Homeless Lesbian

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This really happened in front of my eyes. I have nothing against LGBT.

Submitted: November 13, 2016

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Submitted: November 13, 2016



?October, is the best month to do some cleaning, out of the house, is sunny but not cold, cool is the better to described it

?My then girlfriend and her daughter were doing that when I got into their home

?Both were picking up branches, leaves, all the weed around their pool was exterminated, kaput, finito, no more weed

?I noticed something unusual, my girlfriend looked unusual, it was the clothes and hat she was wearing to protect herself from the sun

?I did nothing to helped them with the cleaning, except to play with their dog and a cat that were like coffee and milk

My luck was even bigger, I was not invited to join the party, cleaning party, that is, I was still trying to figure it out, my unusual girlfriend, I couldn't hit it

?Becky, my girlfriend's daughter didn't like an ordered given by her mom, Becky, the pool still full of leaves, said mom to Becky, take it easy mom, mom said do it now

?Becky got angry, her face turned pink-red-green, mom, said Becky, with all that clothes and hat you wearing, you look like a homeless lesbian

?I said goodbye to both of them, left the house in a hurry, never asked what happened next, that moment was a moment for both to be left alone.

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