Transition of a decade

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Hit the deck hard, and success would already be half way through.

Submitted: November 13, 2016

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Submitted: November 13, 2016



Following every crack of dawn, with every rise of the Sun, and after every other day the horizon experiences the foremost glimpse of light, comes to life an eye filled with dreams and desires. Eyes filled with hopes to experience the evolution of such desires into triumphant accomplishments. One such eye was of a 15 year kid who not only had a mere desire, but a steady determination, immense passion and; moreover, gruelling demand to transform the desire to practicability.
Despite the financial constraints that encircled the kid’s willingness to fly high, the endeavours invested in by him for breaking in the music industry were exemplarily. Back in 1988, when the masses weren’t quite acquainted with the significance of internet in Pakistan, he displayed the utmost resilience to get his song’s lyrics discerned by the Hollywood Records. Consequently, that marked the beginning to his career in the music industry. Competing with the profound maestros of eastern music, which was considered to be very popular in Pakistan, the kid didn’t only surpass his examination of survival, but also ushered in the metal genre into the industry.
Post the establishment of a significant goodwill in the industry; he formulated a band of his own named “Garaj” with one of his contemporaries. Unfortunately, the band didn’t live long soon after their performance in honur of the lost lives of the “2005 Pakistan’s Earthquake” at Royal Albert Hall of London.
The end of his tenure with Garaj instigated a new journey. He laid the foundation of a new band “Project X” in 2009. This journey brought his desires to fruition to a substantial, with a worthy response. Although his songs “Sniffing glue” and “Light” didn’t hit the industry in Pakistan as hard as was expected, yet he managed to devise a significantly amusing fan base not only in the country, but in the US and Canada as well.  Acknowledging his passion and commitment, CBC radio of Canada had him landed there for the composition of their theme music. In addition to this, he had also been an important feature in Radio World Indie post on airing his song “Sniffing Glue”.
Not long past, he actually earned the futility of his lifelong toils in music and that is, nomination as the only  Asian Artist in the most important categories “Best song of 2016” and “Best Artist of 2016” of Josie Music Awards held in Schermerhon Symphony Centre at Nashville Tenesse, USA in September 2016.
This hardworking and determined kid names himself “Imran Ahmad”. He may not have procured the kind of stardom that notable music personalities worldwide did, but he certainly has been truly exemplary. The most inciting of facts about him is that not only did he organized himself as a self financed and individual metal guitarist, but didn’t strike a balance with his passion for metal genre. In other words, neither did he compromise his passion with the fluctuating musical trends in the country, nor he came to terms with commercialism.
His words of direction for new ones willing to break in the market of Music is “Hit the deck hard. You will find your place in the industry. Aim towards being self - stable, do not compromise with your passion: instead, try lending your genre, your passion into the souls of the audience. Avoid becoming a victim of trends, and during this time, stardom would already be half way through.”

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Transition of a decade

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