounge from a yard sale. As a terrified Sarah scrambled to get to her feet she realized that this time a simple call to the exterminator wouldn’t be enough to deal with these monsters. She screamed as she swatted at the bugs that crawled towards her face. They were about the size of the tip of her thumb and they were engorged with Necra’s blood.


She grabbed onto the bed post and as she pulled herself to her feet she came face to face with Necra. Baby bed bugs crawled over her eye balls and out of her nose and mouth.


“Jason! Jason!” Sarah screamed as she ran from the room. She ran down the hallway as the stings of the bugs biting into her and feeding brought her to tears. She pulled them off her, painfully ripping out pieces of flesh that clung to the bugs’ sharp mandibles. “Jason goddamn it help me!”


She burst into the room and quickly realized why Jason hadn’t responded.


“Sarah… I’m cold… so cold...” He said weakly as a bed bug as big and formidable looking as a size 12 combat boot sat on his chest, feeding.


Jason lay limply on the bed as he was drained of all his blood. He took a last pained breath and then his eyes rolled back. It was too late for him, she had to save herself. She backed away slowly and quietly not to get the creature’s attention. That huge thing on Jason’s chest had to be the queen bug Sarah though to herself. When she stepped out of the room and back into the hallway she saw how wrong she was.


A bug the size of a small ottoman scurried down the hallway towards her. It sprang on her knocking her on her back. She felt as if a fifty pound barbell had been dropped on her chest. As the bug settled over her heart it’s probing antennae brushed against her face. She looked down at it’s ugly head in time to see it’s beak-like rostrum retract from it’s mouth and pierce into her heart. She cried out with pain and fear as she watched the blood being sucked out of her and into this monstrous parasite.


As she went into shock Sarah looked about to see a red wave of the smaller bed bugs climb all over her, covering every inch of her exposed flesh to feed alongside their mother. Sarah was dying and she couldn’t believe it. Why hadn’t she seen them before she wondered? She bought the house weeks before and had spent several hours working there nearly every day since. Then she remembered something that the exterminator had told her. Just like vampires, bed bugs were nocturnal creatures too and tonight was the first night the couple had spent there. ‘Is that irony’ was the last conscious thought she had.

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