Over again

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"Charisma, get up or else I am bringing a bucket of ice cold water. I could hear my mother shouting from the kitchen.
"OK mom, I'm up." I swear to God that if Monday was a person I would have kicked him hard and beaten the crap out of him. I hated Monday's more than my classmates hated our literature teacher and Mr. Shaw should be really proud of this fact that someone in the whole world is hated less than him. I kicked myself out of the bed, it was the worst feeling in the world. Mom was in the kitchen being her usual self. Cooking. There is a lot advantage of being the daughter of a multi cuisine chef. You get to eat a lot, you learn to cook and by far I have learnt pretty well. I can cook about four cuisines very well, but my favourite is Indian.

I drag myself to the shower, it's the starting of the winters, but it feels like we are already getting the worst of it. The hot water falls on my body, sending shivers down my spine. It was a good feeling, I cleansed myself. The difficult part is getting out from the bathroom. Your hot body is suddenly attacked by all the coldness around. I get to my closet and pull out a skinny black jeans with a loose red sweater and a white scraf. My boots lay at the corner of my room. I love winters. They give you such a perfect feeling of being cosey. They make you fall in love with your boots a lot.

I get ready, applying a fine line of mascara on my eyes I make my way to the kitchen. The whole room smells of coffee, and nothing turns you on like a coffee. I hop the stairs. My bag lying perfectly on the sofa and half the books on the table that I didn't keep back after studying last night. "Mom, I gotta go, I guess I have an extra class today. I will get late." I made my way to the main gate suddenly I felt an arm fall on my shoulder, I turned around, seeing mom looking at me with an all knowing smile on her face, "who do you think I cook for? I want you to eat the breakfast and then leave for college, alright? " I made a sound of protest but mom is mom. I made my way back to the kitchen. Having my breakfast in a real haste, I gulped the last bite into my mouth and ran for my car, managing only two words out of my mouth, "see you". I raced my way to college, it was a regular day for me apart from the fact that I never really get late. The Princeton University, I was living my dream. I pulled the car into an empty space, only to find a real media circus outside the main entrance. I was running, my hairs we're about to fall from my bun but I didn't care. It was Mr. Shaw's class and I shouldn't be late. I was running, one hand on my shoulders managing my bag and the other holding onto my books. I somehow managed to enter the hall, I still didn't know why the media was outside the university. But my real surprise came when I found my best friend, Violet outside the class. She had this big smile on her face and she came running towards me, managing herself in her heels she hugged me. "You won't believe, what's happening. It's......... One..  It's one direction, they are sitting in our class."

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Submitted: November 13, 2016

Hope that u like it. I am still working on it. Please do leave comments and tell me how do u feel about it. Read Chapter

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Over again

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