I loved you but you were in love with Jesus

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Submitted: November 13, 2016

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Submitted: November 13, 2016



1/ Our hearts died even before falling in love

/ / /

And we looked into each other’s eyes, but your gaze was so emotionless and mine was so damn absorbed.
You pretended to care and I pretended to fake but we both know it was the opposite, too busy to realize that.
You asked me to light your heart and I overdid it but when I asked you to, you bowed your head.
I thought I was falling for you but when I felt I slammed too hard till I hurt myself and couldn’t stand up anymore.
You were so happy and I was so damn sad, but happy for you to be happy. 
You touched me gently and I pulled back, too scared to realize that.
We stopped caring for a bit cause you cared about yourself and I cared about ourselves then I even stopped caring about myself.
I was looking for your gaze around, couldn’t find it because you were so far but yet too close.
And the day I realized you died, I died with you.

2/ And I swear you were so happy but yet so sad
/ / /
And you looked at me and cried and I swear to God that I wanted to do something for you, I would have killed myself to make you happy, to make you stop crying.

I softly caressed you and touched your tears, then put them secretly on my tongue because I’ve always been taught that drinking others‘ sadness would have made them happy again and that’s what I wanted to do.
Or I could have just got drunk of your sadness with you so you wouldn’t have felt lonely.
We were into the night, voices were whispering us things but the only voice I could hear was yours, I swear your voice was so loud and you were speaking so quietly.
Then somebody called you, it was your real love and I saw you slowly flushing and how happy you felt, maybe I was not enough or maybe I was just somebody else real love waiting for me at the end of the corner.
I wanted to cry but then I knew you wouldn’t have drunk my tears to make me happy because it wasn’t me your real love.
You left me at the end of the corner and I waited  until the twilight for that real love who was never coming and I swear I wanted it to be you.

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